The “Dear” Liebster Award 2012 ~ 1st Part

I know and trust that the beautiful Pastor jellillie will not mind me sharing my award page with the victims of Newton & our entire community.

God’s Blessing to  You All!

Pastor jelillie

This is the season for giving to each other, for telling one an other how you feel about them, or how they are a positive influence in your life. All the things you keep meaning to say please take the time today to say so.. I have been been blessed by both from this amazing woman, writer, WP Blogger friend.


Pastor jelillie has blessed me with the special  meaning behind, the  shape of,  and the color of The Liebster Award, for which I understand from a German friend Liebster can have many endearments associated with it but the one she shared that she uses often is with the meaning  “Dear” one. I like that.

If you have not been to Pj”s blog you are missing God’s messages through this empowering blog and its author.

The conditions of accepting this award are pretty intense so I will do as much as  I am able to do considering it is the week of Christmas. I feel the need to accept this before the end of 2012 as it was given in December 2012. I am deeply grateful because who the award came from. I am thankful and humbled by this.

The acceptance requirements as they are below and are  in pristine form as they came to me. Y’all all know I have to be difficult and  I don’t like things too perfect, makes me a mite uncomfortable. With perfection where is the room for improvement? I like to think I am always working on improving myself. So I will rearrange a bit of my acceptance to suit the timing of posting.

A) You paste the award picture into your blog.- This picture is at the top of the blog

B) Name 11 random things about yourself

C)  Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

D) You write-up 11 NEW questions directed towards your nominee,

My 11 Random Facts.

(1)  Born in March 1955 – 2nd generation native Oregonian, USA

(2) Became an avid reader at age 5 yrs old ~ compliments of big brother who taught me how. Think he was tired of me asking him; “Read to me please?”

(3) Read the entire Bible my sophomore year of High (secondary) School in one semester as a class assignment. We were asked to pick a book, any book. Think any teacher in The USA could get away with allowing a student to even bring a Bible into a classroom setting as curriculum?  I have readers who are teachers, let me ask them what do they think?

(4 ) I collect elephants, anything elephant motif. Have since a girl and have over 100 elephants sharing my personal space.

(5) I love to cook large meals – but I really, really love the science of baking

(6) I rarely watch Television. Typically have music on usually 24/7.  I even sleep to music.

(7) My Nativity Set is The Fontanini Heirloom collection. It is my Christmas decoration of my Pride and Joy.  The collection pieces which has been exclusively distributed by Roman for many years has become world-famous in Italian craftsmanship. I have been collecting the pieces since 1981 when I first purchased Baby Jesus & his manger,  along of course with Joseph & Mary.


(8) I am one of 4 Dirty Mothers.

(9) I wear my gold cross full-time, sometimes gold earnings and maybe once in a moon a watch. I do not fancy other jewelry. Never have, yet I have a jewelry tower full of different necklaces that I never wear. Why I wonder when I see them hanging and never worn.

(10) I know the feeling of being loved and cherished. I know the freedom this gives the soul to love unconditionally.

(11) I believe  the power of love and positivity can move mountains and cross shores. I believe in Hopes and dreams. Mine and Yours.

This is where my alteration of the requirements starts. In the interest of the Holidays, & time  I will return after the first of the year and finish Pastor jelillies questions and with my nominations. I realize I am a novel size poster, but this is an extensive process,

Thank you again Pj I am honored and always humbled by your presence on my blog

God bless and keep you.~ BB



18 thoughts on “The “Dear” Liebster Award 2012 ~ 1st Part

  1. congrats- you deserve it…you will be getting a nom from me too bc i got one as well so you can just add it to your list of admirers 😉

    • Oh Tracy how wonderfully serendipitous of your timing my friend. I have been thinking so much about you and an offer you made to me not long ago.
      I still have your gmail contact, is this correct? Offer still there?

      Thank you Tracy for this visit which always mean the world to me from you., and fir thinking of me,
      I’ll be in touch ~ (Toni)

    • OMGosh! You have certainly stunned me with your kind words. Thank you!
      I so happily and with great sincerity in friendship accept your generous thoughts and this award.
      Friends hope to bring encouragement to those they believe in, and I believe you have much to be shared with this world.
      So sweetie never hold back~ to you I thank you from my own heart to yours for these words and for the award ~ BB

    • Thank you PJ.
      Thank you yet again. I will do part two after the new year I apologize but the season for a reason got a bit crazy for me.

      A Dirty Mother? 🙂 An actual Dirty Mother is an alcoholic drink. I grew up with three other women that have been friends since babies, our mom’s friends in the neighborhood. Another mutual friend gave us four ladies the nick name Dirty Mothers because it was for some time the drink we chose during the wake memorials of our own mothers that we faced together as women in life. Seemed for a few years it waa one of our mom’s after the other. The name stuck s we got older, the drink not so much..

      If you would like to know our story I have a post dedicated to us.We were just second generation. now there are 4 generations of best Friends from the same families. Our grandchildren now being the 4th.

      Thanks again Pj for the award, the kind comment. You are a Blessing to our community here and for me.. My new Year Hugs sent your way my friend~

    • My Kind Sir, you are perfectly wonderful!
      Thank you so much. I cherish this thought from you and will hold it close to my heart always. You say the nicest things Gerry. I adore you for this.

      If I am the Queen than this would make you King. I dare say. 😉

    • Oh Tess it is so awesome to see your smiling Face!! How are you my friend?
      Thank you so much for sweet & so original comment, something I adore about you,

      Hope you have a lovely holiday season~ My wishes for your for 2013 to be filled with laughter & joy comes with deep fondness for you Tess. I hope my reader and email alert issues are taken care of finally. I feel neglectful. ~

    • Thanks so much Dear Jules. and thank you for being my loyal nd devoted friend.
      I need to tell you how much I am grateful for you, and your friendship.
      This the season with a reason and so you know that you are part of that reason for me/
      My Christmas wish for you, Ants & Ming, is sent with much love and friendship Jules.
      Please be good to yourself ~

  2. That’s a lovely post, and how meaningful to dedicate it to the Newtown community. I don’t think you need to nominate anyone else – that is a perfect gesture on its own.

    Elephants – more perfection. Why can’t people be more like them?

    • Why thank you ms. I actually love your thought that this post being dedicated to Newtown/Sandy Nook community being enough Thank you so very much for that sensitive & tender thought. I am going to go with it.
      I am touched by you sharing this with me.

      Yes my elephants, since about 7 yrs old when our local Zoo received our first pachyderm .I was completely smitten with him then and has become more so as the years went on and I studied him and his species., He turned 59 yrs old last April – big party for him at the zoo.
      The more I studied these beautiful gentle giants, darlings of critter land I knew they would always be a totem for me. I would always want to protect them,
      I love that they are a matriarch society.

      I agree, if only more people were like them how this world would better get a long.
      Thanks for coming by ms.
      PS: On a personal note have not forgot about your Cyklopps request at all~

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