Heart Songs

If you know me even as an acquaintance it’s not long before you will know I am inclined to relate most things in my life with  music. I analogize in music, I think lyrically, and music is the vault that holds all my memories. From well known music to music that I am newly discovering is how I navigate life. It is a sacred universal language. Music continues to be the calm that soothes the sails of my emotions when the storms start to roll in. Music is my idea of life’s perfect reward and all that it hold significant for me.

I have wondered and marveled at how people who never listen to music get by in their lives navigating emotional ups and downs without music. Maybe because I know no other way it baffles me. The sound of a musical instruments striking chords deep within and lyrics that resonate help guide my own emotional sensibilities and consequently my well-being.

The things in life I understand and adore make even more sense when I tie music around them. Feelings that may seem insignificant to some, who might not understand, are  those very things that those who know me well know about me. They know that  I love an unmade bed, and why.

I love it when people are emotional and say things they might not share other wise, letting me see their vulnerable loving side. They are unable to be anything but honest at the moment and I adore this.

I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they are in love.

I love an empty tea-cup. It means you have been here.

I  love the brief confusion in people’s eyes when they first wake-up and realize where they are,  that they had forgotten the surroundings they are in.

I love the absolute gasp people take when they are shocked by someone’s thoughts about who they are, and where they have been.

I love it when people close their eyes and drift into day dreams that take them on magical carpet rides of clouds in the sky.

I fall in love with people all the time when they are sharing real and honest moments with the world they live in. I fall in love with their hearts, their breakdowns, and I celebrate their joys and all that in life creates a song in their hearts.

Honesty is just too beautiful to not put into the lyrics of a song.

I do believe that there is a song in there somewhere in all that I just shared.  ~

Tonight it is Joan Baez doing “No Woman No Cry“. A tune that has held my feelings for being a woman of substance for  many, many years. Baez being on of  the first of female vocalists who sang to my ow heart as a teenager

(Note about my Heart Song)

Bob Marley, the songwriter of this tune was a great 20th century prophet, and we lost him too early. The great songwriter prophets in the English language  Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan to name just a few well-known artists & songwriters. . They gave us the music, the words, the songs. And many, many, others will sing those words, that music. Bless Joan Baez for lending her beautiful silky voice to spreading the truth of the prophecies by singing their songs. She sang Bob Dylan songs. Why not Bob Marley songs? Truth and beauty in many versions…


Share an honesty with me, what song moves you, and touches your soul?

I would love for you to share with me what music does to and for you. How do you choose the song that is going to play to your heart, and for your very soul today? Share with me, maybe we are listening to the same tunes. Nothing would surprise me or please me more.


41 thoughts on “Heart Songs

  1. HI Toni, happen to be around, reading your blog. Congrats for the new name!
    One of my special very special songs, you know already, is that Soda Stereo song Corazón Delator, Tell-a-tale heart. Just passing by to say hi. And bye. Love your blog. Keep on the good work, lady. Pablo Cámara

    • Oh my Gosh Pablo! Is this really you? ja ja..
      I know it is.
      usted mi querido amigo are a sight for sore eyes.
      I am touched that you found your way here like this, I am even more touched that you took the time to comment, though not at all surprised by your thoughtfulness. I am humbled that you did this.
      I believe we would all serve our selves and our universe in a more positive light if we did a bit of self inventory more often. I am delighted you could take something away with you from this.

      It is an interesting thing to me the way we are able to mentor one another. You are also one of my reasons to be grateful. I hope you & R have a restful * relaxing Sunday. Just being together and staying in the ,moment. Right? Classes start soon enough, let it go for the day,

      Thanks so much for the translation on the Soda Stereo tune. you know my feelings about the song before I knew the translation. It is amazing what voice inflections, the melody of a tune, and the soul of a lead guitarist can do to make a song so universally understood. and the They(he has become a fave of mine to listen to. and watch. Amazing vocals almost as nice as his guitar work. His playing is so pretty to watch.
      He is an extra fine musician and vocalist.

      Thanks again for your words here, You absolutely made my early Sunday morning! So meaningful to me.

      Hugs Pablo ~

  2. Dear Lady Baroness, Never quite thought of a meditation for the sleep arena….until now. What a great idea, and you do this as a matter of course on a daily basis. You have inspired me to improve my sleep which has been, light as of late.

    I will begin by, organizing some of my favorite songs as they whisper their magic to a new, peaceful sleep.

    There is not just one song, that inspires me but, several to top my list.

