Have You Hug your USA Election Ballot Today?

*** U S A *** Please Do Not Forget To Vote Today!!

This is an awesome” song that I thought would be wonderful to share today. It’s not embedded because the video needs some editing done to clean up its finish. But it well worth the view.


8 thoughts on “Have You Hug your USA Election Ballot Today?

  1. I just read the comment before this one. Very noble, but I cannot believe that Romney/Ryan have any interest in making things right. In fact, I believe they want to impose their ideas of Christian morals on me — no rights for women, no rights for gay people, no taxes from the rich, no break for the rest of us. Anyone who thinks that the result of today’s election could be either candidate and no harm done, is not paying attention to the particulars of the election. I do not need a radically right, paternalistic religion to identify my values for me, thanks very much. Good reminder post!

    • I would need to move to another country Jude if he is elected.. 😉
      He is a frightening entity that is not going away any time soon so its best we at least have him in the fore front where we can keep an eye on him. He has all his back pockets filled with special interest that does not serve any of my interests.

      I agree with you, doing somersaults in my heart. We must not let this election go to someone whose ideals are wrapped up in special interest and not the people. And we are the people so our voices will be heard loud and proud!

      Thanks for your also thoughtful comment I love people who put their feelings out there! That would be you today too!

    • Its a good thing to hear M that your country is in favor of my POTUS. Our choice is always limited to the lesser of evils it seems. I do think our POTUS need another 4 yrs. His first term was fraught (as is every term of a new president ) with the priors administration. Only did we consider how many years those priors were Bush years, both Bush’s?

      We need someone who can manifest real change in this country and effectively bring a positive improvement about. Now, not in 12 yrs.
      If they asked me M, I would let you vote. You care and have more common sense than some who are sitting in our very house and senate. So I wish -we need more voices that care.

      Thanks for your visit, thanks for your comment!

      Good seeing you friend~

  2. Many of us are in prayer all day long today all around the world. This is a bi-partisan, non-denominational effort to pray for God’s influence on all His children, as well as for strength and discernment in the weeks and months ahead, regardless of who wins the vote. We also feel that it is less important who actually wins this election, but that in the process, we all personally accept responsibility (within the framework of any administration) to search for clarity, and exact change for real truth and equal justice for all. Sounds like a funky tv commercial, but for many of us, the election is an opportunity to vote our conscience, reflect on our current values and desires for our country within a Godly network of those who believe in the power of prayer. All are welcome to lend a voice by commiting to pray throughout the day, in their own way. Prayer moves mountains!

    • Oh Yes, prayer and our faith move mountains! Indeed. What a lovely and inspiring comment.
      My reflections & prayers on this day include the hope that this is the administration and term that will bring real positive changes to our land and its people.
      I gave up party alliances many years ago because i do believe its about the process, but that being said I try to become educated enough to make my voice heard with my own convictions.

      I am grateful for your comment, it is thought out and well said. We do live in a marvelous country!

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