So Humbled By You & Your Awards ~

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Humility Times Three!


Awards Hold Supporting Roles

Approximately 2 weeks  ago while I was moving on I received 3 different awards. This  is something to celebrate, something to shout out loud to my community about. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE FOR ME AND LETTING ME KNOW I MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The awards are so meaningful, the represent to me the love and support that I find each and every day here at WordPress, whether it be my blog, or ones I visit.

]That three separate blog bliblings ( blog siblings )  saw that awards are not only deserving in their eyes but the timing of  it all was so serendipitous to a much-needed self awareness on my part.  I am in awe of the awards, but more so in awe of my blogging brother & sister’s who bestowed them on me. For it is through their awards that for me hold more support by their lovely intentions than I have honestly felt from any other community in my small world during the course of the last year.

I am however pleading for patience and tolerance from my three bliblings who awarded me so generously. I am cheating something shameful and  posting the three awards together. I will be honest with you all – I have not found time to stitch two words together intellectually on my blog since moving into my new apartment. Not only do these awards NOT lose any meaning by me accepting this way, these awards are unique and special  to me  because of their timing and who they are from  Just when I needed an uplifted feeling I was sent not just one, not two, but three.  Thank you!

#1 Award

The Blog of The Year Award

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg onwindydays

I love the name of this blog!!  This  delightful author has become a  good blogging friend and she has awarded me another Blog of The Year Award  I find she has the wisdom of an old soul yet she is not, old that is. She far surpasses her peers in knowledge of our Universe, people and all within its parameters  Her out look on life is one that sends a smile to my heart, and a connected feeling when we touch each others souls through our respective blogs. You will find a brilliant read on her blog and something of interest to take away  each time you visit. I encourage you to visit her and take sway some of her sweet kindness when you leave.


.#2 Award.

The Shine On Award


This second award The Shine on Award  comes from my dear friend and much-loved  brother Dave from his-vastly loved  blog  Groovy Docs. Dave may be one the most peaceful loving men  I know. He lives his life with the scruples of one who without question to know all things are possible with enough trust, positive thought, and peace bearing energy.  He has garnered knowledge that he knows only he alone can bring a force of good will into his own life by being the kind of energy in himself to see it come to be. It is infectious. it is the principle after all.  He hopes to find this in others. as he searches the universe striving to bring pace to others. Dave thrives on living a life filled with positive energy that he uses to navigate through the journey of his life, always facing it with the  most admirable quality of refusing to ever give in to the negative flow of energy about him,  Dave is a fantastic conversationalist and one of the joys I have in knowing him and his blog like I do is the great discussions we have regarding these very topics. He teaches me.  If you are wanting to engage in intelligent thoughts and discussions with someone who can mentor your own thoughts towards living those peaceful easy feelings  I happen  to be privy to the fact hat Dave welcomes discussions on his blog. I highly recommend that when you visit Dave (cause I know you will be inspired to do so) – you just  keep going back!

The Leibster Award 2013


# 3  Award

This third award the Liebster Award given to me  by a lovely & Dear woman from her blog Mushy Cloud which is another blibling  whose blog name I adore. There are many things going over at Mushy Cloud’s busy blog to look into when you visit. Trust me if you have not been you need to. Pam lives an extremely interesting life as a woman whose roles include  wife, mom, musician and writer, camper, crochet artists creating her own patterns,just to name  A few things about Pam I find interesting. Though certainly not in that order.  few things I find fascinating about her and her blog. Her attitude and belief towards life much echoes my own, we are kindred spirits in so many ways. My blibling Pam & I have shared blogging history for over 18 month  now and one that I “Dearly” love.. I am playing in the word Dear, a word which is the English translaton from the German word Leibster. IE: a term of endearment.

Remaining humble in light of  all that I have received , these 3 award in just the space of one week is not easy. I am not bragging that I have the best blogging family in WordPress.  I can make you all a firm promise instead that my Blogging family is the best in any blog family, in any blog community. In any world. I am blessed by each of you.

Thank you so much from my heart to my three special bloggers who took the time an with the intent to  inspire a smile on my face,  and to let me feel acknowledged by ty you all. I feel both those things and much more.    YOU ARE THE BEST!




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16 thoughts on “So Humbled By You & Your Awards ~

  1. You are a better blogger than I. I always forget to mention the awards I receive, even though I appreciate them, I just get carried away with life. May you continue to enjoy your blogging family. Especially your ms.

    • Awe ms,.. you say such nice things about me. I’d hate for it to get around, I could never live up to even the thought of what you say. You are so kind.

      I would be not go so far to say this is a good way of dealing with award acceptances; but in lieu of them weighing heavy on my heart because i just was not finding my way to get them posted to say thank you I cheated shamefully.

      I will say out loud for all to read that they are time consuming. So I get it. And I did not get the time in the last two weeks to sit down and write 3 x’s the award posts.
      “No Follow Through ” is what my baby brother would say.
      Ah well, such is life in the fast lane, eh?

      Thanks so much My MS for being part of my party. I like that you are so much I could start counting on you being a regular attendee, Just think of the great trouble we could get into..

    • Thanks so much Tee for your kind and heartfelt “words” I know they mean what you say. You are kind of wonderful in that way.
      Sending you my hugs and my wish that your heart be filled with much joy, and your mind filled with laughter Best to you this 2013~

    • Oh Katie You being here on this post so appropriate for me. Thank you my dear friend for your kind message.It is reassuring to me that we have this bond almost 2 yrs. now.

      Much love Kate & my hugs ~

  2. Happy days, Lil Sis. You have been rewarded for all that you are, your endearing heart. You stand for the good in this world, a beacon of love and awareness.

    Hugs and Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Dearest beautiful Big Sis of my own,
      Even happier days now,
      It is always happier days when I am visited by you, Makes my week. my big Sister.
      Hope all is fabulous & wonderfully peaceful in your life. I thank you for your sweetness Maxi in your words Your love and your support you show means more to me than I would have ever imagined. And it is more so day in day out.

      Had someone asked me two years ago if blogging friendships were real bonds I would have been unsure how to answer.
      I am no longer unsure, it is obvious to me now. Thank you for this bond Maxi that means so much to me.

      My love, hugs, & God’s Blessings ~

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