15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday December 1, 2012

    • Thanks Tersia Am On my way to see how you are my friend. Have missed checking in with you.
      Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. and even ore so your kind commenting always is heartfelt by this Baroness ~

    • Hello Maxi. So glad that you found a smile in that quote, he is obviously one of my classic favorite.
      I am well, thank you! And quite happy. Its been a wonderful fall by most reasons.
      And you My Maxi? Doing well?
      Gentlest of hugs my Big Sister and my love ~.

    • Yes my Kind Sir I do know the two you are speaking of. Every night I see them reaching for the stars. They are my inspirations
      Thank you for this beautiful thought and always your so very welcome visit. ~.

    • Hello friend! It is called this as a word challenge for which you use just 6 words on Saturday to describe a time or m moment in your life. I am so glad you asked. Also delighted always to see you here. Keep coming back please. ~

      • Oh I love that thought, Tj–may have to make a poem around it, okay? “Under the same stars of those I love”…very nice.

        • Oh please, Please commando… do create a poem for me around this. Its a genuine and true feeling. And an action I take literal.
          I often will look up at the star lit night and think about the love I share from so far away, and yet standing under the same sky shrinks the distance both geographically and in the mind as well. Magic is what it is. God’s pure magic!

          I’ll be waiting ever so patiently Caddo- Love you for thinking this way ~

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