Blog-Keeping; Not To Be Confused With….


Not to be confused with the domestic kind, so don’t go away. It is not what you think.

There will be no need for any outside help for this Blog Keeping project  I am not talking about housekeeping on this blog. And though there will be some re-arranging to do I will not require you to move that heavy over-stuffed sofa a dozen times while I decide where it looks best. Not this time. 

It has long been my intention to use my maiden name for a book I am writing, and anything else that will follow. I have become of the mindset just recently of another project. so the timing of this bit of Blog-Keeping is more than appropriate.
  Blog-Keeping 101… well that would be for this blog, my Barefoot Baroness Blog.
 2013 started out for me as a new year with new beginnings in many ways. Realizing how quickly time can pass, and yet again how it slows unmercifully down at times. I know now is the time to make some much-needed changes. Before I know it a year will have come and gone. It happens s fast.
One the new beginnings for me is changing my pen name that I write under here at WordPress. This will be true for any where my name will appear. I have been given as a gift this beautiful copy write signature widget below. I love the look of it and it feels professional. The fonts are almost like my own hand writing which was purely accidental, and makes me all that more smitten with it,

So….Let me introduce to you my new name “old” name. This would be me, the original.
I would like strike that. I would love to thank my dearest & “Bestest” friend from the UK;  Gerry who has his own blogs “restawyle”  & “Writing Hell” (see links below) along with two other blogs he & I are partner shipped in. (Bring Them Home & Cyklopps Rides Again.)
Signature 2013
  Those who know Gerry know him to be a kind and generous man. This gift of my new copy write widget is evidence if his generosity and kindness. This little beauty did not design itself and though its above my know how I do know at least the work that went into creating this, and it’s not slight.
If you have not met Gerry please look into his blogs and the wonderful blogger you are missing.
Because Gerry has written two novels each  in a 30 days time frame during  the last two Nano seasons (2011 &2012( while also winning Nano two years in a row I look to him for support and inspiration in all that I write. It does not hurt that he is also my best friend I have had the blessing to meet here at WP.
Thank you so very much My Kind Gerry for your absolute generous and thoughtful gift.
You certainly know how to make a lady smile.
I thank you my friend for your unconditional loyal support, and your patience.
(Gerry’s links to his fabulous blogs)
If you are looking for something different you need to look no further than Gerry’s blogs I promise you will be delightfully entertained & possibly held captive by his stories.
I am.









Signature 2013

18 thoughts on “Blog-Keeping; Not To Be Confused With….

    • Hello My Dearest optie,
      Thank you so very much for your well wishes, and your support. Knowing I am blessed by both from you are gifts I will always cherish. You are a wonderful friend and I am ever do grateful for this friendship.
      Hope this finds things are copacetic with both you & OH. My hugs are sent your way My SA friend.~

  1. I don’t like it…I LOVE IT!! My name…the email address you have…that is my made-up and then legally-sneaked-into-my-divorce-papers-and-changed-forever-more name. 😀 I love you!

    • Oh Girl I love you! There are far more things we have lived alike than we know. Or know openly anyway. Its been a long though out “moving on” move on my part that is the right course for me.
      If you had asked me two yrs ago where my home was it would not have been replied to even you with any convictions. Today I know in my heart where my home is.

      You okay my Echo? I keep thinking I am going to write or message you and here i am still am. I am so grateful if anyone knows this is a sincere thought even though the follow up was lacking it is you.

      You bring me such smiles my sweet sister ~
      Thrive on My dear Thrive on!!

      • I know! I hardly shake my head in disbelief anymore!

        I am okay! Tired. The extra “stress”–and yeah there is stress but it’s not just that–of having the stepdaughter here has me off what was a pretty smooth course. It’s just extra? Yes, maybe that is a better word, extra and extra to us is amplified and amplifying. I know you know what I mean.

