Become Your Own Change

Peace Knows Me

Peace begins inside of me
starting over, finally I am breaking free.
Peace begins inside of me
while I am opening my eyes and beginning to see
Peace begins with me
wondering what I’m gonna be
I do know Peace begins with me.
And knowing I no longer have to flee
and that Peace begins with me
that having the self dignity
to know Peace begins with me.
taking on more responsibility
this is why peace begins with me .    ~ (2013)

                                                    Not the post at all I intended here at this time, yet this is an expression of my own that timing took care of for me. The thoughts and ideals I share here are also shared by many, and are not unique to me. Every once in a while even the most upbeat and positive mentality can receive a crack in its armor. Resealing the crack up is not difficult, but it takes perseverance of a principled mind-set, and being surrounded by loving & healing energy to move beyond it and NOT let it become the normal. The principles I hope to master so that my wish to thrive while striving for a life of peaceful easy feelings and bliss will be my norm. It is with a strong purpose and intent I strive to live daily with these principles, this ideal, practicing this faith that sustains me.

Assimilating to living a peaceful life takes practice of which I hold out hope for that I will continue to be successful in all things possible. I always have carried hope in my heart and always will, even if I back pedal for brief moments. Practicing is a way of processing through a period of learning and growing. On practicing I have become quite adept of late, with seeds of new beginnings planted and waiting for a warm summer days to see them come into full  bloom.  Using this time, this winter of my soul to find the path that allows for safe navigation and passage to master those  peaceful and easy feelings in my life.

Carpe diem

If You Really Want can too can seize the day

Eleven (11) thoughts on achieving that Peaceful Easy Feeling for Your Self:

1. Reduce your use of rational thinking

2. Listen to your intuition

3. Listen to your heart

4. Get the stuff off your mind

5. Meditate & Pray

6. Limit your information intake 

7. Read or listen to spiritual texts (not saying religious here. Key word is spiritual )

8. Eliminate unessential stuff

9. Don’t think too much about yourself

10. Do something for others


11. Slow down

Honor Yourself!

~ Let everything about me breath  calm & peace to  my soul. ~

I will be the change within my journey

towards creating the peace which begins in  me~


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50 thoughts on “Become Your Own Change

  1. You are sounding strong and progressive in this, Toni, & it’s wonderful to hear.

    I wish you good sleeps, energy and wellness this year. I love your header – very colourful 🙂

    Carpe diem!

    • Hello N you beautiful girl you!!
      So awesome always to have you visit my posts , there are times when writing you are in the back of mind. I am just not good about getting out and saying so.

      I am doing well, I had made as sure as I could tat this was the right thing, the right time. I don’t do regrets very well anymore.

      Life is as it should be, a challenge here, some balance there. It is what I should know is the waxing and waning of living and for that be grateful.

      I hope my sweet girl that you and D are doing well, my little Aussie family that you are. Its been a good beginning to the year here, I will venture y to your WFFME and check out how things are doing on the other side of my world.
      Be well my lovely friend ~

  2. I would like to say thank you for keeping me informed, entertained and thoughtfully challenged with your blog posts. I appreciate the contact I have with you in this Land of Blog and in recognition of that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit my blog to respond and play along. Keep up the good work!! Thank you.

    • So awesome to see you Pam! I have been so remiss about getting around to my neighbors blogs I should not be given an award. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You say such nice and kind things that you I am humbled by what you see here at BB

      It is I Pam who needs to be thanking you dear friend. You are a lovely & devoted blogging sister who I do adore, and your blog posts never fail to deliver an important message to me. . I should say so more often. I am blessed because of your friendship.
      I am in turn am grateful we have crossed our paths.

      I will be by to check out the award post and thank you again so very much from my humbled heart ~ BB,,

  3. To everything
    There is a season
    And a time to every purpose under heaven…

    You know how I feel about friends being MIA…. sometimes it just has to be done. I see you’re still blossoming in your gracious, healing ways! Wonderful post, Lady Baroness. I’m still here, lurking in the Shadows… and Crazy Annie is here, too. Happy New Year!

