Let Peace Begin With Me


~ 2013~

Let Peace Begin With Me this very first day of 2013.

It is a concept I have long believed in and I want to practice more than any other in my multi- beliefs that incorporate my non traditional western faith.

 However, actually finding the courage, and lets face it folks, the strength to fight the robbers of all things positive and passive is not always one met with comrades of the same quest. Sometimes the going gets rough & tough, and sometimes  you will find yourself alone. Sometimes it may feel like your beliefs and passions are the ones  being suspect & questioned. Standing tall in what you believe has never come easy. Maybe it should not. Being convicted in your belief in should be serious business.

There is much talk, and much being written this time a year about world peace. Anyone that knows me knows that this has been my passionate pleas since I was 14 yrs old. A pacifist is what I am, and I am not ashamed of it.

This song by The Scorpions. ask why we cannot all live as one; if we all live under the same sun?  Good question.

With my belief and hope held out that we can achieve this world peace I am also cognizant that peace begins at home – in my heart first I am heading more and more to the quest of not tolerating anything less in my life. Regardless of the going fads it has always been my style & nature to ignore these, and stick with what is in my heart. A belief that we all can live under the same sun and be compassionate & unconditionally loving towards one another has always been mine. As a good & dear friend likes to remind me t often that, “All You Need Is Love.” Yes, it is the Beatles message too, maybe it was theirs first.  It is  a true and sincere sentiment. Mountains can be moved through the power of love.

It is with this peace within my very self and my energy that I will share the love and  smiles I’ve been given by you to all those I come in contract with.  Can you imagine if we all adopted this belief & changed our thinking in our heads & hearts? How beautiful this world could be. I am not asking you to adopt, and or to change your religious & spiritual sensibilities. In this you could combine the two if you will. Personally I think in terms of holding on to the hope that all is possible, and that my faith has been my saving grace. But I am so not perfect, I am still very much a student of this life still.

Carole King sings this tune “Beautiful” from her 1971 Tapestry album that echoes my belief that this world needs a little more love, and a LOT LESS fighting. I think it starts within our own hearts, Can you smile at yourself today? Can you be kind to yourself? A friend to someone in need? And those nearest & dearest to you,?  Or how about the elderly homeless who is hungry?  But he has dirty hands,. can you reach out and share a smile? Can you still feel the beauty?

  Smile from your heart and it will light up your whole face, it will lighten  the pressures of life.Its impossible to stay angry, bummed out or even resentful when you are smiling. It will go along way to send the message to those you love and like. To all those you come across in your day that may seem like strangers,  Those that are  blessed enough to be blogging member’s of this Word Press community we know this is not necessarily true anymore. We are no longer strangers in strange lands thanks to the Internet. Let us use these relationships with one another and create something really magical through the energy we together build.  Let us  go outside of our own hard drives and share what is  that is behind our smiles.

Take the  smiles (love) you are gifted from your blogging brothers and sister here, go and share them in your non-cyber world and Carry It On. This can be your clear message of peace without saying a word. Your smile says it all.  Sound too simple?

It is so simple it doesn’t even seem feasible. Very well it can be feasible though.  Smiles become infectious, Share  yours today.

As I have been on my soap box here about peace beginning at home let me say that I know it’s not easy when there are reasons to think anything but peace. I know,  My life is not seen through rose-colored glasses, only that I choose to not let it become what I don’t want it to be. I feel better about life when I smile, so how can that be anything but good for me?

It can change your whole perspective if you are open to peace within your own heart.  It has changed mine.

Not to be a curiosity yet starting a new life raises questions.  I am telling this because I would not like you all to think when I say find peace in your heart first that I believe it’s easy. Or that I am being flippant. 

I know the sacrifices it can take to become successful of living an authentic life in peace.It has taken years of not such peaceful feelings to get here, to find the strength to no longer live in direct opposition of what I believe. To find the courage to make the changes I speak of while there are those so resistant to any changes at all, even those of my own. A few are aware of what I speak of,  but suffice it to say that for me it has not been as daunting as it seemed even a year ago when I wrote about the same then also about the need to find the happy medium which would give me that clear authentic path to peace within.


