Send Your Cards & Thoughts to School Children~

If anyone wants to mail sympathy cards or letters of support and solidarity to the school, the school address is:

Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

Sending a card is something small but at least it’s something we can do….and prayers… always prayers.”


12 thoughts on “Send Your Cards & Thoughts to School Children~

  1. I can’t imagine myself in that situation, although I do know people who lived in Dunblane, Scotland, where we had a similar shooting in 1996. So I don’t know whether cards would help or not. To me, the biggest acknowledgement to such a tragic incident would be a change in gun ownership legislation as we did in the Uk, and as did Australia too.

    • I do not have to imagine in many ways
      In 1998 my two daughters high school went through this exact thing In Springfield Oregon at Thurston High school
      my daughters Alma Mater

      It was the one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life Thankfully my daughters were out of school by then and this only impacted them with h great emotion. As it did our family and our community.
      These kids were all at least 14 yrs of age up to 19..

      These small children who have survived in Sandy Nook CT but were privy to the tragedy unfold on a first base example break my heart .It is them who will never be the same, their brains forever changed. I cannot imagine being that age and having my sense of safety completely stripped away.

      My thoughts on sending cards was hopefully this; if these children are overwhelmed by an out pouring of love by their world it would go a long way to let them know they are never alone.I know it helped our kids in 98, and helped those who sent cards also start to process as well

      Bringing back that sense of safety tTthese children must be paramount to anything at this very moment. ~

      Thank you so much for the visit.

      • That is a seriously sad and bad story. You are now the second internet person I know who has been involved in such an unbelievable situation. How terrible for you, your family and your community. I have only been near shooting once, (not at me) but it was still terrifying.

        Yours is a lovely gesture. I hope with time and support, everyone involved not just in SH, but other mass shootings elsewhere, gain confidence and a life without fear. Hard times.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Tj–I’m feeling so burdened and helpless, but hanging onto God’s hand. May He bless you and the family as we zoom into Christmas–love, sis Caddo

    • You are so welcome My Commando.
      It is a heavy heart that we all are trying to absorb ad process. I am hoping this small acts of sending cards by those who wish let the people and children of Sandy Nook know they are loved and thought of, let their healing begin.

      Thankfully caddo we have our deep faith, cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like without.
      Love, Blessings & BIG Hugs my sister ~

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