For The World: Wish Listed 2012

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For This World   ~  My Christmas Wish List 2012

Dear Santa Please~

Happy Christmas Eve To Y’all

Sending visions of sugarplums and Christmas Fairies dancing upon the boughs of  your Christmas spirit. Please join my wish for Peace  &  Joy To All  Mankind. Wishing that the Christmas Spirit of Love remain in your heart’s all year-long.


“With gentleness overcome anger. With generosity overcome meanness.

With truth overcome deceit.” ~ Buddha

Let this season for a reason be the time you set aside to tell those you love what they mean to you. It can begin with you & I.

Think Peace ~Believe Peace~ Breathe Peace~ Be Peace


5 thoughts on “For The World: Wish Listed 2012

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  2. My Dear Lady Baroness, It is Christmas night, and I read this of the wonderful peace we share on this earth. Some say, where? i say, as you do, it is there for those seeking it.

    This is a wonderful post of a reality available to everyone who chooses peace. You are a shining example of what you write.

    Check out this group of bloggers I have chosen to join:

    Cordially, For a Merry Christmas
    I remain,

    • My Dear Groovy Dave,

      Thank you for the charming and heartfelt Christmas wish of Peace. So groovy like you.
      There are more like us, we need to join hands as we will be doing just that which the “We Can a Make a Difference” blog is prompting. A dream rekindled, which I love.

      I adore that you linked me to the blog as well. I would love to feel my passion go to such a positive place, and to be emerged with like minded energy. We could be such powerful movement. I am honored, humbled and proud you thought of me Dave. I will be adding my name to the pledge and happily following through. Look for a home and you will find one.

      If i do not connect with you before the 1st, (which just should not be the case) have a wonderful & ever so far-out New year. May 2013 bring you & Mrs groovy the optimal health and blessings of much laughter & love filled hearts.

      My wish for your peaceful easy feelings sent ~
      Starting with me sending you much love my brother ~ Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, you make me blush My kind Sir. Maybe we all need a refresher course in it’s mission .
      You know I have not given up hope that we can all live under the same sun, and do it in pace and harmony. Let’s let it begin with you & I and hope along with the other “:believers” it grows into something lasting.~ Thank you for this GAC!

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