Fall Changes 2012 (6WS)

Sail Away ~ original by Enya

This music is very different from the norm that I have done here before. Although it is true that I am very much Irish; that the Celtic Woman sing the sounds I knew of as my maternal great grandparents Folk music  and is very meaningful to me,  this is not one of those songs. Its much more pop like I’d say, but I love it just the same. The tempo moves my spirit and even more so the lyrics move my heart.

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FALL CHANGES 2012 & My 6 Word Saturday

Sail Away~ Changes In The Wind

Seems I have been noticing a lot of things I have  tended to take for granted lately, and with great joy in my heart these are some of some of the things that have had most of my attention recently. It’s where I have been. Some things taken for granted are now appreciated again… some thing my eyes had  never seen before or my heart-felt… are intense feelings today.

While the leaves of the trees are changing colors and falling off the branches of their trees this Fall of 2012 – so it is that I am living some changes in the branches of my own life.. Some brand new;  and some long in coming.

This most recent change has kept me a whole lot self consumed this last week, feeling like finally a goal of some sort is being reached.  Other things I am passionate and love ..some have taken a back seat and appropriately so., while others I am living loudly and proudly. Without meaning to be cryptic suffice it to say that for the purpose of this post the actual changes are not so important. (they are of course of a very personal nature) It’s the premise behind what I am speaking of that is important for this post. It’s in finding the Autumn changes of life that I am referring to. The authentic truths of yourself.

Life changes like the seasons our life, reaching points where its time for self-reflection and time to consider yourself for maybe the first time ever. To be true to yourself is a lot easier said than done, this is a process I have also discovered.

I am not referring to feeling selfish because you buy something frivolous and it feels selfish. I am not talking about confessing what you think you have done to wrong someone. I don’t mean pampering yourself, although you certainly should.  What I specifically mean and I am talking about is being true to thine self in all ways.

I wonder how many of us live as  authentically as we could.

I  know I was not ~ to be certain..

This is my point ,or my theory if you will. I am not certain if it takes reaching a chronological age to have the courage to finally live the truth for yourself and to find your most authentic path in life, or if it’s an emotional intelligence thing.  I frankly don’t care which it is, I am grateful that I just get it now.

My life changes all revolve around being honest, truthful and authentic with myself. Old dreams that were stuffed away for all the wrong reasons are being let loose again, and allowed to live. Aspects of myself I stifled for one reason or another which let me give myself permission to pretend they no longer mattered – once again  are being nurtured and encouraged.

On clouds of hopes and dreams that are my own and belong to my hear & spirit which has not given in, or given up…..Those days are gone,  much like the brightly Fall leaves that gently or wildly fall off the branches of the trees. 

Instead I watch as my authentic spirit with all my truths sails away on the tails of all my hopes and dream.

I really do love this time of my life….


33 thoughts on “Fall Changes 2012 (6WS)

  1. The song was beautiful! I love the purity of the voices. Sounds like many of us are going through changes right now. I’m glad you have found your voice. 🙂 Angie

    • I love the way you “word” things Angie
      Thank you. It must be changing seasons, much like changes in life I hope its a good thing for you if changes are happening in your life too,
      Sail Away on the tails of all your hopes & dreams too Angie.
      Living your truths, and celebrating you authenticity my friend. ~

      Be Expressed, Be Well and Be at Peace ~

  2. We have an Enya album with this song on it, and a couple of others by Celtic Woman – which I love. You’ve written beautifully about finding your authentic self, accepting that self. It makes me wonder if I have found my authentic self – how does one know for certain? For the most part, I am happy with me, although their are some facets that I still struggle with. I wish you peace and happiness – I wish you enough.

    • Carol you are a love! I thank you my friend for all your words that lift me.

      I had wondered the same thing, how do you know?. I think we always will find a struggle here and there. If we did not would that not mean there was no room for improvement? I could not tolerate the thought. I like growing.

      For me, my awareness that I was not living authentically came when I realized I was still lying to myself about things that really mattered to me. Setting these things on a shelf did not work, ignoring them did not work. Not having these things respected did not work.
      Only being truly honest with myself and those nearest to me about what feeds my soul is what set myself free. I just could not lie to myself any longer.
      Living in my own skin & liking it is how I know I am getting there now.

      I am slowly and tolerantly finding my way to enough. Thank you my dear Carol
      for such a sweet wish.
      I wish YOU enough my dear friend ~

    • Thank you so much Tess
      Ironically this piece may be the hardest I wanted to write, I knew what I wanted to say, but did not want it to have a diary feel, or something worse. Thank you my dear friend for such fine validation. You made my day!!