    No Woman No Cry was a number one song by, Bob Marley. While Rock has allowed a great deal of diversity, Reggae was in the background with a little bit here, little bit there. It was Marley who expanded Rock’s diversity once again, giving Reggae its’ major entry to the genre.

    Joan Baez does this song a beautiful justice. My introduction to Joan Baez was another beautiful song she attached that silk lined voice to in the 1960s. There But For Fortune.

    Joan Baez not only has that beautiful voice but, a certain honesty that you speak of as she sings. Some artists sing their songs well, and there are others doing the same but, you know they are the special ones as they feel the lyrics, live the lyrics, and passionate about giving those lyrics their just due in song. Joan Baez is one of the special ones.

    I appreciate your post as it, has certainly been an inspiration, and furthers the cause of truth as the normal.

    Cordially, As Always,
    I Remain……

    • My Dearest Grooviest Brother,
      No other like you.
      l so love it Dave when you add these bits of trivia to the history of the music. For a few reasons I love it, but the first is that this is how i met you. Doing a bit of DJ business in sharing. I think I even shared with you my relationship to your profession. I am sentimental.

      There has always been something about reggae that has spoke to me, maybe that it is the folklore of Bob Marley’s homeland. I don’t know why it resonates so deeply but even its tempo makes me move. I adore how you speak about the genre and bring it full circle to the genre of Rock.

      Joan Baez, gosh Groovy I do not think i can expand on what you said and you have such a charming Groovy Docs way validated what I feel about her. She and her her love of folk, and standing up for how her convictions speak to me and did so early. I was a committed activist at age 14 because of Ms Baez. her scruples about our world were so easy for me to echo, and still today this holds true.
      I also found that she &I vocally were of the same page (octave ) and I could easily sing along to her vinyls till my voice would break Then I’d heal it and start all over again. I know her tune There But To Fortune well. That is another things about her music, no matter who her songwriters are the lyrics always tell a beautiful story.

      My night time music is an eclectic mix of everything from classical to the blues Snowy White has some amazing tunes for those late hours that his soulful guitars just take me away to another place.
      I need to make sure you realize when i say sleep I am talking about on a good night maybe 4 hours, My typical hours asleep are from about 4am till 7am. I live altered because of chronic insomnia.But I also enjoy the hours awake, or have learned to. It has been this way for so l long I just forget most people don’t sleep like this. but in you again another kindred way about you. About us.

      Thank you My Groovy Bro. I adore you leaving me such expressive comments and with your trivia I wish you to come back often.
      Take care Dave.
      ~ With my deep Fondness for this truly authentic friendship with you. You honor it, you honor me. You are an honor to yourself. ~ Your lady Baroness

    • Oh tersia thank You!! You are such ana bsolute delight for muy eye to see. I am pleased you like this post. I am even more so to find your comment and that you have been by. Thank you my dear friend. My gentle hugs and much love ~ BB

  3. Lovely read my lady,,, if I chose any songs for I would not be able to select one, but I could select one file in Youtube title TJGAA and there you would find a large selection of beautiful tunes for different moods.. thanks for the share and stimulant..:)

    • Thank YOU My Kindest Sir. Lovely to see you again My Friend.
      I do Ithink I like the sound of your Youtube file. Must be some special music there. I can relate. .
      Thanks so much Gerry for leaving me your smiling comment. I Love to come here and find you have been. ~

  4. So many songs — I can’t even begin to choose one — Peace of Mind by Boston, American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, One Particular Harbor by Jimmy Buffett — those are the ones I pick today — tomorrow may be very different!

    • You said this so absolutely perfectly Lou! I am like you many genres are what I have in my library and now play lists I have a new addition. YouTube!
      I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Music I had not even thought of in at least 50 yrs is now at my fingertips. Ho groovy is that?

      On country, I was one of those who was country before country was so cool.My parents both lived and breathed music but it was mostly country; although my mom loved her Johnny Mathis, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, et al.
      Only because it was my parents genre That being said though I still have a hard time with the 18 wheeler twang kind of country. I would much rather listen to opera I cannot understand.

      Thanks so much Lou for stopping by and playing along. I love that you did. It always so good seeing your smiling words of Happiness & Bliss here at BB.
      Yes I said Bliss girl ~ ..

