16 thoughts on ““Rainbow Time” for Hopes & Dreams

  1. When you say you wear your emotions on your sleeve, I can identify with that. I can also see that in this honest, straight-from the-heart post. Some call what you describe “tenacity.” I call it faith. You do, too. Perhaps it’s tenacious faith… 😉

    • I knew there was several reasons I liked you!
      Someone who wears their feelings and emotions so openly is someone I will know where I stand with at all times,a nd in my mind this is a great gift.
      So wear those feelings with pride Lorna. We may start a whole new fashion statement. That would be a whole new venture for me, I am so not a trend setter. 😉
      So delightfully happy & charmed to have you join me at Barefoot Baroness (BB)
      My Dear Lorna, you have made my day!
      Thank you Thank you Kind friend~ BB

    • Thank you so much Joss. I do believe that what you say is true There is is just no need to waste ones energy or breath dwelling on time.
      I so love how you use those two word together, Rainbow Days, it is a perfect measure of time; and its the perfect name for it. Thank you~

    • My Kind Sir, Being a patient person while I have been waiting all my life for this dream to become a reality is not always my best side. but as there is to everything good a learning curve to be dealt with.
      Thank you Gerry my friend, your faith in what I believe is in my future means much to me. I know with enough good thoughts and energy this cannot be denied. I believe in what you share with me.and trust what your thoughts about life.
      Thank you for all of this, and for your devoted unconditional support. through all I venture into.

  2. Your heart will get you through Lil Sis, not to worry. Even if you do wear it on your sleeve (or not). Big changes in life, even if they are internal, tend to turn ones world upside down. You are strong and will land on your feet.

    Ah time, our enemy and our friend. I learned along my path: If I cry over yesterday and fret about tomorrow, I lose the joy of today.

    “…mindful of each moment.” You have your way, my soul sister.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • My Maxi,
      Your words help validate what I am feeling and tell me I am on the right path. All along. You know I trust you as no other person like YOU in my world, you my authentic Sister of truth and wisdom.
      These are not just words Maxi I know you, I know your heart like I know you know mine. It is a clear as crystal to me that there is a cosmic-bond somehow (for a lack of better word)
      This has been the most interesting and teaching year of my adult life yet. Just when I think I have it all figured out I am reminded how humble I am. Sometimes gently. and sometimes not so gently. But reminded all the same, for which I hope to take graciously from.

      Part of my recent decision to make such a change in my life has to do with time. I was watching all my years pass me by while not seeing any hope of change. No hope of growth. I think acknowledging my need for these two things released me from chains I had been bound in emotionally. for some time. I spent almost 7 yrs in reflection and prayer, not taking what I was in the end going to lightly.
      One of the most amazing things for me is this learning curve to life, who knew at 58 (almost) there could still be? I know.. my Maxi knew!
      I am empowered by this great need to learn the things that are still going to make an impact in my life. I am thrilled that this can even be so.
      Thank you my kind and sweetest sister of the souls, in I am so blessed by you.
      I keep telling those who will hear me out that I want to be just like Maxi, My Big Sis when I grow up. ~ you just keep showing me the way lovely lady ~

      Much love and always my gentle hugs to you. ~ God Bless you My Max….and I know He does.

    • Awe Jules… you touch something very deep inside my heart my beautiful friend. You also make me blush, well that’s not true I make myself blush, but you give me reasons to..
      You never cease to have such a validating influence over me, something that I am quite empowered by. I think you have heard me say this to you before, please know it does not diminish these feelings I have at all, in fact they have grown more so. I think you are one of the most compassionate brave souls I know. And if there is anything that I do that even taps your heart I am forever humbled by this Jules. That you who I admire and love find what II had to say worthy not only spins my world, but you give me the encouragement that is needed by every writer. And it comes from you Jules! What a gift to me that in my heart carries the weight of solid gold.

      Did I say thank you?
      And that I love you amaXing Jules?

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