Moved On

A personal Note to you all ~

I said awhile back in a prior  post that I was moving on.. well I did just that. I have moved on~

Moving is always such an adventure and mine was no different. Moving in the snow could not have been more beautiful. It was a first for me. It was a brilliant sparkling day. Not one thing was broken and  no one injured. I call that a great move.

There was an insult to my business sensibilities that has tried my patience to the point of frustration.  It is the company’s lack of training their employees that unnerves me. Ineptness should never be tolerated in a professional any way. Although they are trying to convince me my business matters to them I am suspect. We will just see how quickly they appreciate my business shall we?

This is just my heads up that for the next 5 to 6 days I will be away from WordPress and nny blogs will be quiet. I made a personal  move from one home to a new one alone and in the transactions lost my Internet due to a flagrant foul issued by my Internet company Century Link. I will not waste my time to explain the mystery of their industry as explained to me. It still made no sense, and I doubt it would to many of you. Suffice it to say that although I put a work order in a week before my move they still managed to mess it up horribly. I feel I should have been bumped orders that came in after my own last week. But I do not run their business. Too bad.

I just wanted y’all to know why I would be missing in action.

Wishing you all to have a creative week. I will be missing you, and your and blogs.




38 thoughts on “Moved On

    • optie. thank you for your thoughts and wishes. I am grateful for your friendship more than ever.
      Getting sorted and settled, almost there but taking my time finding homes for art work. Always the last thing I do. It has been a cathartic move,

      Wishing and sending you your hopes, dreams and smiles for 2013. ~

    • Oh Carol I love you for this message. Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful wishes. You are an important part of this blogging family circle of mine. You touch me with your friendship Thank you My neighbor~

  1. My Dear Lady Baroness, Sorry you have had to endure this interruption in your life but, when it is all over, move completed, internet back up, I hope you will be more at peace.

    Right now, I am sure you are very busy so, won’t bore you but, I have missed our communication on WordPress.

    Be well, and happy!

    I have nominated you for an award as your blog publishing is a smile for my mornings.
    An immediate reply is not necessary but, on your own timetable, here’s the link:

    Look forward to your return! 🙂

    Cordially, As Always, I remain…

    • My Dear Groovy Dave,
      Thank you my dearest bro for this award. I don;’t think Dave you could manage to ever bore me. So please never hesitate to share anytime. (use my email if need be) I too miss our great discussions and the influences that tend to have on my days.
      Give me a bit to get caught up please before accepting this Dave, but know immediately how charmed I am by you thinking o me,
      You touch my world Groovy daily, and I am blessed to be part of this friendship. Thank you always.~

  2. My friend, congratulations on the courage you mustered to make this move. All changes hold a little risk, but especially changing something as basic as where we spend our time. I am very proud of you, and happy for you — I’ll miss you for a few days, but I know you’ll soon be back. Best of luck! 😎

    • Thank you Judith.Seems with all things worth while there are sacrifices and risks. The pot at the end of the rainbow is not what it is all about we know.
      My journey will continue to test and try me no doubt. but there is no question that this is where my life line has meantfor me to be. today.

        • Dear Jude; whose own name says peace to me. I just realized it.
          Finding the more I focus on keeping myself mindful of this positive and peaceful way of living has shown me that the more I give peacefully, the more I get back, Sounds so simple, too infantile.
          But sure enough it is one spark that creates another. As infectious as a sincere smile is.
          Thank you again for stopping by You are a faithful friend, I have been so neglectful to even all my most favorite blogs of late. My life has been a bit hectic though getting back in that saddle again so will be back soon to mt full time blogging like n normal. Thanks for your patience. ~

    • My Dearest Commando ~ God Bless you SO very BIG.This means so much to me.
      I loved finding your message to me here. and sending in return Big Blessings, and love
      Your always loving kindness and acceptance of me is a gift I treasure almost as much as I treasure you yourself.

    • Awe Les.. thank you kind friend so much for this uplifting message from you.(So tiring trying to be upbeat full time ) I can feel the genuine truths in what you have said. You bring tears. Not a bad thing do i mean to imply. You speak as if you have been inside my journals?
      Thank you for sharing this with me, your timing so perfect.
      Thank you Les~

  3. Oh my sister girl, I’m back from a holiday break and … here you are in all this turmoil. I am so sorry that life has hit you will all this misery at once.

    Hope you soon are settled and comfortable with the move, and that your life becomes peaceful once again.

    Love you –
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Oh Dearest Maxi.. I do love your messages so..
      I am doing okay my Big Si, lots of changes but I promise you that nothing was done in haste, or without great reflection and years worth of prayers.
      Sometimes s we both well know that God closes a door to help show you another with a life lesson attached. It is true that this has not been always a clear path for me, sometimes muddled by not being true to myself. I am going to be fine now.
      I hope that this finds you well, and your holiday was a peaceful and content one My Maxi. Keeping you in my prayers and just in case I have not said to you; I treasure your friendship and sister ship .
      Thank you so much.
      Much love to you Maxi , God’s amazing blessings, and my gentle hugs, ~

    • Oh T just tell me what nightmare they caused for you. I expressed to them that I have a blog, am very verbal, and believe in strong consumer advocacy. You think they would have heeded my promise. But Oh NO.Why not share it if there was an obvious mismanagement and lack of training employees,
      I also believe in making a major fuss over a company, or an employee when its deserved as in my upcoming posts will point. And a message about staying local when possible is
      part of my idea now.

      Thanks T* for being here for me, my dearest sister who shows me where thriving is Always at~

    • My Deepest and heart felt thanks PJ. I have this great comfort from sensing your prayers, the support from this gift of our WP community and fellow shipping feeling that God has enveloped my new home in His arms, wrapping it & I with up with His Loving protection and Grace.

      Thank you again Pj….

    • I love your wish Ruth, so like you, so like me… so let it be. It is that I can relate to. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.
      Sending you some Pacific Northwest style smiles my friend~

    • Dearest Joss, you are such a gentle spirit in my life. I draw much comfort and validation from you lovely lady. Just knowing you are here means that I have security within this circle. Thank you so much,
      Pax vobis ~

  4. Do you need to talk? Sounds like you are going through a lot and I am here if you need an ear. Good luck!

    • Oh Tracey You are too much!! Thank you. How perceptive you are. Albeit this was something I knew I needed to do it has not been an easy decision to make.
      The hardest part being was being honest with myself for this first time in my life. Your input and mentoring always a welcome gift Trace. So anytime I would be most grateful. Objective thoughts are also a necessity in changes.
      Thank you so much.~

    • My beautiful Kate,
      You writing this to me means more to me than all your previous comments combined and you do know they meant the world to me too?
      Than you my dear friend. Let me get caught up here at WP then I will write you a chatty email. I’d love to chat.
      Hope you are well my dear woman. Take care.
      Pax vobis ~

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