BB & Big Corporation Pt 2

It has all come to a final resolution my faithful family& friends, Thank you for being so supportive. Please excuse my failing to deliver pt 2 as promised. I hit a brick wall last night and going any further was not possible. I needed a break. I am most grateful for your patience. Thank you.

So it would seem that Your own Lady Barefoot Baroness has been had!

My AOL account had in fact been hacked for phishing. This in a nutshell is what happened.

It seems that I exposed myself to this situation possibly by  inadvertently clicking on a pop-up, although I do not recall doing this. I had been warned about 10 months ago by my tech guys to avoid this kind of surfing behavior. So I typically type  the URL into the computer versus clicking on a link. I may have initially exposed myself to these not so nice hackers who get their kicks doing this, and I am assuming making some bucks off the deal. They are bottom feeders in our society.

I am safe again today after 3 days of dealing with AOL, and today even my state attorney general.  I had promised, not threatened AOL this would be my next step if I had no immediate solution by just unblocking my email for me. It was as if my contact list which is all I really cared about was being held ransom on me. If you usually hear from  me via email and have not this would be the reason, I could not recall your email address because I am depend on my laptop’s memory -not mine. If you have emailed me and have not heard back this would also be why.

So let me ask my dear friends,  do you all know what phishing is?  I thought I knew. This is the real positive out of this for me; something I can play the”Glad Game” with..I am glad that I was taught so much these last few days by some very intelligent and close friends who were concerned for my safety. Even my tech here in town, and my close friends were there when I needed them. Thank you!

From my good friends here in our home state I received a link yesterday morning that set the wheel spinning my way finally. I had something concrete to go other than just my word. After being so close to being called a liar on Tuesday by an alleged manager I was put on-notice it was going to be a fight.

This is what I received from these two wonderful friends:


Date Issued:
September 29, 2012
Target Company:
From Address:
User Service <>
Subject Line:

Report Phishing Fraud:

Please forward all phishing emails to

An Example of the Phishing Email is below:

An Example of the Phishing Email

An Example of the Phishing Website is below:

An Example of the Phishing Website

Is your Company Targeted with Phishing?

If your company has been targeted with a phishing attack, please refer to our business solutions: Anti-Phishing Solutions, where FraudWatch International provides Phishing Monitoring, Detection, Verification and Site Take Down Services .

Consumers: What to do?

If you receive an e-mail similar to this, do not respond and do not click on the link.  By opening or viewing a preview of the email, or by clicking on the link within the email, your computer may have discretely downloaded a virus or spyware. View our Protection Page for detailed information on what you should do. If you do receive similar emails, or any email that you think may be fraudulent, please forward to FraudWatch International at:

Tips to Protect Yourself from phishing scams:
Never click on Hyperlinks within emails, instead, copy and paste them into your browser
Use SPAM Filter Software
Use Anti-Virus Software
Use a Personal Firewall
Keep Software Updated (operating systems and web browsers)
Always look for “https://&#8221; and padlock on web sites that require personal information
Keep your computer clean from Spyware
Educate Yourself of fraudulent activity on the Internet
Check & monitor your credit report
Seek Advice – if you are unsure, ask us:
For more detailed explanations on phishing and how to protect yourself visit:
Consumer Tour of Phishing Scams
Step 1. Methods used in phishing emails
Step 2. Methods used in phishing web sites
Step 3. How to protect Yourself from phishing scams
Step 4. How your personal information is used by the fraudsters
Step 5. Phishing scam index – comprehensive listing of phishing scams reported to usBriefly to explain  my experience.When I contacted AOL’s Tech Support my trouble ticket was somehow intercepted by the hackers who were the ones who did the actual phoning on my cell (mobile) phone? (See Dave,& kynfla comments on Pt 1)It was the hackers who were all about taking that $400 from me. And at the time it felt like with AOL’s gracious agreement.All said I’d still like to know a few things. Questions I did not think fast enough on my feet for at the time with  AOL.My questions consist of…

  •  Where is their in-house security?

Even on Wednesday when I finally was in communication with the real AOL management & Tech they still had this trouble ticket open. So although this whole event was partially my own undoing it is AOL who are the professionals, or the ones I should be able to rely on. They should be but are not.

  • Why  does AOL allow the first 4 google search results for their contact number to deal with fraud issues online stay fraudulent phone contact numbers?
  • Why does AOL not put a press release out which would serve t put consumers on notice? I’d love to know the answer to this. The Real AOL answer
  • Why would AOL not phone me back on Monday when the real the AOL tech I was working with initially realized I was not being served by them any longer; but yet a trouble ticket was still open on my account


The moral to my experience and my story is that.. yes, I was far too trusting and believed what I was hearing. Question everything! When did I forget that this was my mantra at one time?

I wanted my technical issues handled so quickly & without any effort on my part I had little tolerance and patience. I also know that I have a lot yet to learn to be able to call myself a responsible person who uses the Internet. I will get there one day soon with a little help from my friends. ~

mea culpa for any concern & I thank you my dear friends & blogging family who saw me through this. You are who kept me sane. ~

Below are related articles (ping backs) regarding phishing. If you are in doubt that this is as serious issue than you can become more educated by just counting how many ping backs are listed for phishing. There were still another 6 or 9 ping backs I could have also cited but my point can be taken with the ones I did list.

Be proactive and teach yourself what I did not do. This is a… Do As I Say, Not As I Did.