I have chosen that path and am walking strongly today with my head up and shoulders back. I will openly make a point of discussing the peace movement in my everyday conversations, I will write even more about the need we have for world-wide peace, and letting it begin within our own hearts first. Because I am at peace within, because I can smile at myself again, I am able to look beyond with great passion and belief that if I have found this in myself I can find this within my world. I am trusting this and refuse to accept any other belief.

We need to all work on smiling together. A simple smile to all those you come in contact with, those who you live * work with. It is amazing bit of magic this thing called a smile is.

This thing we call a smile is a Peace Keeper my friends.

And it can start within each of us.

Have you smiled at, and loved someone today?  Go on, go ahead.. we just need  a Whole Lotta Love. which will bring on those smiles. Remember, we are all walking under the same moon.

Finally Jason Mraz’s  first ever composed song also tells of my wishes and feelings for all things that you bring to me and my world. This tune maybe more synthesized than I normally like but so love his lyrics in this tune. And I especially like Jason Mraz he is my one of my 2012 gifts from my most special & best friend  in my life. Thank you for turning me on to Jason. I am smitten with almost all his music.

Happy New Year & Thank you so very much for following my blogs; Barefoot Baroness, FullCirceledMe. And our BTH the blog for missing persons and educated to children being kept safe.

For those who have been following me on over to & my involvement with Gerry’s blog Cyklopps Rides Again I’d like also to give a warm thank you for your devotion and support It’s quite meaningful to see your smiling names there in comments.

 You all truly humble me that you keep coming back.Thank you so very much!


©tjhelser December31, 2012 Last Post

34 thoughts on “Let Peace Begin With Me

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  2. My dear Lady Baroness,

    This is a beautifully-written, deeply felt post, and that expresses itself in your every word. I join you in your quest for peace, and I rejoice that you have locked on to your peace within. Someday, remind me to talk about my sermon on peace, and the reaction of my congregation. I love you, my sister; thank you for walking down that path, so that I may see it more clearly myself. 😎

  3. Your blog is shut down at the moment my sister, still I want to shower you with love and peace. May the days ahead be kind and gentle to your soul and well-being.

    You may struggle at this moment in life, but keep this thought tucked in the back of your mind … “This too shall pass.”

    Blessings and Love ~ Maxi

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  5. i read this over a few times and the part that speaks to me the loudest is “Because I am at peace within, because I can smile at myself again, I am able to look beyond with great passion and belief that if I have found this in myself I can find this within my world. I am trusting this and refuse to accept any other belief.” Truly, what we find within is what expands out into the world. Blessed peace for you, for me, for our planet and all her inhabitants.

    • Dearest Joss I am so sorry that this ever so charming and caring comment slip by me, I actuality do not know what happened because I read your words before this moment

      Your comment about what we project (my paraphrase of you) echoes my belief in a solid way, No ifs, ans or buts needed to qualify.
      I have seen this in action.
      It is a true reflection of what our own energy projects out into the universe, and our communities which is then shines on right back on us, I am both humbled and challenged by this interaction with others,
      I had a customer who I saw almost daily, a man in his late 60.s. Most saw him as a bitter man. I did not, I saw Joe a someone who no one had bothered to show him how powerful a smile can be.
      He knew all along what I was doing, I was not being coy, About 3 weeks later (he held out ) he came in one afternoon at his usual timer and was grinning from ear to ear. Grinning, not smiling but he was grinning to where his whole face lit up,
      True story.
      I needed no further convincing, to trust the full power held by a smile.

      Thank you Joss so much for being by. I love your comments and adore you ad your peacefulness you bring to my space.
      Your devoted sister ~

  6. BB, this is beautiful. Thank you for your energy and perseverance in working towards peace. I loved the music and the words here. You gave me a great idea when you asked “Can you smile at yourself today?” I often get up a bit tired and brush my teeth in the bathroom. Sometimes I just look at myself in the mirror with no expression. From now on, I will make sure the first thing I see is my own face smiling back at me.
    Let’s make smiles viral.
    {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Oh Kozo, so love that you took away this gift for yourself as a smile first thing in the morning. You absolutely got my point!

      I find it really difficult to stay disengaged and indifferent, even to myself when I am smiling. i believe indifference can create apathy. We know where this leads, yes? .
      I love making the idea of smiles going viral. So I say: “Your turn. You share with the universe (WP community too) about the gift of smiles we can give ourselves. In your own words.
      Tag you are it Kozo!