    • Oh My Lady of the Shadows, I have missed you so. I hope this finds both you & Crazy Annie well, and thriving. It is just so awesome to see you girl!

      I think about you all the time, just noticed a few days ago that my reader had you and about 30 other blogs set to never deliver. Not in my life! So should be all repaired now, Crossing fingers and toes.

      I do know how you feel about friends MIA, because you & I echo one another.I am going through changes that some would wish I had stayed in the shadows with but you know me. I am nothing if I am not over the top for all to see. …shrugging shoulders..
      Never apologize for who you are.

      This winter has seen many changes, all for the empowerment of myself, for myself. Some say sounds selfish. I am begging to differ., 😉

      Happy New Year Dear V and the best of everything comes to you with my hug~

  4. My Dear Lady Baroness, …And we have been taught that such a strong focus on self might be considered selfish. It sounded right, growing up. Certainly, we didn’t want to appear selfish but, we have learned since then, that ‘teaching’ was merely a false notion.

    Selfish is only a part of unselfish. When you nourish yourself, you nourish all who, are around you, and you nourish the universe.

    Hoping you are well, and happy.

    Cordially, As always,
    I remain…..

    • My Dear Grooviest,

      You bring such delight and charming ways of yours to my blog and when I read your message from your loving self.
      I am lifted to by your gentle reminder that this is the right time in my life,, right for this path I chose.

      Your ” Selfish is only a part of unselfish” is so brilliant it belongs framed in my new home,..a ” Davism ”

      You continually honor me and our friendship Groovy Dave, I am proud you call me your friend,
      With peaceful loving energy I send this Monday morning and comes with a Sunny Oregon smile for you~

  5. Hey my lady love your words and especially the poem,, so on the ball,, and can honestly feel your change. Because with me it is always day by day, and that change is maybe just around the proverbial corner, or it might be the next day.. Lovely thoughts my lady and thank you 😉

    • My Dearest Cobbie, I am so grateful for your thoughts and words on this post, .your influence in my life has enormous impact on how I write today, and the messages I am choosing to expound on. Thank you for all the times we spark ideas off one another,, and words we share,

      I am seeing my own writing in a new light because of all the encouragements that only can come from other WP writers, including yourself. Your input is priceless. Welcome changes may be that come upon our lives, although they also may not always seem easy to navigate.
      When clear paths are chosen I believe we will see few detours present themselves.Those that do we will see a life lesson attached no doubt, certainly meeting with our destiny.
      On that note then my Dearest & Kindest Sir; Happy Trails To You on your path of changes. I will be the lady with bare feet and long hair that you will pass on the sunny country lane, Smiling. ~

  6. “Using this time, this winter of my soul to find the path that allows for safe navigation and passage to master those peaceful and easy feelings in my life.” – it’s why winter comes, don’t you think? To give is that time to find our path. Blessings dear one.

    • I absolutely do think this is so Joss. I am grateful that there are those of us who do get this, and use the time for self reflections and self inventories.

      This winter helps keep me grounded; during a time where if I let go I might lose all ground I had uncovered.

      Thank you Joss for your lovely and beautiful energy that you so generously share. Means so much to my heart and in my soul, your sharing with me.

      I bow to you my Mentor~

    • Hello there Kozo. so good always to see you and feel your smile. I find myself empowered by Blogging For Peace, speaks so clearly & calmly to my nature. Some things just feel like a natural, as do some people, like you.
      Keep at it Kozo, it’s working!

        • We are so much on the same plan Kozo, I love that about you and your blog.
          This quiet Sunday morning i am breathing in only the calm and peace into my very center and letting it implode to through my entire being. Then maybe there will be enough of peaceful easy feelings that have powered through to reach every brother and sister in my oath,
          This is my intention to spread the love and peace in my won heart today ~
          This song makes me think of where we did, where we are, what we need,, what our future can be..I believe~

          • Groovy, BB. Never heard that band before. I’ve been wanting to hear an entire album for some time now. I will have to give this a full going over. Thank you for sharing.

