Dear Blogging Family & Friends

Because of a recent issue with my email provider and browser I have changed email addresses. Doing so on my blog was easy enough nut it has required me to have to go back and RE-FOLLOW you all again.

It is a small exchange on my part for peace of mind but I did not realize this was going to involve all of you. I apologize for the added email conformation in your inbox and any confusion caused,

I do believe I am almost back in my saddle again.. but please.. no one best be holding their breath.


24 thoughts on “Dear Blogging Family & Friends

  1. Complaints only handled on the 2nd Tuesday of the week … I love that one. I enjoy reading what people have above their comment prompter 🙂

    Toni, I’ve been wondering about you but also have been busy (and mood up… down… etc as you can imagine…) I didn’t know you were having issues. Ugh. Glad you are over it though. NOW to catch up! I hope you are well… 🙂 x

    • Issues? Is that not what life is? its finding that balance so the wind stays within your own sails. I have a strong south wind which is moving me right along to Bliss. Having never known Bliss before i can say its an astonishing journey,, just knowing its on its way.
      There is something magical about the age I am at now. Not a whole seems as important and that which makes you miserable or a sense of unworthiness should never be tolerated. don’t know why it took me so long to bloom but there you go.
      Life & issues
      Learning tools to get to bliss.~

      Thanks N for stopping by. Had no clue you were in for one of the Baronesses takes on life did you?
      Be Expressed my expressive friend ~

  2. When I saw you had “followed” me again I thought “Oh there’s a story to go with this.” I had to create a whole “dummy” email address for WP notifications. I understand! I love you sweetie!

    • Oh you know your soul sister too well.;-) Thanks *T*
      I am grateful to you and your love. Love you too honey.
      Hoping you& hubs are well I have been so neglectful of you ~I don’t even know if he filled his tag?

      • I just read your latest post about the phishing…WOW!!! You’ve been busy! I’m glad you have the upper hand on it now. I’m also glad you’re back. I think I’m even gladder I did not email you…yikes.

        You haven’t been neglectful. You’ve been busy. Life just kinda works that way sometimes.

        To catch you up:

        No he didn’t fill his tag. But we had a great time. He said it was the best hunt of his life and hubs is not one to toss out an insincere compliment.

        On one of the weekends, I was getting out of the truck and didn’t realize the ground was farther down and more uneven than expected so by the time my right leg hit the ground I was lock-kneed. I looked over at hubs and said, ‘this is going to be a problem.” Sadly, I was right. I RICE’d it for two weeks before going to the doctor and I only went to the doctor because it was not healing at all. An exam sent me for an xray, which showed an effusion (water), which lead to another exam with more range of motion tests, which lead to massive pain from the exam, as well as an order for an MRI, which I had late Wednesday and which I will be calling about as soon as the office opens this morning. The temporary dx is a torn meniscus.

        Other than that, firewood season has started so hubs is in high gear chopping down the forest, NaNoWriMo started yesterday so I’m in high gear, the “stuff” with my son is going through the motions, Emily passed her CA licensing exam, #2 son moved home from Alaska….you know, the usual and boring things of life…LOL

        I’m glad you’re back!!!!

        • Hello my thriving soul sister,
          Its so wonderful to catch up with you. I have thought about you, almost emailed one day but almost does not get ‘er done.
          Its just a warm fuzzie finding your note.

          Bummer that hubs did not fill his tag this year, a sign that he a fair sportsmen, which I knew to be true without a tag count. I know the venison would have been a great source f protein though us FM patients can benefit from this.

          You must really be careful you don’t go into a full til spin from your fall and the toxins flowing through your body. Please let me know the outcome and more importantly take it as easy let your self heal.

          Hang in there T ~ Please don’t fret too much momma tiger, they are going to be fine. You have given them what they need. The rest is icing..

          My love, gentle hugs and wishes for pain-less days ~

  3. I wondered what was up–so sorry to hear you’re having tech issues, bummer! Way frustrating, I know. Sending prayers for deep breaths and peace!

    • Just felt like it was sky falling in at times.
      Seriously Carol, the out come is not as bad as the bite felt. But you don’t know that initially and think the worst. Or I tend to panic when its technology orientated because I know so little. I never wanted to know anything, just keep it running and I am happy.
      I have been taught from this experinece that this sticking my head in the sand is not very bright. Its time for some crash courses in web serfing in 2012.

      Thanks for popping by my friend ~

    • I cannot even imagine what you went through with AOL now.
      Thank you Gerry for your hope.
      My state attorney general was my perfect saddle to be riding today. And no longer believing everything I am told – I know better, yet I am trusting in the trenches.
      The worst place to be trusting of anything.
      Life’s lessons keeping me on my toes. 😉

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