Baroness Apology

Due to unexplained reason my alerts for comment and new postings from all the blogs I follow were not being delivered to my email I have been missing out on all your new posts.  Comments I at least have been able to manage from the reader page.

After the last 3 days of trying everything I knew and trying everything my dear & close friend  knew I have found I still have no idea why. What does seem to be working  (fingers and toes crossed) is going in and “un-followingz” you all and then “re-following.” I am at least receiving subscription  confirmations.

I apologize for any confusion and the inconvenience of finding an alert from someone who you thought had been following you all along. I have been, WordPress has just had a severe hiccup.

Thank you for your  understanding ~ Baroness

23 thoughts on “Baroness Apology

    • You must have our sunshine. Its been a bit gloomy but not with any sense f doom. Its just been moody weather if that makes sense.
      You have been on my mind Cee, hope all is well. I feel your energy medicine always I have actually not felt this good in more years than I can say. Thank you for thinking of me.
      Yes, me and technology are having a go at one another just so I am reminded how much at mercy I am to it. Can’t live without I have discovered but living with it is another faucet I’d rather not have to deal with. .Oh well, all in the scheme of things this is little stuff not worth sweating.
      Take care my dear friend~

  1. I am responding to my emails backwards, today, or I would have seen this. I really can’t stand when WordPress messes up, but what can I say? I guess all blogger sites do. Glad to have you back!

  2. Tj–it may just be the season for the sneezin’/hiccups, technically speaking. I just contacted Akismet Support about something that has come up on CV, re comment moderation. Have you tried asking them about this? Just an idea… God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

    • Thanks caddo for this tip. I have sent WP support a trouble message so I hope they have quick fix It has become an annoyance and I just renewed my domain name.
      Blessings accepted everyday, right back at you Commando!

    • Its has been 3 plus days of learning things I then found had noting to do with my issue. Frustration Mountain is where I was . I finally just let it go, and contacted WP support Looks like I will need their help. Hopefully no need to re follow again- such an annoyance for everyone.
      Thanks for keeping an eye out Tess. You are one of he rare ones~

    • You certainly speak the truth about technology. Thanks Ruth!
      its nice to know that you are watching out for me. We are such a family/community of loving people here at WP.. I am in awe of some of the friendships growing here, yours is one.
      Your message is delight to find ~

    • Thank so much are right, There are always these tests & hurdles ,, Its so worth what we find on the other side though,
      Thanks so much for your understanding and your encouragement/ Mean so much to me

  3. Oh my Lil Sis, you are not alone. I have had the same problem lately. Must be something in the water of the blog-o-sphere.
    Blessings and Love ~ Big Sis Maxi

    • I am sorry Maxi you are dealing with this frustration to. I have now a trouble ticket with WP over this. I know it has to be on their end some way.
      My wish is that you get yours figured out right away

      Bless you Big and with abundance my Big Sis,~

  4. I think we are all getting that problem. While I do use Reader, I tend to visit my faves when they comment as I figure they may have posted. And sometimes I just check faves anyway. Ironically your post for this came up on reader!!

    No worries about not being around to comment through lack of notification – or even being busy in life though. It’s nice to hear from you when we do.


    • Hello MS
      You get why I am missing the alerts. I would normally be reading mush like you it sounds like. & visit the same as you do.
      Sure a creature of habit I am, this has reminded me of this.

      Its validating to hear I am not alone in this frustration, I am grateful for you sharing, and for your message regarding comments and visiting other blogs.
      Thank you.

      Just wanted you to know that your comment made my day…. ahem.. okay make that night. Its always good I am learning to find you have been here.
      Take care MS.~

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