            • Well Kozo thanks to your well meaning BB you heard a tune free gratis of my intent I don’t know how but I embedded the wrong code, wrong tune. I bet you wondered what the…??? …

              Shall we try this again?? 😉 so sorry dear friend~

  7. Kudos, my sister. I especially like your advice to “slow down.” My friend says that I do everything slow. Maybe so, rushing about creates anxiety for me.

    May the storm pass and your new awareness bring you peace. Perseverance, one more thing we have in common.

    Blessings to you, BB ~ Maxi

    • Dearest Maxi My Sister,
      Thank you dear heart so close like my own. It never surprises me anymore our like minded and hearted ways, yours and mine.

      If I will slow down there would be more clear time for reflections and possibly more clear -cut answers to some of life’s most baffling questions.This is my new intent, to stop rushing about with no need to get there first, and fast.

      It is said that some people come into our lives for a reason, and some for just a season. My hope and wish is that you remain a long season in my life, maybe the season of the res of our lives. Yours and mine Maxi.

      May God’s Blessings fill you with abundant love and joys of laughter. ~your soul sister in life.

  8. What an inspiring post and yet at the same time eminently practical. I’ve got one of those bookmarks that says ‘God grant me the strength to fight the battles I can and the wisdom to know which to choose,’ or similar, because I am too lazy to go look for it and I’m in a rush!

    I lost hope about something over Christmas which I haven’t particularly written about, maybe I will – the first four points on the list. I’ll see. Or maybe I’ll just get over it and move on.

    A lovely post BB.

    • Hello ms, So you know I have been here twice to reply to your comment and will admit I have been not sure how to approach your words. I started twice and both times soon after starting realized I had begin to pry. I would never want to be so disrespectful of our friendship. So I backed off responding for more reflections.

      You know what I refer to and that I am not going to comment beyond this is only for the reasons I said, not to pry But I do not want you to think I have side stepped your interjected personal comment. I would need you to know that i do sincerely care. So with this I hope you will write about it publicly, or if you need a friend you will know where to locate my email Please feel you are welcome any time.

      I do know the Serenity prayer, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”……. “and the wisdom to know the difference”

      Keep smiling ms,a nd if you need I have one you can borrow,~ BB

      PS, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. ie: my post.

      • I’ll take that offer of a smile gladly. Thank you. You got the words for the prayer thing better than me, I’m not religious, but I do look the pragmatism of that.

        As for the hope thing, no worries about asking, just a friendship that has died out. That I miss. There, not much more to say tbh! Your words have helped though on this particular post. Thank you so much.

        • Lost friendships. I do understand. It is with deep regret that i have lost some, others were a blessing in hindsight.

          I am grateful that you are dealing with this in the way that suits you. I am thankful for you sharing with me. Sometimes when we do it helps in ways not expected. Your short words about loss create a time of deep reflection for myself. For me to recognize that just because change are in the wind this does not have to be a negative that impacts me or those I love. Thank you for that.

          The Serenity Prayer is one I was taught a very long time ago by my Nana, she was a tough old Irish woman who refused to ever let anything get the best of her. I think she sorted through life’s ups and downs with the Serenity Prayer guiding her,
          For me it has been more a mantra than anything.

          Be well my dear friend and that smile is yours anytime Ms
          ~ BB

  9. You are so right BB, often we create our own problems and dramas by simply not asking ourselves if it will matter in a month’s, years or 5 years time. We live in a world of instant gratification and our peace is so easily shattered when things don’t go our way. I am finding that as I get older I am more willing to go with the flow unless something is fundamentally wrong and then I will stand my ground to the bitter end. The secret is picking your battles, not everything matters.