    • O-Jules. you have this thing about making cry now don’t you? 😉
      Its what I was talking about in a prior comment. Easier said than done, certainly healthy.
      . You are a wonderful friend and I think of you often & beyond this blog life as a friend, but your words here never cease to touch me deeply.
      Thank you my friend,

  3. What a beautiful song and how appropo with your new-found journey. I too watched that PBS concert…..good stuff indeed!!! Happy to know that you’re heart is well and you’re gonna make it after all~
    Hugs 2U my Big Sis~

    • Aww my twinzie you my k little sister and twin of my life ~ Happy birthday again m my sweet friend ! Its like 31 now, right?
      I am going to make it after all.. and make it just fine indeed. I am refusing to think any other way even if the sides around me start coming down..

      All my love to you and my bro-out-law. Miss you my Kentucky woman~

  4. My Dear Lady Baroness, How beautiful your feelings are, and how charismatic you are in expressing them.

    You just made my heart skip, and brought my usual stoic expression to a smile.

    Thank you, and TY for reminding me of this song.

    Your thoughts, your feelings being true, you can sail away, sail anywhere, and still always be…….the very authentic, you.

    I am a fan, and fresh heir to your authenticity……your authentic sincerity permeates the soul….

    • My Dear friend,
      How you honor me Dave Thank you! I was hoping just one person would get this message and now knowing more than that has received my heartfelt feelings as intended makes this Barefooted Baronesses heart sing. I struggled with this post for sometime, wanting to be clear yet still not wanting to out “all my stuff: out there to be shared. You know what I mean.

      I think back to the years that you gave me my music on the radio (so okay by proxy but whose keep tracking?) and my first music history lessons began It is because of you Bus Stop games were invented and the Billboard Tests we created. You have to know that was huge for the music lover who’d been born into a world of music but needed knowledge
      Since then it has been carried over by My Own Maestro.-

      My point? There really is one so no laughing… We give, we take and we give back…so on that beautiful note if what I say brings a smile to your usual stoic (which I am not seeing so where is it?) face than I am smiling even BIGGER.

      It is this friendship that I want to feed more smiles, more laughter,and more words. You are an awesome pal Dave and I am grateful for your warm words of appreciation & friendship. Positive brings even more positive. Thank you for yours.
      Being a boomer can be all that we cracked it up to believe before we were 30.- if we just give ourselves the chance, and are authentic to our own hearts first.

      Be expressed my friend ~

    • O-Cee! Thank you my dear friend. You always know what to say.. I am as you know so loving today but it getting better and better only-makes my heart grow bigger and bigger.
      I could hug you real BIG so sending an Oregon hug to an Oregon girl~ Much love to you both ~

  5. I first heard this song as done by Enya and I have loved it ever since. I also had the chance to watch Celtic Woman last year and was left in tears by the beauty of the music. Thank you sharing!

    • I am so touched you took the time to come by and more importantly that your were touched by Celtic Woman doing an Enya cover. I almost put that in the posting and just spaced it out. I now wish I had so I may go back and add it..

      I too saw a production of the women in a PBS special in the states and wound up buying their cd through a fund raiser they did for our PBS. I wonder if it could be the same you saw?

      Again I thank you for your time and comment. You have found a kindred soul when it comes to Celtic music, my heritage. Irish/Scotch ~ BB

      • I think it most likely the same special, I thought I saw it on PBS, but wasn’t sure. I too bought the CD, wonderful music.
        In truth, mentioning it is a cover might point others to Enya who might not otherwise listen to her music.
        Of course, there are many wonderful artists keeping Celtic music alive, it would take a lifetime to discover it all… not a bad way to spend ones life. 🙂

        • O- Kira I do like your style! I agree, spending one’s life learning new music is so not a bad way to spend ones time. I think this is true of any music genre that moves your heart.
          Awe… so we do have the same great tastes – Celtic Woman, PBS, as well as supporters of PBS I do indeed like you girl!
          I did go back and add Enya’s name as the original artist- thank you again for saying something. It prompted me to add it which I think is the right thing to do As I said I spaced it and then posted.

          Thanks again so much for your comments and your delightful passion for this music.. Hope you keep coming back..

    • Why thank you milssabeth! Coming from you my dear friend in the trenches means so much. I love you for this. God’s blessing surround you. I know you strive to live an authentic life..gentlest of hugs ~

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