“I Wish It All The Time”

Camera written by David Crosby

Performed by Crosby Stills & Nash.

Released: August 1994 ~ Album:  After The Storm    Album Label: Atlantic

“Gives my eyes a reason, Gives my life a rhyme”

“I wish it all the time”

18 thoughts on ““I Wish It All The Time”

  1. Always liked CSN! They are extremely talented musicians. Some of their work belonged to the original 3 but, don’t forget the group’s expansion with Young, Taylor, and Reeves. The expansion just increased the versatility, and included some of the best musicians in Rock history, and it can be heard in each song produced, and sung by these monuments of musical talent.

    • Hello Dave! Its always such a pleasure to have your input. Especially when posting about back in the day of our beloved 1960’s music and times.
      You are absolutely spot on for the inclusion of these three as well. Their iconic voices… you can hear a few notes of either and immediately know who you are listening to. And I love that!

      May I add another name? Jackson Browne.(The Load-out) He & Graham Nash have many co-interests that take on the shapes of their songs later.

      Thanks Dave for your very much needed addition to this post. I’m glad you did.
      . Next CSN&Y will in fact feature Neil Young.

      Take care my friend ~ BB

    • Thanks Kathy!This has been a favorite of mine that evolved after decades of being a fan.
      They are such a great reminder of what good music is all about, no need for anything more than Stills on acoustic guitar, and three of their voices to tell us who they are.

      So glad that you like it too,


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