Six Word Saturday Novemeber 17, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Out My Window… Seeing… Believing… Trusting…

(in you)

Rockaway Oregon Twin Rocks. 2011
( In my world its Dragon Rock)

Rockaway Oregon, a tiny coastal hamlet. where I leave my footprints in the sand.


16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday Novemeber 17, 2012

    • Thank you Maxi. Hoe you ding my dear Big Sister. Its so good to see you up and about here at WP.. You are missed when its been a while. I hope you are doing as expected , healing nicely/ I am proud of this photo if truth be known.

      God’s Beauty. I think the same thing as you do when I see this place of heaven here in my home state. It is literately where I leave my footprints.
      My gentle hugs ~

  1. Love, Friends, Family, Community, Solitude, Love

    Thank you for your continued support, My Dear Lady Baroness….. 🙂

    Cordially, as always….

    • Thank you Dave for you always welcome comments. Its always good to see your peace sign adorn my blog and your comments brighten the day.
      You have such an easy blog to support with it’s positive awesomeness that we all look for when visiting. You never disappoint, so you make it easy.
      Have a great Sunday!

    • Right back at you Commando.So you know your Cyklopps, Rides Again request is in the process of being created. Maybe tomorrow will be posted. Will let you know with your name in the post title.
      We are so grateful for your support. Thank you and Big Hugs with God;s BIG Blessings my sister ~

    • Yes he is.So glad you spotted that My Kind Sir. As children we had many tales (myths) about this guy. Always thirsty it would seem as his gorgeous head is rarely out of the water even at low tide.
      Brother dragons? How wonderfully charming. I will have to have a peek.

  2. Seeing is believing as believing is seeing… Just teasing 🙂 It came into my head.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, Toni…N.

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