    • Hello My friend,
      So ice to see you optie. I have been missing you. Thought about doing this via email but you know me. I would be there three hours later writing you to catch up. So a rain check for next week maybe?
      I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart that you took the time and care to write me this valuable and wise share. You doing so, and I knowing how sincere you are means the world to me.
      I agree with you, you are so right regarding your message about picking your battles.You have stated it perfectly and so gracefully I think there is a rub between not choosing the important battles and not choose to battle at all. It takes courage and fortitude to choose to battle, but once there it is foolish to back down until the boundaries are in place. Did that make any sense? To you and from me I think you will understand it. There is a connection.

      Thanks so much again optie, words alone will not let me express to you what your comment here means.
      My best, my hugs, and such deep fondness for you my friend ~ BB

      • Hi BB, I had a bit of a blog holiday over the holiday season, just too much going on and not enough time to blog and upload photos. We all have to set personal boundaries otherwise we would just end up being doormats for all around us. When my children were teenagers and disputing some aspect of discipline I used to tell them that just because some things are negotiable does not mean that everything is. It’s a lesson I hope they took into adulthood with them. Living life with integrity matters a lot to me, so does being consistent in my work life and in the way I treat friends. I dislike being around people who are temperamental and unpredictable and wherever possible I will avoid them altogether.
        I wish you well on your journey BB and pray that the peace that your heart so desires will be yours in full measure.

        • Oh my optie, have you been reading my journals? You could be talking about me in many ways with your current comment. Life’s lessons are not always so cleanly in front of me, I have had to set priorities of my own first, and maybe for the first time in my life of doing so.
          I had always foolishly seen this step as selfish.knowing now that my family’s heritage had a lot to do with how women see them selves. I know that in order for me to be of any good to my family, my community, those I love, I have to think enough of myself to take care of those basic needs and rights every person should hold on to. So I am holing on for my own life first,

          I will be 58 in March and these lessons I am finding through ” fellow-shipping” with women like you who I have connected with here at WP and in my non cyber life have empowered me like no other time in my life. Maybe my eyes and heart are open now, or maybe there is a way that you put the lessons I need so that learning them becomes first nature,
          I only know how grateful I am for the fact that I can teach this lady can learn mew things, even and maybe most importantly about myself.
          Thank you deeply optie for your caring words. You are a wonderful woman to have in my life! Be well my friend and take care ~

          • We are a “work in progress” BB, always learning, growing and hopefully maturing. I find that in my 50’s I know longer care quite so much what people think of me. I try not to cause offence but if, in asserting myself I do, well tough luck. For so many years I held my tongue to keep the peace in the extended family even though we have been on the receiving end of some really callous and inconsiderate treatment. No more, now they don’t speak to me and I don’t speak to them and to be honest, my world is richer for not having to deal with their cr*p. Life to just too short to spend it placating people who need placating like a drug addict needs a fix. I know that they see me as the one with the problem because in the past I was pliable and even when deeply hurt I did not stand up for myself so now I’m the difficult one! Moving through major life changes as
            you are doing is challenging but also empowering both in what you gain as well as what you might lose. Strength and hugs to you my friend.

            • Oh My God optie you bring such an incredible understanding that I tear up reading your words. Like all the understanding a human needs rolled into just your words.
              (I know this thread is going get narrow here so hoping I should not have started a new one.) The fact that people see me as the one with the problem was something I admit i bought into. Funny thing is now that I have learned this life lesson,those people are still in turmoil while I found a peaceful feeling. A life long friend, one of my Dirty Mothers asked why it took me so long? Odd isn’t it?

              Being the “nice lady” has been something I have had to learn to balance despite that it goes against my nature to be anything less than. But I have seen that if I need to be less than so, it because of who i am dealing with, Not my history, but theirs.

              I love you optie for sharing so openly with me here. It is the richest gift to be given, sharing from the heart.
              My hugs are sent to you with a heart that has a special place in it it with your name on it.
              Funny,… it is in the shape of S Africa, isn’t that odd? 😉

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