    • You and I have kindred music hearts Les. I a m the of the same mind Although country is the first genre I ever sang with other musician because it was my parents music but aside from boot scootin country there is not a genre we will not lsien to.
      I have learned much.
      By choosing the genre that will do the things I need at the time I am successful navigating emotionally through music As I do on Saturday mornings so that I can cleanse the prior week off and out myself, By slosing my eyes and just turning the volume up with some Epic(Eric) Clapton HIS music frees up my soul, and heals my heart. Only Clapton will do on Saturdays. Nothing, no one else can do what R Epic does in this need. So I so get the different genre thing.
      I have a new name for you.. maybe, He was new to me, although an old blues rocker from Epic’s early days. His Name is Stan Webb. He has a tune called Sweetest Little Thing that just rocks the soles off my feet. My Maestro turned me on to him and what a treat!
      If you are a Clapton die hard like me check him out.

        • You & I have the exact same taste in music in this genre. I say give me a guitar, a bluesman, and I am set for life. If he is of the English descent even better.
          Another fabulous bluesman I am smitten with who he has amazing vocals albeit quite different from Stan Webb is a gentleman named Snowy White. if you have not experienced him grab a glass of wine, or a cuup of tea, turn the lights down low… my personal fave is Midnight Blues by Snowy.

          I love doscovering other females who love THIS music as much s I do. Its nice to share our bluesman with one another, I di not think they mind so much.
          ~ Enjoy Les!

  5. Honesty … you go right to my core, Lis Sis. There are two things I teach my granddaughter: Do the right thing and never lie.

    Hope your days are bright and your heart is full.
    Blessings ~ Big Sis Maxi

    • My Maxi, My Blessing,
      How you honor me an dour sisterhood. I love that you shared this bit with about the grandmotherly wisdom you share with with your mini-maxi.

      My maternal grandmother God keeps her today always spoke to me like I had an adult sense about me, trusting me with ideals that she thought I was certainly able to grasp. I recall her teaching me at a very early age about the “Peaceful Preference”. (Gosh I have not thought of this in years even though I think I try to live it)
      My grandmother showed me that Peaceful Preference is my inclination towards simplicity. To forget what it is I think materialistically I want, and instead immerse myself into stillness – then I notice I have a peaceful preference beginning within.
      A gentle leaning in one direction, and if I am quiet enough I could hear, even at a young age, how to determine my choices from that were right from wrong.
      A grandmothers legacy lives on with me; as yours will in your beloved Granddaughter.
      Thanks you Maxi for the love, Sending right back your way with gentle hugs my Big Sis, ~

  6. This post is just you, isn’t it? I love how you express your feelings about music. I have also wondered about people who do not have access to music or who do not seem to enjoy it.
    I can’t pick just one song… there are so many. I used to tell everyone “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was my favorite, just so I would actually HAVE a favorite. I do love that one, but I can’t leave out the Beatles. I really never met a Beatles song that I didn’t like! In college, listening to the White Album over and over until you knew exactly how many seconds were between tracks on the record…. it doesn’t get any better than that!
    Joan Baez…. what is left to say… such a unique voice.

    • Hello Ruthie,
      So good to have you “chime” in here Thank you. Its the post, I am sticking with music terms..;-)

      I also could also never choose a favorite, which ever tune is doing its thing to get to my core at the time is my fave. I think you relate well. is doing to

      Girl you are woman after the music in my heart I tell you.. The tune Bridge Over Troubled Water?Oh My, still brings me to tears I just saw an amazing video my maestro sent of Paul Simon with his brother Ed Simon doing an instrumental of a tune called ” Angi” not to be confused with The Stones Angie. It was superb and who knew his bro could lay as well a she can?
      And the Beatles, any tune at all.. you are right. Right now their tine My Life has been speaking to those core feelings so today that would be my Beatles tune.

      I adore you Ruth for playing along.I am feeling I might run fa little further along these thoughts, if so your name and tune choices will appear in my post, I will let you know of course.

      Thank you so much for coming by and for taking the time to play a different version of name that tune. ~

  7. Ah the lovely Joan. it won’t surprise you to know that I have written a few posts and linked to some vids over on Clouds.

    My faves of hers are Once I had a sweetheart (and now I have none), one I can sing reasonably well, and a Spanish one, I think it is te amor.

    She really has IMO one of the best voices in popular music over the last 50 years. I think she does a better job of the song than Bm, but she often improves on others’ songs.

    • My dear ms.
      I love being able to count on you to play along with anything music related. Much like myself i see you relating to life with music.

      I would love to have that cuppa tea with you, some acoustic music and we could jam to Joan Baez together. I also can do most of her tune’s reasonably well.

      Joan Baez & I + hours & hours+ her vinyls = me.. practicing over and over until the music just healed whatever it was going on at the time. I agree whole heartily with your assessment of Baez vocals, she is a phenom and has made the likes of Bob Dylan et al…very wealthy doing his tunes, making hits out of them. I do recall your posts on Baez and that you think a lot of her not just as a musician but a s a person too.
      Thanks so much for visiting and playing along.
      Love that you did ~

      • it was Te Ador, I remembered today.

