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Landslide Cover -Correction

Well my lovely Barefoot Baroness’s readers and lovers of music, your Baroness has egg on her face. Below was a  note about the duo performing in this post  Everything is right except the name of the artist. Pretty important

It seems somehow (I don’t know this answer yet)  either I or my baby brother who is in big trouble right now with me has mixed vital information. This prompted this correction. I am humbly embarrassed and will never trust another s research or information. Not even a baby brother.


Landslide composed by Stevie Nicks

Performed by: Gavin Rossdale (from the band Bush)

To my amazing Twin Sister who would know the truth about this music Thank you Honey! You are always CMA    I love you for it

From my Twins Comment. Corrections made with love~

What a beautiful cover of Landslide but somehow you’ve gotten your info wrong here Sis. Kristian Bush and his brother Brandon Bush (NOT the two dudes in this video) are still with Jennifer Nettles in their band “Sugerland”. The singer in this video is Gavin Rossdale of the band “Bush”. Thought you’d like to know. Sure would love to have heard your rendition of the song back in the day~

Oh….perhaps you got it confused because Kristen Hall left ‘Sugerland’ some years ago but she was a female. Gavin left the band ‘Bush’ in I believe it was 2002. Hope this helps clear up the confusion

Thanks again Twin Sister down south~

I know you all might know this tine by Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, written for Lindsey Buckingham from same band.  Nicks is one of my most liked female vocalis

What do you all think?  I know this tune well, have performed it often which is  the real reason why my brother sent it to me.

I hope you enjoy this (Stevie Nicks) cover by Gavin Rossdale as much I do, and if so go to YouTube please and just listen to more. ( It honestly can help these artist if you do. )