Caddo’s 6WS & My Snowy Bliss

Caddo’s Seven Word Sunday November 11, 2012

God Blankets My Earth In Snowy Bliss

First 2012 snow blankets  Central Oregon ~  November 10, 2012.


Happy Veteran’s Day  and Remembrance Day

Thank you for your service and commitment to our world ~

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34 thoughts on “Caddo’s 6WS & My Snowy Bliss

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  2. Oh! I am so not ready for snow yet. We’ve had a few dustings, but nothing that could be called real, and that’s just fine with me. Christmas Day it can snow, that I’d like. Otherwise I’d be happy with rain and snow in the mountains.

    • Hello Miss Carol, well since I am in the mountains I shall do my best to keep it here, I actually am one that loves it But i am set up pretty well so its not a hardship. Also our town does a stellar job of having all main surface roads graded and sanded by 5am of the commute.

      We do not have a commute issue here so its pretty laid back Our school children hate it, they rarely get a snow day off from school. It just was matter of living in it enough for me, I prefer it over the summer months Weird I know..

      Thanks Carol for stopping by. Seeing you and your comment always my pleasure.~

  3. Snow? Can’t remember the last time I saw it. Not sure what is happening with significantly stupid WP as despite the fact I am following your blog I rarely get notified of any new posts (you aren’t the only one). So apologies for not being around to comment. And my fault for relying on reader.

    Thank you for being aware of our Remembrance Day as well as your own Veterans’ Day. That means something, when someone is thinking outside their own country. Appreciated.

    • The snow season is upon us to be sure Maybe a bit later coming this year, but here thankfully. My town relies on it for support from the winter recreation it provides. And our rivers, lakes and streams will need this run off come spring.I look forward to the first snow every year.Something reassuring about it.
      Thank you for this visit.and your words.
      I am grateful for your comment concerning alerts. i understand as I just recently found all my alerts were set to “never”: alert somehow, not instantly as I had originally set them up.
      There for roughseas please know I have missed several of your posts as well, like it was not international, We will forgive one another and never hold it against each other… how is that for a pact between us concerning posts and alerts?

      I am grateful for your visits as well as your own blogs, I appreciate the discussions you and I share. Its a good thing I enjoy.thoroughly. ~

      • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, Sis–you know how you get “great ideas”, and then wonder if they’ll fall flat?? So far, so good here!

        • This will not fall flat commando as what it doe sis lift! Lifting each of us who participate and each of who has the blessings to read each participants post.

          It is like WP love fest with God and I am most grateful as I said.

          • You’re very sweet–thanks for your support always. Hope things are well with you and the fam!! Are ya gettin’ ready for the holidays? I’ve got my lights up, and ON–and thinking about what recipes I want to do! Oh, and I meant to tell you–I got the greatest thing: Oregon-grown “Bonanza” Pine Cones scented with cinnamon–they’re beyond wonderful!!

            • Its not sweet, its true.
              You crack me up, lights up already. maybe it will north at Caddo’s this year heehee…
              I will be bringing the pumpkin roll and pies. and as you say they are all zero calories. 😉

              I love the pines you have. The Bonanza Pine is a favorite of mine. We grow them here the big old Bonanza Pines. I spent many many years creating Delrobia wreaths out of them and other variety of cones and assorted seeds and pods.which I would spend all year collecting.. I was nuts! OH! My! I had not planned that pun.. think I will leave it.

              Love & hugs commando ~

              • I do whatever I have to, to battle holiday blues–so “early up” with the lights is part of the “commando tactics”! Hey, is that pumpkin roll the one with cream cheese? If so, I haven’t had it in years–bring some! I’m not sure what a Delrobia wreath is, but I know if you made it, it’s sure to be exquisitely beautiful, Tj!! Oh, we’re gonna have tons of fun, long distance, aren’t we!! I have a couple pound cake recipes to try–one with eggnog and dark rum in it, that sounds mighty tasty! The other one’s just called a sour cream pound cake–so I’ll probably put a dollop of fruit pie filling on that. Are you gettin’ hungry yet, Sis??