        But you made me listen to her his morning on YT with your response, and then found Marianne Faithfull had done Once I had a sweetheart too, so had to have a listen, expecting it to be not a patch on JB. IMO it was better! Same purity of voice but a different timbre. Stronger and just as beautiful. check it out. I’d never heard her do it before today.

        I don’t know why I can still sing that one. My (choral) singing days are well in the past and it takes ages to get a voice back, but Once I had is one I can usually manage. Probably well enough for karaoke if I did that 😀

        The link on my pages to some of JB’s music doesn’t work any more so I will have to update it, but at some point I have to add the MF version. In fact, I think she would be an interesting post for yours and Gerry’s music blog. The contrast between her earlier voice and her later one is amazing (eg As tears go by).

        And as I have got totally distracted, it is interesting how differently people sing the same music. Just listened to JB signing Green grass of home, which I loathed by Tom Jones (love Delilah though), but JB sings Green grass beautifully. Food for thought for future posts?

        • Oh My ms you do take me back.. Marianne Faithful is a voice from so long ago I was prompted by you to go and YT her. All I can say is; Impressive!
          I had forgotten what a powerful voice she had, and what her expression does to lyrics.

          I was quite blown away by the deep contrast in her voice today compared and you are absolutely right I just made a couple notes on this in my file for future Cyklopps posts., I am will in fact be dong a post about her, because of your suggestion ms.(I’ll be adding your name for credit of the idea)

          Thank you so very much for this terrific suggestion. (this sentence makes me think of your perfect point that one sentence can make a paragraph.) 😉

          You are a lovely person ms, making suggestions which help me reach my goals of posting interesting articles on Cyklopps. To pull from the forgotten,but fabulous, even one hit wonders & the obscure is what I find the most fun type of postings to do. Maybe its the challenge,, or maybe it is just because I am smitten with what is different, not the “norm.” By someone’s standards other than my own. Who can say what normal is?,

          Hope your week is being wonderful to you my friend. Take care ~

  8. The Beatles song I will…it’s the song I have used since I worked in daycare with I babies and now I sing it to my nephews and niece so they sleep. It a beautiful sing with lyrics that can indicate platonic love.

    • Tracy such a great Heart Song choice!!
      I love it.
      There are many reasons there is this kindred thing we have going on here between you & I, from the beginning I think.
      Knowing this Beatles tune is a song in your heart might take the top.
      Thank you so much for playing along and sharing your Heart Song, and why it is so. I adore you that you did. Thanks so much Dear Tracy~

    • Thank you Jules my simply you are the best amaXing sister a cheeky cherub girl could have. Thank you so much for your addition to a list of Heart Songs. That you chose one Ant’s beloved mom who I know means still so much to you. This touches a place reserved in my heart with just the names Jules, Anthony & Ming engraved in it.

      You always mange to bring me such a smile with a tear or two of friendship and sisterhood love attached.
      Thank you so much Jules!

        • That YOU say this means the world to me Jules. This was a second hand (thought ) post tonight.
          I had another one I was working on only I did not at the time have access to a quote I needed to include. So I tabled it.
          As soon as I did this my thoughts went to my relating everything to music still, after all these years popped into my mind. This then got me to thinking about other people’s Heart Songs.
          So delighted you found it a like able post, you are so validating and reassuring for me.

          I thank you Jules.. and with hugs & my love sent to you & your two guys~

  9. It is so amazing how each heart has a language that it understands, a world that it appreciates and a unique button that operates it’s feelings.
    Music is beautiful and different tunes mean different things to me. Music can change perspectives and can alter moods. Music can motivate, it can pacify and it can also be a lullaby.
    Music means different things to different people.
    When meaningful words are added to beautiful melodies, it creates a whole new world. Good music makes me feel good! Lovely post, my friend!

    • So as always Tee my dear heart your words resonate within my own heart. It is still remarkable to me that this happens. I so love that it does,

      I agree with you music is the Moment. Dependent on so many things. I can be in a silly mood, being playful when in an instant a love song; “This Years Love” by David Gray can have me drenched in my own tears from the lyrics heart-felt; because of knowing that sense of what it is to be loved.
      Or the tune “Send Me an Angel” from The Scorpions in a flash take me to a place of deep gratitude that I have a dear friend like you in my small world. I am blessed because of you My Tee ~ Blessing to you My friend.

      Music; the universal love language absolutely!

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