Six Word Saturday x 3 ~ Decemeber 8, 2012

* Fans Gather * The Dakota * For John *

Rest In Peace “O Boogie”John Lennon

Imagine A Music World Without Him?

For more Tributes for John Lennon celebrating his life & music please see Cyklopp’s, Rides Again post titled” John Lennon Remembered @

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24 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday x 3 ~ Decemeber 8, 2012

    • Thank you so much for the link to Lennon’s video. You could send me any one of his tunes and I would be happy but there is a happy sentimental tie into this particular one. MindGames and This song belongs with mind games:” Forgive Me My Little Flower Princess”.

      My baby brother (4 yrs younger) sat down and in long hand wrote the lyrics out to both tunes for me many years ago. Over & over repeating the tracks to get the lyrics. ( Before the computer obviously)
      He also several years later did the same thing with Tom Petty’s Free Falling. He is a musician/singer/songwriter too, and communicates through lyrics more than just simple words. so you see I relate well through music.

      Thanks again A real charming delight this is.~ BB

      • Hi BB,

        Thanks for sharing “Forgive Me…” what a delightful little song, I’ve never heard this one before! I did look up the lyrics, with eyes closed I can imagine John serenading Yoko with these precious sentiments. JL was all to human when it came to his indiscretions but his loving heart made up for everything. You’re very lucky to have a brother with such artistic sensitivities. Have a lovely day!

        • Oh how awesome! I adore sharing music and when it is new to the person shared with I am delighted even more. This is a fave of JL’s I love his lyrics that simply speak the truth I believe he was a word master

          I see an image as you do with John asking u Yoko for forgiveness. No matter what anyone says he was devoted to her like a man should be devoted to his love.

          You are right that I am lucky, and I am blessed with my little brother.He does not speak emotionally except through music. Music has been a main stay in family and we started awfully young. Both parents were musicians

    • Why thank you Kathy!! You are so thoughtful I could hug you.
      I am registered now thanks to you and though no clue what to expect yet will be there with bells on. I hope to find some time before to read a bit but have no worries I will be with friends and like souled women.

      You are the best!

  1. John Lennon impacted our lives not only with his songs but with his heart. Love was more important than money to this man. His left a legacy of phenomenal music that will live on forever.

    Hope the holidays are being good to you, my Lil Sis. You are on my mind and in my heart.

    My Love and Blessings ~ Maxi

    • I love you Maxi, your taste in music is another thing we share in common. Of the many it appears.
      There is not much I can add to the sentiments that are spoken about John Lennon. He will always be a poet in my eyes and a musician second.

      I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers my Big Sister, you some how know when they are most welcome and needed. It is a different kind of Holiday season in many ways for me, all good. Just different.( I am in a good place if that tells you anything.)

      You are always in my concern and thoughts, hoping and praying daily that you are recovering well. I also think and hold you close to my heart this Holy season as I know it’s not an easy time for you. Bless you my Maxi and your friendship to me. You and your friendship mean a great deal to me.
      Much love and Christmas-y Hugs ~

    • He most certainly did and still does mine. He is still very much part of my musical library and my l literary library.
      I have been listening to him much of my day today.
      He is the poet from the 1960’s that spoke to me on all levels of life. From working men to spirituality, and everything in between~

    • Thank you tersia for sharing this with me.
      I would think that anyone who thinks W.Ackerrman heaven would also dig John Lennon. I know,..maybe does not make sense but think it will to you.
      I so like that this is true. Shared passions create lasting friendships tersia and I expect yours to last a long time. ~

    • Lennon is still very much part of my life, and always will I listen to him. Sadly such a waste and for what?
      I heard an interview with James Taylor who contributes his career to Abbey Road & Lennon say that he had heard a threat made against Lennon earlier that day. Really the most creepy thing I have ever heard about the day. ~

      • I’d heard about the threat from somewhere — don’t remember where, but I think John Lennon loved everyone so much that he couldn’t believe anyone would hurt him. The guy was crazy, but still…

    • Interesting that you refer to the lyrics Lennon penned. I have been reading The Rolling Stones Special Collectors Edition ” John Lennon” in which Lennon is interviewed in 1968 by RS’s Jonathon Cott where Lennon was asked about the meaning behind many of his songs. Asked about Penny Lane Lennon says, “Its a Name, a nice name:

      Even then Lennon understood life far beyond the norm, he had no idea how good he was, he had no idea what he was giving to you & me.He understood the need for universal love.
      I loved his humbleness. I still to this day love his lyrics.
      He understood before his time and may be why was not everyone’s Fave of the Fab 4. Lennon spoke the truth sometimes before people were ready for it.

      Thanks for stopping by Groovy Dave, always enjoy your input.

      • Peace, and love begin in the same place, and never have to end…..I honestly felt John Lennon was on a mission to take the planet, there. He really did, understand.

        Like your new gravatar pic!

        • Hello Grooviest~
          John Lennon certainly was more learned in the ways of the universe than I at the time. I like to think I am getting close to how enlightened and evolved Lennon was.
          I still seek his words through his poetry, art, and songs to show me the light when mine at times tries to dim.
          He is also a spiritual mentor Groovy Dave, so you are in good company in my small world.

          Thank you, I was hoping you would like the new look and not be offended that I followed you in suit to a certain degree.( I realized recently that my bare feet are giving me unwanted attentions).
          I tried on many styles and this was what felt good on my skin. something kind of nice still about a peace sign I have always loved yours.

          Thank you Dave so much for your always charming grace. You are a wonderful close ,dear friend.
          The bright flash of brilliant light you are on my Monday morning!
          I adore you stopping by.~

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