One More Shot Today

Let me open my eyes to the new sunrise I pray..” by Alabama


Considering we all come to the table to give thanks on this 3rd Thursday of the month of November in these United States, and that we all come with different backgrounds it is not surprising to me that we are able most often to meet each other half way. On this day it appears that most are able to set aside their indifference and break bread together. Truthfully there are also the family & friends who are not able to gather even for a day. It is neither right nor wrong, is just what it is. 

My Thanks comes with great gratitude just for being. I am sheltered by the season’s sense of all that Mother Earth brings to us is enough on its own to rejoice. This season of windy rainy days allows myself the gift of reflections regarding time and personal choices.

Reflections of past Thanksgivings has been realized of late  that rarely did i go through the motions with any convictions. Seasons changing much like the season of my birth, the birth of living this authentic soul with the greatest of gratitude has not always felt so natural as it is feeling today. I may have reconciled with the past. Now I can let go.

I see now that for me even creating a meal, whether it be of foods with calories, or food for the soul with zero calories it all became an act of my ego, not one of spiritual growth. No longer conscious that this food had once been planted for a reason. – I was starting to take for grated the earth’s abundance.

More than to nourish our bodies, this seasons harvest is also food for the heart & spirit. If I just look outside myself., raise myself up to see what is beyond the window of my soul, I am able to  look far beyond my own reasons of my life lessons and what I see every morning is that One More Shot that I am being allowed. I shall not waste it. Not one of them.

Family & friends gather to share, with hopes of casting away stones. Embracing all that this harvest season can bring. In my reflections I have finally come to a place where I know its time to shed a tear, and time to embrace the lessons of new. Today I take this time of silence for reflecting and know that tomorrow it is time to let it all go.

A time for peace and gratitude to fill my heart so that when I reach my hand out there are no questions. There is no longer any doubts that this be the perfect season for my purpose and dreams. That I am only as content & peaceful as I create my own possibilities to be. Possibilities  built on my hopes and  dreams.

My possibilities are feeling full of much hope and I am in a state of great peace.

Self-acceptance is powerful thing, and today it fills my heart with gratitude for yet more life lessons.

For those who gather today I pray that you all have One More Shot every morning of your life. That you also find your peace and contentment in the seasons of your own possibilities, in all that this Universe, God & Mother Nature gifts to us.

Thanksgiving is every day in my heart~

May Happy Days of Gratitude be yours today and all of tomorrows.

We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite.
Time to be. 
   Be Intentional~

20 thoughts on “One More Shot Today

  1. A very good one! I see the similarity that you pointed to in my post. It is striking and with a touch of uniqueness in each. It perfectly seems like we had the same thing in mind. Everyone is unique and adds their own unique touch to life. The whole scene seems like we were both looking at the same thing from our different perspectives. Timely! Keep up the good work, my friend. 🙂

    • I am so glad Tee that you too see this too. It is even more meaningful that you do.
      I like that we as people bring different perspectives to the table even though there may be a connection. It that connection and the similarities that stand out for me.
      I seem to see that the term Kindred Souls floats around blogs and forum being used at random will.
      I cannot say if when used by others it is a genuine feeling or not, but it sure seems there are an awful lot of kindred souls.
      My point is when I say this to you Tee it is a sincere statement based on my experiences with you and our writing. We do have kindred souls.
      It is a sincere sentiment ~

      Take care friend ~

    • Thank you Kate so much.I actually love that you did this for me on THIS post. How you always seem to validate me when its m most important. You are such a true and genuine friend. Yes we certainly do need to focus on so much on a day of thanks, and I pray we find giving thanks every day like that is not so far fetched.
      With one more shot, learning to dance the dance, and one more chance we might teach this world something, Our Boomer Dream still very much alive. (see Dave’s comment below)
      Thank again Kate!

  2. My Dear Lady, Thank you for showing us the purity of the holiday, and where I wish a quantity of us were, today.

    World Peace would be upon us if, only most of us would take Thanksgiving, and live its’ meaning every day.

    Unfortunately, many have cast aside this family day in honor of the most revered, Black Friday which has already begun for some. For some, unfortunately, Thanksgiving is just the day before the holiday.