        There is a certain comfort even when we are not stalking one another’s blogs or emails. I do understand. For my part, I followed some new blogs so my reader isn’t feeding me the way it used to. I don’t forget about you but when your blog isn’t right there I see a bright shiny object and off I go. And my email only reminds me of how much I hate this new writing class (she sends “assignments” by email). Note to self “Never take writing instruction from a children’s book author because you end up blind tasting Dum Dums suckers and smelling wax.” I kid you not! The most valuable part of the night was when I was again reminded Stephen King and I have a lot in common. But frankly, it creeps me out. Not because he’s the King of Horror but because then my mind goes wandering off about success which leaves me wanting to hurl. I know that probably sounds funny from a THRIVER girl but growing into the notion I could even be a modestly successful writer is my own horror story. I know, I know…makes no sense, does it? Ehh, it keeps my counselor amused…lol

        Other than all of that, my book just passed 8300 words last week at not quite what I think will be the halfway point. I have to finish up the third chapter and do some polishing on the intro chapter and I’ll be ready to send out queries so I’m spreading myself a little thinner time wise to collect potential agents’ and publishers’ contact information. Totally surreal!! Yes, at the same time I freak out I push myself closer to the dream.


        Right now my back is throwing a hissy fit which is convenient since I decided I absolutely would not let the surgeon touch me (herniation at T6/7) and now I want to run screaming to his office “TAKE IT OUT.”

        I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and sending you lots of good energy and love. Take it easy setting up house….but just think you can do whatever the hell you want!!!! I suspect it feels rather amazing and a little overwhelming but you’re awesome so it’s all good!

        All my love!

        • Such a very cool this bond. And it is lovely that despite it not happening that we are on one another ] blogs daily, (which I am now asking myself why?) We still never skip a beat. I love that about this.

          As we spoke about before youar4ein a precarious circumstance of family life. Blended families are not easy anytime, but I think they are a little harder on the step-moms of the world. We are trying to befriend, not mother another woman’s situations that are not always the best.Please know you are welcome anytime Echo to vent, share, laugh,cry, steam, celebrate & thrive with me anytime your heart desires. I hope that you trust that., I recall doing this for a houseful of step-grand children, a step-son and step-daughter and spouses for a whole summer on our property. A reunion for the siblings with my two daughters I thought I was going to hell for sure that summer!

          This was in the very beginning of my illness,symptoms at their peak, coping skills non existent, to soon to have developed at

          The topper came for me at an already very warm 7am morning. I had promised the two grand boys pancakes in their initials for breakfast so I made them and everyone else a large country breakfast. (You will be understanding that his was a time I was not real well.) After everyone was fed i took a cup of coffee finally our to sit on the deck and have a quiet restart to my morning. I was not there even two minutes when the boys appeared wanting more pancakes. I suggested since their mother (My step daughter0 was less than 2 feet away from the stove at that very moment they ask their mom for more. The boys did as i instructed, they made an appeal to their mother. Who promptly sent them back out to me! I was not happy. I was being used and I was letting it happen.So I stopped being that person, Then you of course know who the bitch was? Yes, it would be me. Ask anyone associated.

          We now just have a mutual agreement to know respect cannot be expected.all thetim3e, in every situation,.

          Bravo you on your word count. I have not checked mine for some time.I do not keep it in view, the count, or.I start losing focus.
          I have my story broken int to decades 1950’s to….???… not quite sure but it will be current and relative to today.

          I love finding your chatty self here so my chatty self can

          Lets do it again real soon T* Hugs with much love ~ another T*

  2. My Dear Lady Baroness or, My Dear Lady Toni as you might now prefer. You do have me confused but, you are still the same person who has brought the case for honesty, and authenticity to the forefront for us all to witness, and admire. For that, I am appreciative.

    I trust your changes will not change our friendship, and very much look forward to your happiness as you blossom with new growth as a beautiful wildflower in the Spring.

    I wish you happiness, health, and success with all you continue to do.

    Many peaceful hugs to you….

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain….

    P.S. The new signature is, dare I say, groovy…..

    • My Dear Grooviest Governor, 😉

      I so apologize for any confusion I have caused you my dearest brother. The one who I need to keep a clear head about should not be be struggling with what is going on with me. The last thing I would want, and did not ever mean to be is cryptic with you. It is the nature as you know to share, but not share too much here n WP openly.

