My Grace Notes.


December 18, 2012

A  fun challenge was put to me by my good friend who was the original writer challenged by this prompt. The concept is easy, to express your life in 4 to 5 m music choices, preferably posting the challenge with the ability to hear the music such as videos. Music videos were used by my friend, and this is to be my medium as well.

Could you do this? Could you find 4 to 5 songs to describe or be reflective of your life? This challenge is extended to all of you.

Go ahead, and take a risk and try it. I dare you!


Growing up I was a faith filled resilient & self-reliant young child. Music was a large part of my life and my families, with both parents being involved and was a daily asset to my soul. Feeling the love of family, consistency, and spirit was all that I needed,  but this all changed when I was 9 yrs old. by my parents separation, Losing my faith in something powerful also happened at this time. This took me on a long self discovery journey from knowing that the loss of something more powerful than myself had to be found again. I searched, and I studied, and at the age  of 15 or 16 my spiritual epiphany came to be. This song  has sustained me and my way of living always since then. Both Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood’s music individually, and together again, as they were in a reunion performance as Blind Faith was also very much part of this time in my life. If you want you know something about me you will find that I am a life long Eric (Epic ) Clapton fan. I have been impressed by not only by his music but the way he has grown into his own authentic life over the many years.


  From my young adult years until I was 38 yrs old I spent as an active full-time parent and foster parent. My life with children, who I surrounded myself with was and still is a passion I hold close to my heart.  This song is representative of  all the wishes & hopes I held for them. Although Rod Stewart was not an artist that I listened to much when this song was released I made sure immediately I dedicated this to the young daughters in my world; my own two daughters,, my niece, and the 3 foster girls I had in my heart & home during my daughters tween & teen years. I love being involved with children, and  even before I had my own daughters in 1972 I had 5th grade Campfire Girls. All 10 of them. Raising my children has been my most gratifying contribution to this world.

Finding  a point in my life when I realized that no matter how much  I wished for my life and world  to feed me,  sometimes they just did not. When I realized that there was an emptiness of my soul and spirit that was  needing to be fed,  my spirit roared right back. Finding ways to feed  my soul in ways I had not seen,, nor  ever known before. This song is about  coming out on the other side of that journey.

I’m Okay by Lissa Shaw~


With my faith comes making my life right. Though this will assuredly be raw feelings I am expressing with this The Rascal Flatt’s choice I am including it for what I would call my declaration song today. It is in keeping with my journey for living an authentic life, remaining honest, & true no matter how painful or vulnerable it might feel.

I am adding an extra sing/video because as regular readers of this blog know I have 3 lifelong friends I have known since birth. The Dirty Mothers. We four ladies had seen our selves in this movie in many ways. In particular my friend Lynn & I. This challenge could not be complete without this song being included. Crystal Vision by Stevie Nicks has also been a mainstay in my world since 1972 and still  is fitting well into my life at this moment in ways that never resonated with me before. I will add this song and its magical message as my way of saying out loud that I do believe in dreams, hopes as well as  life’s most-perfect & practical magic.

From The soundtrack of the motion picture Practical Magic the song Crystal Vision; written and performed by By Stevie Nicks

May wishing on a falling star bring all the practical magic necessary for a life full of truth & wisdom that feeds  your spirit and soul.

Note~ A Grace Note is a kind of music notation used to note several kinds of musical embellishment or flourishes within a piece of music.

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25 thoughts on “My Grace Notes.

  1. What a fun and introspective challenge filled with celebration. Celebrating who you are, where you’ve been and where you are. Love it. I think I just may have to do this as well. Thank you for this wondrous sharing of you!

    • Oh Joss you bring such delightful joy to my blog and to my glad heart. I easily relate through music. The lyrics and the music resonates deeply within my soul, I am sometimes able to express through music emotions I may not be other wise. Quite the cathartic process I found.

      I’d be honored if you take on this challenge Joss. If so please link back here I would like to add all links for those who took my “Dare” and post them with mine here. The links can then be seen by anyone wanting more Life told through Music.