    The lack of World Peace is a high price to pay for the reverences some of us hold but, at the same time many of us will have our own world peace if, only for a moment as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

    i do wish you, and your family, a very Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s hold this holiday just as you present it, as an example for the many.

    Cordially, as always

    • My Dear Groovy Dave~
      Typically we are spiritually on the same page. once again.
      I move that we have a Back Friday black -out and I will even second my Motion because I can. My rules. 😉
      There always is the one truth behind any agenda, and the truth as we clearly see behind Black Friday is absolute greed on everyone involved with has experienced. Some may have the grace to realize and walk away before becoming engulfed within its won energy
      There are also those who blindly GO because its just easier than being authentic.

      You will know that I am neither. I will not be found in any retail outlet today, nor making any purchase online. I will not participate in a corporate made “Holiday” that is nothing but pure manipulation.
      World Peace for each us musty begin within our own back yards, our own hearts.

      My Thanksgiving for you Groovy Dave, Mrs Groovy, & grooviest son~
      With some Oregon sunshine thrown in for good measure & love from your Baroness ~

    • My Kindest Sir, so touched that these words spoke to you. Much about the season is good, and if we choose to see it through the brightly colored lights this is the glow that can descend over the entire holiday.

      Thank you so much for your always thoughtful comments, I am always delighted to see you, ~

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Twinsy….I wanted to say how grateful I am today to have you in my life. Not sure you got my email about a week ago, so I figured I better say it here if you’re still having email difficulties….if not, then I guess I’ve gotten the hint….lol. Loved your words of reflection and hope here. The song was a supurb choice for so many of us. Wishing you and your family a most spiritually abundant day. May love and joy fill your space and put a huge smile on your beautiful face~
    Hugs, Sheila….{gobble…gobble…gobble}

    • Gobble my twin gobble her right up!!
      Hello sweetie! Fancy meeting you here.
      My feelings are shared with your my Kentucky Woman some things in this universe we will never be able to explain, but you know, I know, you were heaven sent by way of the Guardian Angels.

      May you & bro0out-law grab that one more shot and dance dance again ~ My love to your R & hugs and love from me ~
      ;I love you twinzie ~

  4. Hello my friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. It’s not something we celebrate here in SA but I can relate so much to your post. For me it would apply to Christmas and all we do to try and impress others whilst not taking the time to reflect on what Christmas is all about. This year we will be celebrating Christmas at our holiday home far from the commercial trappings of shopping centres and it will just be a family time with my son and DIL and her Dad. The few gifts I am buying I am buying online and as we will be on a cruise in the first week of December then home for just a few days before heading off to our holiday home this might just be the Christmas that the shops don’t see me at all and I won’t miss them either!

    I loved the song and the lyrics. We never know when we wake up in the morning if that day will be our last shot at living and putting right what is wrong in our lives. I will try and remember that and also not waste a day sweating the small stuff, which I have done a lot of lately workwise, but when you look at the big picture you realise how irrelevant most of these irritations are.

    Go well my friend, I pray that this season of thanksgiving will nourish and renew your soul and open your eyes to all the possibilities that lie before you. XXX

    • Dearest optie,
      I understand what you mean av=bout the potential for Christmas to be the same thing, or worse in the commercial sense. When I open my eyes beyond my own nose I see that i actually living a blessed life. Its times like this that make me sit back in my chair when I experience something deeply and then to have it validated by a trusted an credible friend astonishes me. But you have done just that. Again.

      I make an attempt each year to have no reason to be an retail business after December 1st. It is too easy to get trapped amongst the minutiae of the commercial holiday and nothing to do with brings together. One time a year religious boundaries seem to not matter.

      I am thankful & grateful for your friendship optie. I hope pray and wish for you, OH, and son eta l have a fabulous holiday my friend~

  5. One more shot, such a unique blessing Lil Sis. You are on my mind and in my heart today. May your heart be full and your life filled with life’s blessings…
    Big Sis ~ Maxi

    • Thank you my Maxi!. This particular song has been an anthem for me since the mid 80’s. I have to be gently reminded once in awhile what life really is about and this song does that so well for me.

      Have a weekend full of blessings,laughter & may the abundance of joy full that lovely heart of yours You are special Maxi!

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