Archive | November 27, 2012

Baroness Apology

Due to unexplained reason my alerts for comment and new postings from all the blogs I follow were not being delivered to my email I have been missing out on all your new posts.  Comments I at least have been able to manage from the reader page.

After the last 3 days of trying everything I knew and trying everything my dear & close friend  knew I have found I still have no idea why. What does seem to be working  (fingers and toes crossed) is going in and “un-followingz” you all and then “re-following.” I am at least receiving subscription  confirmations.

I apologize for any confusion and the inconvenience of finding an alert from someone who you thought had been following you all along. I have been, WordPress has just had a severe hiccup.

Thank you for your  understanding ~ Baroness