                • Oh Yummo!! Indeed I am hungry! yes the pumpkin roll is the one you are thinking of. I will bring two so you can put one out, and one away for after. Coffee, pumpkin roll, you and me chatting all night after the dishes are done.
                  Love that time sis.

                  What lovely thoughts…God Bless you real BIG Commando~

    • Oh My Maxi dear! How are you My Big sister?
      I have been praise praying for you and hoping you’d get word soon. I will wait for your post although tempted to fill your mailbox up. Will not though, nothing overwhelming for a bit. Just welcome back my dearest girl I missed you so.~

      Its so good to see you!

      My love to you comes with these gentle hugs today,

  4. Beautiful photo. There is absolutely nothing as beautiful as a snow landscape. We have only had 3 lots of snowfalls in the 34 years I have lived in Johannesburg. I love travelling to snow countries in winter.

    • Thank you so much tersia, I love the snow, love the way sounds are muffled by, love its clean brilliance. That is until it starts the dirty mess of melting. Too bad I could not have permafrost until March 1st.

      I’ll send you some cyber flakes this winter promise!

    • I was just telling Cee, our kids and teachers rarely if ever during the winter get snow days. Our bus transport manager is out on the streets by 3am checking conditions. We know by 5am if they going to call a snow day. The last 5 yrs there have been 3 days and they were two in one season and the next the following year. nothing last couple years.

      We need about 3 feet of snow before they will even consider. Of course its great for our district. and the kids over all l.I’d hate to think if they did not have such a perfect system.

      Thanks so much my friend, I could do a snow dance for your neck of the woods and maybe you would be gifted a snow day! 😉

      • No thanks… I don’t want to risk school NOT being cancelled, and then I would have to drive in it. I have a reputation at school going off the road at least once every winter. 😦

        • lol.. mlissabeth do you put stick in my snow dance?
          You are a wise woman I do one every year until we have our first snow fall. I like to get things going to a good start. 😉

          I shall pull back the boot scoot-in steps

    • awwwe… Come on Dave, where is that sense of adventure we all know exists within you? 😉

      Give me snow any day over rain. Snow and Sunshine in the same moment? …breathtaking. How could I ever give that up?

          • Somewhat, as a misty, rainy day is a welcome interlude…..I don’t mind a stroll with wet feet but, cold icicles as a substitute are not a choice I like making except as necessary when, snow is the only choice because of where, I live.

            • I actually am quite smitten with misty foggy days, its the full onslaught of a rain fest that I am no longer very tolerant of anymore. The thought of walking on a misty day with fog laying low does brings back nostalgic memories, ones I favor deeply. So I am definitely never opposed
              . Too many years in the valley of Oregon with 10 years in Seattle burnt me out on the rain that would come for days on end. Seemed from October until July it was raining. It all became just much too damp for this Baroness.
              I want the sun’s energy, maybe even need it, but also wanted to stay in my native state Oregon. I get snow and sunshine all at once now and I am grateful for each flake and each ray. Not a bad trade off in my mind.

              Its always such a pleasure to see you Dave. I enjoy your always upbeat positive energy that is so easy to feel and share in. Thank you friend for bringing it my blog ~

    • I think we must become acclimated here to driving in it. In town anyway. We have more sanding tricks then most big cities and our roads are typically taken care by being graded and sanded by 5am. Getting around s easy, I have a warm dry garage so can go to car in warmth. Its a lovely way to live really.

      We rarely have school snow days where the teachers and kids do not have to report to school, much to the chagrin of the kids. They see snow and want to head to Mt Bachelor.
      My draw back is every time it snows here we get an onslaught of tourists from Portland and Eugene. But on the other hand it is our economy. I just wish they would stop using our back yards to dump their beer & soda. Don’t know why I thought of that.~

      Things are well, and I hope the same for you both?

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