        • { Applauding my computer screen and cheering Kozo on I say } Bravo you Kozo!!
          I love that you took the challenge on with your great smile and your ever so beautiful passion.
          I am looking forward to the inspiration I know you are going to be able to create for one another.

          Sending you hugs back filled with sparking thoughts of sunshine with a wish for you to only have peaceful easy feelings. ~ BB

    • Think there are blog gremlin stealing away comments. Or I am having a déja vu moment.
      Thank you so much tersia for taking the time to read and also to comment. you honor me.

      My deepest wishes for a peaceful 2013 for you and yours my dear friend ~
      (I know I responded to this, How weird. ;-)….

    • Hello dear Bette,
      Thank you for such a warm visit by your thoughtful self. I have been to your fabulous article which is so wonderfully written, and mirrors my own in message. I think others would be surprised at how so.
      Is it not the most wonderful thing that strangers really are not?
      Be welcome to Barefoot Baroness, please stay and be part of this close circle ~ BB

  7. Hello! I look forward to really diving into your blog this year. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

    • Thank you Sebastian for this kind message. Finding ways to live a life of praise is not a difficult thing to so when the heart is prepared to accept the truth,

      You are a welcome asset to my blog here I know your comments will continue to lift not only myself spiritually but my reader’s as well.
      Thank you & look forward to learning more on your blog ~ BB

      • You’re so welcome and thank you for your kind and thoughtful words! I welcome you to the Faith1st community and welcome your input as well! Thank you again and may God bless you and yours!

        • Such a generous and warm welcome. I am touched & blessed by your visit, and by your and your community. Thank you Sebastian.
          You will help create the wish I was in the south to be able to fellowship with you all. Maybe one day?

          Please keep coming on back you are a delightful asset to my Barefoot Baroness Blog.~ BB

          • Hello BB…you are certainly welcome! Once again, your kindness exudes through your words! I welcome and look forward to the time we get a chance to fellowship in person. But until then, let us continue in this platform and may many join in as well. May the Blessing of the Almighty be with you always! –Sebastian

    • Thank you so much rumpy for wandering off and coming my way. I will make sure you get back home to Jenny, you came along way today. I suppose partly for some more Oregon doggie cookies no doubt? 🙂

      In all seriousness I am happy to see you here, welcome to the family. We so need a mascot here at Barefoot Baroness and there is something I am smitten about when it comes to malamute huskies. Maybe its that beautiful soulful face.

      Looking forward to you coming back~ BB.

  8. Peace and love, why would no one want this. Money and greed maybe. But a 60’s hippy and the world I was born to live through I can only see and want love and peace. This movement can be restarted here, and my Legends.. and CyKlopps. Some one has to start this love and you are the ideal choice my lady. I will certainly follow and support..;)

    • I love your passion and faith that we can do all that we set out to. I asked maybe our second wind? Thank you My Kind Sir for your share on this that I know you have deep feelings about.
      I see it just might be the case. There are those of us who never gave up the hope & now we find those who were unsure jumping in with both feet at once.
      The power we have through our fingertips and keyboards can be used for even more good. With countries like yours and mine connecting everyday we can do what we did not have the power to do in our era.

      Today, this new year, we can change our heads.
      Power to & “THROUGH” the People!

  9. BB, I just “happened upon” a website…. a remarkable vision and purpose, tying in with what you wrote about today. You might like this: http://humanityhealing.org/who-we-are/12-keys-of-spiritual-activism/ I found it through a site committed to supporting girls continuing education in African locations through having access to something we all take for granted…oh dear, something so basic… http://humanityhealing.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Pads-for-Schoolgirls-Project.pdf

    • Happy New Year K!
      Thank you for the welcome links I was aware of the UNICEF project you liked me to. I have been part of this organization for some 40 plus yrs,my first international advocacy group as a young mom.

      The other I was not aware and am grateful that you took the time to help make me so. I absolutely think this site is so spot in with its message and the 12 keys to spiritual activism are brilliant I will be doing a post related soon. Thank you so much for thinking of me and the links. Very meaningful to me.