      I would prefer for you to continue using Lady Baroness if that is where you feel comfortable. She is who I am as much as I am Toni. It’s not only my blog name; Barefoot Baroness, it is name my grandmother gave me as a child because of my refusal to wear shoes… and because well frankly.. I was the Baroness in my Nana’s eyes. So please Groovy…

      The one thing I want you my dear friend to know is that my quest to live an authentic and true life meant for me had to mean stop living a lie. To start living my own truths and not allowing mine to be based on or dictated by any one but myself. It was a was hard process getting here. Maybe the most difficult part of this year long journey I have been on. Changing how and where I lived was crucial to this. As was at this time taking back my birth name. It is empowering for me as a woman who is striving to live her own truths, on her own terms, and be one of independence.

      Do you know that feeling when you do something so right all you can do when you think about it is nod your head to yourself and say to yourself,”Yep! It was right!” That is me nodding my head.

      So that you know this too; not anything will or could change this unique friendship. I am blessed because you are part of my life, and my wish would be that you continue to remain in my life shining your effervescence love & your light my way. there is an absolute positive response to you being a part of life that I would be very unwilling to give up.

      Accepting your peaceful hugs with grace Groovy, and sending them right back at ya with much love and adoration.
      May those peaceful easy feelings be with you all through this beautiful Thursday Happy Days ~

  3. You truly honor me to which I thank you so much,, I read comment who says they cannot see your signature,, well I am afraid I cannot either.. but as I know it anyway..lovely post and wish you all the luck going..I will try a different browser..;) my lady thank you..

    • Feeling is mutual My Kind Sir, Thank you for the gift, thank you for the advice. thank you for your friendship.

      ….and hey you.. by the way… thanks for the second heads up about my signature NOT showing. Hope it is repaired now.

    • Ah Les…. I am bummed you cannot see it. I think you are likely right that it is your browser as I am able o see it and no one else has said anything.

      Thank you for saying so, its this kind of helping one another out that lends to us being a real community.

      Thank you so much for your loyalty and faith in me Les. You have become a great friend to this BB. ~ Hugs Les!!

      • Les want t apologize to you. You were NOT the only one not seeing my new signature widget. Thank you again for drawing my attention to this, Had you & Gerry not said anything I would not have known you all could not see it, as I could see it on my end on the preview and the actual post. Thanks much Les!
        I hope it is fixed now ~

  4. I’m anxious to see the changes Lil Sis. Writing a book? Now I’m impressed. I too am in the middle of a novel. I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to peep the new stuff.
    Love and Blessings ~ Maxi

    • My Dearest Maxi,

      This is the book that has been in the works for a couple years now.Very different from these blog posts. But as in all things knowing where the finish is has been a problem for me.
      You should know My dear Big Sis that it is because of you in so many ways that has helped to empower me through your shared thoughts, and words. I look to you often to see what balance can provide and instantly am soothed into a calm once i take that deep cleansing breath I can hear you suggesting.
      Saying thank you pales in comparison to the gratitude I am filled with for you, and your friendship, You my soul sister.
      Many blessings fill your day, and much love my dearest Maxi ~

  5. Change is the only constant thing in life. We’ve just got to keep changing as our ideas and awareness grow.
    Thanks to Gerry for all his generousity. We look foward with anticipation to the adjustments that you’ll be making, because I, for one, am confident with your creativity and resourcefulness. Welldone, my dear friend! 🙂

    • My Dear Tee,
      You may not have any idea what your support and sharing means to me, but again YOU just might. That you know and help validate me in all the changes taking place in what feels like full speed on some days is reassuring to me Tee.

      The genuine confidence I feel from you is an empowering emotion that is such a gift from you I send you this my gentle hug. Because I knew from the very beginning that we are able to echo these thoughts and feelings about living life and not just existing with one another; you were always my sister in soul and mentor in these beliefs. I think we need each other to always bolster the beliefs in one another.
      From you with each time we connect and bond there is this wonderful, gentle, & subtle reminder of all that is so good & holy in our world.

      I treasure this and our growing friendship and sisterhood Tee. You are the best! ~Your Echo T*
      With much adoration, love, and hugging you~

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