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Heart Songs

If you know me even as an acquaintance it’s not long before you will know I am inclined to relate most things in my life with  music. I analogize in music, I think lyrically, and music is the vault that holds all my memories. From well known music to music that I am newly discovering is how I navigate life. It is a sacred universal language. Music continues to be the calm that soothes the sails of my emotions when the storms start to roll in. Music is my idea of life’s perfect reward and all that it hold significant for me.

I have wondered and marveled at how people who never listen to music get by in their lives navigating emotional ups and downs without music. Maybe because I know no other way it baffles me. The sound of a musical instruments striking chords deep within and lyrics that resonate help guide my own emotional sensibilities and consequently my well-being.

The things in life I understand and adore make even more sense when I tie music around them. Feelings that may seem insignificant to some, who might not understand, are  those very things that those who know me well know about me. They know that  I love an unmade bed, and why.

I love it when people are emotional and say things they might not share other wise, letting me see their vulnerable loving side. They are unable to be anything but honest at the moment and I adore this.

I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they are in love.

I love an empty tea-cup. It means you have been here.

I  love the brief confusion in people’s eyes when they first wake-up and realize where they are,  that they had forgotten the surroundings they are in.

I love the absolute gasp people take when they are shocked by someone’s thoughts about who they are, and where they have been.

I love it when people close their eyes and drift into day dreams that take them on magical carpet rides of clouds in the sky.

I fall in love with people all the time when they are sharing real and honest moments with the world they live in. I fall in love with their hearts, their breakdowns, and I celebrate their joys and all that in life creates a song in their hearts.

Honesty is just too beautiful to not put into the lyrics of a song.

I do believe that there is a song in there somewhere in all that I just shared.  ~

Tonight it is Joan Baez doing “No Woman No Cry“. A tune that has held my feelings for being a woman of substance for  many, many years. Baez being on of  the first of female vocalists who sang to my ow heart as a teenager

(Note about my Heart Song)

Bob Marley, the songwriter of this tune was a great 20th century prophet, and we lost him too early. The great songwriter prophets in the English language  Bob Marley, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan to name just a few well-known artists & songwriters. . They gave us the music, the words, the songs. And many, many, others will sing those words, that music. Bless Joan Baez for lending her beautiful silky voice to spreading the truth of the prophecies by singing their songs. She sang Bob Dylan songs. Why not Bob Marley songs? Truth and beauty in many versions…


Share an honesty with me, what song moves you, and touches your soul?

I would love for you to share with me what music does to and for you. How do you choose the song that is going to play to your heart, and for your very soul today? Share with me, maybe we are listening to the same tunes. Nothing would surprise me or please me more.