      • Music seems to be able to reach parts of us that nothing else even knows about. I sing all the time and have often thought that music is what has helped me heal and stay sane even. Plus if they had put math to music I’d be a total genius! Heh heh. I’ll for sure link back to here. Already
        Have my five songs!

        • My feelings about music mirror yours and your analogy to math is spot on I have said always that i would have done better than just passing grades in math had they made a connection to music, sheet music, and theory. I would get it then.

          I look forward Joss to your post and your music. I love anticipation.. OH!! There is another song! Anticipation by Carly Simon See?. can’t help myself

          I.m looking froward as I said

  2. My beautiful friend until 10 minutes ago I was really mad at my dog for waking me up but in these quiet, dark moments I remembered to come looking for you–you’re not showing up in my reader–and found this lovely insight. Three of your songs are three of my favorites but I am no longer surprised we have things like this in common. I have missed you dear one.

    • Oh My Magnificent Thriving Friend and Sister ~
      So good to see you T.I so love when you are unable to sleep you look here to me and my log. You always honor and humble me my sweet friend.

      Was that the wet nose of your fur baby waking you up? I thought I recognized the frustration.. 😉

      Let me guess which two songs were not your faves. hmmm.. I’ll say Lisa Shaw’s I’m Ok is not a favorite, and now the hard one to choose.
      . I can’t decide if it is Clapton/Winwood’s which I am going to go out on a limb and say it is NOT In the Presence Of The Lord.
      But your second non-fave is the country band Rascal Flatt’s with I’m Moving On. ( I so love games wrapped around music.)

      How close did I come? And please share why they are your faves if you can.

      Sweetie in all seriousness, music games set aside, and no more distracting I want you to know I am here if you need to vent, talk or laugh.. You know how to find me and email is always welcome from you. Just so you know Dear girl

      . Hang in there ~ You know this too shall pass. ~ Gentle hugs

      • Stupid dog…if the bedroom gets too hot/dry he has to have a drink. He’s a Basset Hound so “a drink” is an entire bowl full which means he then has to go outside…at 2 a.m….the puppy…Did you know my hubs got me a Shih Tzu puppy?…the puppy doesn’t even need to go out at 2 a.m…..Grrrrrrr 😛

        First instincts are always best. NOT my favs Shaw and Clapton/Winwood. 🙂 I’m going to marry Rascal Flatts someday…lol…and you already know I worship Stevie!

        When Rascal Flatts release “I’m Moving On” it was just the right time in my life for such a song. I needed that message so much I bought the album. But, I also have support my future husbands, don’t I????? LOL

        And Stevie, well she’s Stevie!!! This song though it could be the song of me just before my husband and I met and then those first few moments of our relationship. The movie clip could even explain where I was right before he found. It was a dark time. But he found me. It was a dark time for him. But I found him. And it was magic!

        I know you’re always there! And I am glad you were here for me yesterday. Honestly, I need to do better at remembering. Life’s weird right now. Hubs oldest daughter–bipolar and suicidal–is living with us. She’s a sweet kid BUT the strain is wearing me thin! PLEASE do not make any reference to it on my blog. She’s started reading it, which is good, BUT I also can’t be totally honest there now. Sigh. Having her come here was the right thing to do (my counselor told me to keep telling myself that-in a good way-and to go get a double chocolate peppermint cupcake from the local to-die-for bakery…lol) but it is still hard. I think I need that cupcake NOW. Sigh.

        Thank you darlin’!!! Just FYI, if I can’t figure out why you’re not in my reader I may have to un- and re-follow you. With all your computer problems, I just assumed you were still besieged. I’m glad I was wrong. Love you!

        • My sweet friend & sister,
          First I should have just stuck with my gut reaction on the music, never tire of second guessing apparently. I can see why I do this but still makes me crazy when i realize the thoughts I wasted, the energy.

          I knew Stevie and this song.vid was yours as well. I know the old soul life you & I have shared. I am just catching on the beautiful magic that can be if you just allow yourself the gift. I used to think it was a cheeky selfish thing to be put one first. I now know its just the opposite. It heals me
          Rascal Flatt’s is a band that does knock my heart against my chest almost entirely during the time of their music. The lyrics alone get to me and then add
          With Gary Levox’s vocals I am taken to another dimension of my past..not often his music has been that which I am living at the time. However I’m Moving On is exactly that for me. As the entire music post is my reality today.

