Jam To Bob Dylan ~ Folk Style

Good Sunday or Monday where ever you fine people are  ~

Searching for a piece an unrelated  trivia I ran across this great version of Bob Dylan’s tuneDon’t Think Twice.. I wanted to share.

The beautiful Late Mary Travers from Peter Paul & Mary, with Peter Yarrow, Noble Paul Stuckey & the Stunning late Andy Williams

This is for my Big Sister Maxi ~I keep you in my prayers my sister

15 thoughts on “Jam To Bob Dylan ~ Folk Style

    • Such fun you are so riught mlissabeth!
      I love the things you observe and pick up. Like Andy’s imitatipn of Noble )Noel Paul. You even got that one, I am so imprssed!
      Please keep coming back my friend, you make it fun!

    • This one I will give to YOU. I agree. But then as it shuld be. Its Dylans song so why should he not do it the way it was meant to be done. I know even Dylan would agree though that PP&M have helped pave his road with gold. Even platniumn.

      Thanks so much for your comment. Come back again and share.

    • You make me laugh… Trying to prove a point. Thank you!
      heehee x 1000 You need to have some one pick me up off the floor now…..law suit later.. OMGosh Gerry you are so funny!! MY face hurts from laughing..
      Too funny in an oddly true way..

      (who… me ?) 😉

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