Share Your World Week #42

Many thanks to Cee at Cee;s Life Photography for her fun and diverse questions that get us thinking with each week she has done it again this week.

Thank you Cee!

Cee welcomes new participants anytime, so don’t feel because you were not in on this fun writing challenge from the beginning that you should miss out. Not the case. Just visit Cee’s blog, she’ll hook you up with the how to.  It’s so ea

  1. It’s a very hot and muggy day. You desperately want something very cool and refreshing to quench your thirst and revitalize your body. What would you drink?

Home made lemonade with a lot of crushed ice.  I love lemons when its warm and dry. Nothing seems to quench my thirst better. I do not drink soda at all so in the summer  I try to keep large baskets of fresh lemons around at all times. I also cook with a  lot of fresh lemon juice and the zest.

2. What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

Spare tire, all that goes with changing a tire. Jumper cables, flares a blanket, spare water jug. Also because for about 3 months out of the year we are snow country, so in addition would be: ice melt, sand, tarp, blocks of wood to use for traction if needed, and  a shovel with fold down handle. Extra dry clothes and coats.

3. What is your favorite TV show that is currently on TV?

Okay he is not a show in of himself, but for 40 weeks out of the year he is on my television every Sunday for about 4 hours Kevin Harvick #29  & about 41 other drivers are racing close to 200mph on oval tracks. Kevin Harvick has been the driver follow and cheer for. Its been 12 yrs now, since the tragic death of Dale Earnhardt Sr

I wish I was watching Downton Abbey like my friends across the pond are. I am not much of a television watcher unless it is our PBS (which is where Downton Abbey will be broadcast from in the states)  I have become an avid DA fan and am waiting impatiently to see what is happening at the manor now

Thank you to those watching the series now and not saying a word. I am humbly grateful!

         4. Is it more important to love or be loved?

I’ll say both of course. It’s a treasure to love deeply and abundantly. It’s also something to be cherished by being loved. Rewarding is when both happen at the same timeSo let me ask you this; have you loved someone today?


24 thoughts on “Share Your World Week #42

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    • I love that, “give it away and yiu’ll get it vack! So very true Angie,”
      I am thirsty for lemonade too I have been thinking about making some ever since posting that. Despite it not being summer.
      I’ll be sending youa glass full of ice and lemonade. ~

  3. Oh my! You are far too organized with your trunk contents! I do keep an old quilt in the van – partly to keep the dog hair off the back seat and also to have, just in case. I have watched some car racing, but cannot say I’m a fan especially. I have watched season 1 of Downton Abbey and the first show of season 2 – I get mine through Amazon Instant Video because we do not have a PBS station in our Direct TV lineup.

    • My trunk only looks like that because of snow and ice I have been left stranded too many times to go without now. Its my game plan for getting unstuck.
      The summer months I could not say what is on there. Me organized > That’s a hoot Carol!

      Racing is an addiction. I have to go through withdrawals during December through mid February I don;t like any others sports so this is it for me. I love to hear the engine roar come to life

      I can hardly wait for season 3. everyone who is on that side of the pond under strict orders, Do not ruin the ending for me. Or the beginning, the middle.. you get it.
      Thanks Carol I always adore seeing your comments.

  4. I don’t think I have ever watched a stock car race in my life. I used to work with a gal who loved it. Lemons are refreshing. Thanks so much in joining along again this week. You are always missed when you don’t.

    • You’d find one on at my house on Sunday, and sometime son Saturday if I watch the B-series race/
      The there is open wheel racing like the Indy cars That is another series I like although complete different bear.

      Might be my older brothers influence who raced at Portland Racing International when I was young ~

      I miss you all so much when I miss a week Cee. How nice of you to say. . I love doing this and you had great questions this week my lovely friend ~ Chat soon I think there is an email from you in my inbox.

  5. Omg, here we go again Lil’ Sis. In my younger years, I loved stock car races. Couldn’t cheer loud enough for the local favorite.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Why am I not surprised Big Sis? I can hear a big muscle car arming its engine up and smell the track.. I am there immediately. My young man of a driver is not going to make the championship this year. But he & his wife had their first child so I thinking he already feels like a winner.

      I love the sport but love how family & Faith based the sport is too. What other sport opens circuit wide with a prayer?

      My deepest affection, love & hugs my big sister

  6. Great answers Baroness! Your trunk sounds so organized.It makes me rather chagrinned about my answers. I suppose if I got stuck in the snow it would be good to have a spare bathrobe though! 🙂

    • Thank you Pj ! I would so need that robe in snow storm if it was early morning. You see I have been known to take a grand child to school in jammies before.. so a robe could help.. shh.. don’t tell anyone I left the house like that. ~ 😉

    • I didn’t surprise you , eh? Well next week then. I am addicted to lemons I think. Something needs acid I go to lemons, something needs freshening up, I got to lemons.
      Need a dining room table arrangement.. I go to lemons See my point?

  7. You sound like a very well prepared and equipped driver. I would feel safe travelling in a car with you. We spell it ‘tyre’ across the pond by the way. Fresh lemonade sounds better than the bottled sprite rubbish I went for… can I change my answer please?

    • You are so kind my friend! I am not much a thrill seeker off a race track.
      I’ love the way so many words are spelled and used on your side of the pond. Rubbish is such a great descriptive word, yet its rarely used here in the same context. I might change that.
      Its so awesome to see you again my young old soul. I hope things are well.

  8. Oh BB! I love that you’re a racing enthusiast–it’s not too far from my bull riding addiction; I LOVE “My Boys”! God bless you with more love than you can handle today–sis Caddo

    • Aha! Sis, No? Really? ” Boogity Boogity Lets go Racing Boys!”

      “Gentlemen & lady? Start your Engines, and my blood starts racing the track,
      the other drivers, the time, I so want to do this High on my bucket list.

      Oh yeah this is too cool Who new”
      The power of them ponies !!

      Sending Cherry BIG love to you today my sister and just so you know you are so loved by your Oregon family!
      Gods blessing sis -caddo You made my day honey.

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