          I love that hubs got you your puppy, nurturing a little one when the older ones are away is the best medicine even it is a furry little one, actually strike that. Because it is a fur baby this is just what you need at this pint in your life.

          I hear and understand what you are saying regarding hubs daughter It would be inappropriate at any given time, so no worries I will let you find an empty comment box, or email me when you need to vent. My step children one son , one daughter, are both in their late 40’s *now (yes I married young & became a mom 2 yrs later) but my only issue has been with the daughter, A dark journey comes to my mind..
          It is these kinds of things that can send our normal routine which works so well most of the time into a bucket.
          So please my dear girl stay on top of all u you and what you are feeling. No stuffing feelings Okay? If need be vent away here, at FillCircledMe , or at . Any where just do not stuff it all.

          My healing and loving hugs ~

  3. …..And so my Dear Lady, you have made your beautiful life of truth, and authenticity a beautiful song for all of us to enjoy. While you have featured several musical selections, I am captured by, its’ equation as one masterpiece by, its’ composer.

    Keep being that soulful example for our community….

    Cordially, As always,

    • Dear Grooviest Dave,
      Thank you for your incredibly charming comment. I love the way you use your words my brother.Sincerely poetic.So Dave like. .

      Finding that freedom is what living my truths gives me, a gift I have given myself, unwittingly.has been the most treasured of realizations I have had recently. This, all a result of how I think about things, how I see life. Amazing!

      Thanks again Dave my brother, for your always unconditional support, love, & friendship.

      Your sister always in those peaceful easy feelings~ BB

    • Its wonderful to see you tersia. Despite being so remiss on my part visiting, you still came by? I love that, Thank you.Thank you!
      am glad too that this challenge speaks to you, I am most fascinated by what your selections would be. I have been thinking about this and am considering doing something like this ever couple years. It gives great sense of self inventory.
      Thanks again Dear friend,

    • Revealing? So now you know. 🙂 …In all seriousness My kind Sir, I have been humbled by this process. Thank you!

      You started the tempo of this challenge and ran with it, orchestrating the way. for me and others to sing out their own life. (had to use music terms just for fun and because I could)
      Challenging me back and all others was your brilliant dare. This was for a spontaneous idea not bad, yes?

      It would appear that there are a couple people so far who might do this. If they take the dare. I hope this starts something ~

    • Hello My Maxi ~ I love “Soul Feelings” Love this expression and am adopting it if you do not mind It is the perfect description!

      Thank you dear sister. You somehow validate me in a way many cannot reach. Its this connection, this natural bond with you even though we are on opposites corner of our country. Makes no matter to our hearts.

      I had quite the time in choosing, “In The Presence Of The Lord” by Clapton/Winwod was the only clear choice I knew right off would be part of the challenge.I listen to this every Saturday morning, starting my day this way Why Saturday> No idea.
      The others were a bit more difficult. I had dozens of course I could have used since I relate all of life forces through lyrics and music.

      Thanks My dear sister and in case we do not connect again before have the Most Merry of Christmases; ~

    • Oh I am so happy PJ that this challenge is speaking to you. I would love to read and listen to yours. If you do this would you please kindly link back here so i can post your link in my post? If you would not mind.

      This was a spur of the moment idea for a friend who had to do a guest post but was experiencing writers block So this is what I came up with off the cuff. I am thinking if it as cathartic for others as it was for me it is a good thing. That was the whole point in my mind.

      God’s Blessings my friend~.

    • Hello sis, I am glad you are thinking about this caddo. If you should decide to do it pl;ease link back here for me so I can add your link to my post. It was a cathartic process I can tell you this I think you would like the process. Let me know okay?
      Big Hugs and Blessings full your heart My sister ~

    • You are delightful!! I do know what you mean though I have been having an ongoing thing with Snowy White of late, and have wondered what “Epic” must think. Ignored some?
      We still have Saturday morns.

      Such great silly fun~ Thanks for this giggle my friend~

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