Cadoo’s Seven Word Sundays 10.28.2012

A wonderful new word challenge with a different but prayerful twist by our incredible stunning Sis-Caddo.

Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays @

If you want to join in the fun see Caddo’s blog. If you are in need of a blessing or a virtual hug go see Caddo’s blog. This is one of the most unconditionally loving woman I know.  I visit her on a regular basis for my dose of commando caddo’s (a personal nick name) mission statements. They help me stay grounded. Thank you Sis -Caddo!

No faux pas when God Speaks 4ME



15 thoughts on “Cadoo’s Seven Word Sundays 10.28.2012

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      • I’m planning on resting up quick from my boys’ World Finals, and then catching up on housework–eeeek! You know that all I really want to is write…. you have a blessed week, yourself, Sis!!

          • Held for ransom, I love it! I confess I’ve yet to get the housework done…tomorrow, surely tomorrow… love, Comm Caddo!

            • Awe sis, it’ll be there still on Friday.. or ahem.. even on Saturday.. somehow its always there.. 😉
              I will confess then too, I have not hardly touched my house in a week, except on Monday I did a little dusting and the floors That’s it. i did not even get a decoration up until yesterday. My heart is just not there, I am like my sis caddo in that I’d rather being doing some commando writing too.

              Love ya honey~

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