      Happy New Years to you & yours dear friend, & God’s Blessings ~

  10. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    Love In Person

    Moments carry events
    Comments are of events
    Some comments break hearts
    Some moments mend hearts.
    In life, many stand and stare,
    but dear ones always come and share.
    The one who shares is love in person.

    Sometimes I’m shy,
    sometimes I cry.
    A few always understand
    many just shout; “stand!”
    Rather than treat me like a crop;
    with love, just cheer me up
    and you will indeed be love in person.

    People now trade gold for sex,
    when there’s no business, they vex.
    They claim to be sharing love,
    but they’re cooking their hearts on stove.
    True love is not all about give and take,
    neither is it in the sharing of the national cake.
    Where can I find love in person?

    Nnamonu Tochukwu.
    A poem that point to true love; such love that can ensure peace, joy and productivity through unity and collaboration. This poem was written or composed since 2008 but Toni’s post; “Let Peace Begin With Me”, inspired me to locate it and publish as a blog post.
    Thanks Toni for sharing such an inspiring post! I love that portion that says, “I am Peace”. That’s so much faith.
    I have always dreamed, wished and struggled to be “love in person”. I think it’s time to quit the struggle and accept it by faith. I am love in person; you too can be.
    Love In Person.

    • My dearest and most Loving Tee!
      I have never thought of you but anything else than Love in Person.
      To Tee From T~
      First let me thank you for this fabulous poem that speaks to me in every cell of my being. I want to click like on my blog because of it!
      I also am touched by you Tee that you were inspired enough to locate and post this poem. I am so thankful for your friendship this is one of those times words do fail me.
      It is said that people sometimes come into our life for a reason and not always do we know that reason why, However, I do know why you have come into mine. It s because of the way you teach me to feel about myself, and the courage to live authentically Ii find through the support of your friendship & love. And in your wise words.
      My life, my heart, and my own intellect is empowered by you calling & being your friend. You have brought words that were buried deep inside me an inspired me to trust what I have to say should be shared.(Did I ever tell you that I did finish and shared the poem you & I had chats about, that you encouraged me to follow through with?)

      One of the most loving and humble gifts one person can give another is the feeling of knowing you have touched and impacted their life. You have & do.
      You My dear Tee do both every time we interact. I am grateful and humbled by this beautiful friendship that grows by leaps & bounds every time we touch each others lives.
      Thank you Tee & my best wishes for everything true and meaningful that you are wishing for. Those dreams? Keep chasing them my friend, they have tails that you in fact can grab a hold of. Trust me, I am chasing mine too.
      Much love & my gentle hugs ~

      • Thanks much, T! What can I say? I just reallized I had tears of joy around my eyes, by the time I was done reading your response. You are different form everybody else. You are unique. You will accomplish much in life. Your achievement will surpas your dream. I would be glad to see the finished poem. Thanks for all those powerful words you lavished on me. I will always remember how they made me feel.

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sis and wishing you a most happy New Year. Got my hands full with my Mom now so your post was inspirational. We do need to start at home with sharing our love, patience and smiles when we in fact feel like shouting…..WHY ME??? Loved the song choices. Thanks for reminding me peace is the way to happiness….for everyone~ You Blog On Big Sis….I’m really proud of you!!!

    • My Dearest Twin
      My thoughts are never far from you, my bro-out-law & mom. I have you all three & Buddy Boy (Truman says Meow-Meow. ) in my prayers daily, I light my prayer and in your mom’s name every evening.
      My 2013 wish for a set of twins is to get down south to your neck of the glades. It would be such a blessing to spend a couple weeks with you.

      You have to remember my Beautiful Kentucky Woman that I know where of you are right now in life, recall my own mom’s illness, If you need anything, you need to talk, vent or a prayer buddy I am your devoted twin for the rest of our lives.

      I have some news to share with you I found my place. (possession on the 4th) Lots to fill in so you tell me when a distraction is good.

      Thank you sweetie for your best of everything you give me by being my twin sis. and my dearest and loyal friend~ I love you Girl!

    • Oh My oldsunbird. How you honor me and this blog!
      My sweet & dear friend I want to be just like you when I grow up. so all that this leading up to is to guide me in that very path.
      I am humbled by the words that come from the genuine and authentic person that I know & feel you to be

      Thank you my friend & wishing you only the very best of everything sunny & filled with laughter this 2013~ BB

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