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From & For my Blog FullCircledMe


Unbelievable!  The universe and all those in it keep right on surprising me still today.

I have had the title  FullCirceledMe and the concept for a book since I was 18 yrs old,  albeit the material changed a bit over the ensuing years. I have been writing for (2) two yrs almost solid on this story  and (1 ) one year on this blog with a version of the same  title. Finding a song called Full Circle feels like  finding a part of My FullCircledMe Life itself,  I could not let it pass by me without  a documented thought. This title, and now amazingly this song are joined by my heart,  finding ways to tell my Full Circle journey with honor and authenticity.

The reason for today’s post here at FullCircledMe is about a song  called “Full Circle”By the band The Outlaws.I have known the band to…

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