22 thoughts on “BB & Big Corporation Pt 2

  1. I was hit with a phish from a bank in NY. I googled the name Milinda (something) and up it came as a scam. I left a comment and a copy of the email on a scam warning website where a copy of the same email was posted which came from the Bank of England. Ralph

  2. Oh Toni, this is SHIT. I am so, so sorry you’ve suffered this crap.

    I learned, yes, long ago to not hit the invites to a web space of this sort or that. I even had a Paypal email that was SO convincing, but I hit ‘reply’ to the email AT WHICH TIME I could see the originating email address. It ended in hk, which I’m sure is Hong Kong. It was a scam… Oh Toni, always type the address in, do …

    • I have learned a good lesson the really hard way. I still have no real clue how it all happened exactly. I had thought i was being careful but as I have been shown by my tech randy what can happen and advice from caring people like you I stand corrected.

      It was wicked crazy 3 weeks but I cam out unscathed, and not without that $4oo so I still feel I won. I have heard several stories since a swell which is what prompted this post To share. Thanks for you share too, These bottom feeders need to get a real life,

  3. I am so happy to hear that you have sorted this mess out BB. Like you, I’m somewhat of an innocent when it comes to the devious schemes of the low life on the internet, but will also try and be more suspicious in future.

    • Oh my dear friend you just made this whole adventure worth it. If its only you & who now have our eyes open wider than it was “a no harm no foul “journey.
      I recall clearly when there was a time I would question almost everything. Was it all really before I was 30? I tend to think my suspicious nature ran afoul with my unfailing positive nature.

      One of the most awesome gifts was discovering all this support here through my WP family. Again! Thank you optie for yours.

      So we live, we earn and we share .
      As a friend tells me “love is all we need.”

      My Oregon USA hugs to you my SA friend~

  4. My Dear Lady Baroness, So sorry you had to endure this situation. But, you did. You’re through it, now. You did it. A testament to your endurance.

    I am aware of security breaches, closed down my blog, and opened another once I corrected firewalls, and had stronger security.

    Phishing is what’s done when, you receive an email announcing you, of all people is the beneficiary of a recently deceased Billionaire in Scotland who has left $400,000 billion to you, and all the sender would like as the overseer of the estate is, verification of some personal information, and a small token for shipping. Respond, and the phishing expedition is a success, hook, line, and sinker.

    I have been forwarding this kind of Spam to the FBI.

    As you say, question everything! There are those who choose to do this, and eventually must suffer the consequences in one way or, another.

    We know, it is easier to live honestly, and truthfully without any reason for regret. It is people like you who, win. You win because you’re pure, authentic, and true.

    Respectfully, and Cordially, I remain….

    • Hello Friend,
      ‘Thank you Dave for seeing me in the way you do. Its a humbling way to be seen, I am touched.
      I know you, and know that you are someone who comes from a place of pure goodness and it’s meaning takes on another level of being heartfelt.

      This experience had left me feeling more violated as an adult then anything shy of having my home robbed din the 80’s has done. It was almost as emotional, I am sure you know the feeling. Having the invasion go as far as your blog.too. Incredible and thank you for sharing with me (us).

      This world is made up of many kinds of people and although I could focus on the ones who bring grief into our lives I will not .As you would know, I find it a waste of energy that I value and hold close to my vest. If I wore a vest (thinking of puns and your dad)

      You have blessed me with one of the few friendships I have that I am encouraged to be JUST myself , and I thank you for this my friend.
      People like you really do make the world sing in perfect harmony!

      Keep on spinning ’em my dear friend. ~

  5. I always log in through my Norton account – never on a pop up. I have not been ‘phished’ since I started doing that. Bottom feeders indeed!!!!!! Glad things are better 🙂

  6. My blog e-mail has been blocke since June or so. I’ve been afraid to change to a new address because I had no idea about all my subscribers. Recently you asked your subscribers to … something about their e-mail addresses or something? This is too big of a job for me. I continue to reach out to specific e-mails by responding in my comments inside WordPress, or from another e-mail. It’s a HUGE pain in the you-know-what. I feel your pain. I’m not ready to tackle my end of it yet–as you can see. Why do bad things happen to good people?

    • oh Tess Ii feel and relate to your fear,for the first time since using a computer I wished Ii could just let someone else handle ALL the technical issues. I was not happy.
      I have a good friend who would have seen it coming, and headed it off had he been here to see in person because i did not even know what the problem cues were.
      . I was too trusting for my own good, an did not ask enough questions. But not anymore.
      Thanks for sharing with me. I wish we could help your situation out.

      So tell me Tess was or us AOL who has you locked out? From what I understand AOL is a near to try to get uninstalled off our computers too.

  7. There I was thinking fishing was with rod and line, maybe this where the expression comes from ‘got you hook line and sinker’ but you weren’t you were more aware.. well done my lady nice post and educational..;)

    • Hey you.. you are so good my Kind Sir~ Love the hook, line, and sinker analogy, it was exactly the sport in motion. I was lucky the bell went off.

      Thanks so much to you for all your advice, help, & support. Thank you as well for your friendship, its a great comfort in my life.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to post all this information…. after all you had been through you still had the generosity to share this with all of us! I would have taken to bed with an ice pack on my head (and a bottle of moscato)
    You are the best.

        • I am terrible about remembering what time differences are where. I honestly was just making sure you were getting s your sleep. Not minding my own business I think is really what it was Jules. As I in now too,
          Its why I deserve cheeky cherub I suppose. ;-).
          Your in-laws or as in my world your “out-laws” really should open their eyes, its obvious to all your 500 followers that your Ants ts is well taken care of – they should by all means see it. So it tells me they are inappropriate. Aside how they may feel about you its not even loving towards Anthony.
          So now that I have inserted foot into my mouth,, and kicked// I hope you are having a better day and send you three my love.& prayers. ~

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