Flattery or Imitation?

I have noticed a bit of a strange happening across our blogosphere lately, I thought I’d share my observation and maybe incite some dialogue here at Barefoot Baroness. Who knows, you might even blog about the same thing.

And that right there is the rub of which I’d like to focus my thoughts on.

Is this a form of flattery?

When you have worked to create something with that hope that there is original thought some where in your piece, and that it’s also worth sharing. You hope that you will strike a chord in a reader’s heart. Thirdly, you also ask yourself; how much has this been done? How many posts like it are there?  It’s a relative question in my mind.  Once this criteria has been met only then publishing is a real possibility.

But if these three questions needing to be addressed, or any one of them are not met whats does it mean?  You have met the first two; you have your original thought, or the way you present it is different enough. And of course the topic and its contents are worth sharing. Now what about the 3rd point? How often and close to your own blog has the topic been done already?

Or does it matter?

It matters a lot to me, and to some of my fellow bloggers who have been having an ongoing discussion about just this point. I am no doubt going to catch a wrath for writing this, going out on a limb. I am a rebel and I am used to this. That being said, I have to add that I find someone who follows me, and then who creates a post so like my own to not be the least bit flattering. I question why?

I have to wonder why? Is it flattery in their minds? Or is it just imitation?

I honestly feel that after I have developed the idea, creating the post which in my case is always a personal narrative on what my thoughts are, and should not be up for grabs. My work from my outline, research,  the message  &  the take away, all are which I want my post to stand alone on. And to me, maybe most the important aspect is that it is original work. Both in thought & content.

I am not the least bit flattered when another blogger/writer grabs what they like from another’s work and takes off on their own with it.

Imitation is not the best form of a compliment in my mind and heart, and I would think that since most “WordPressers”are writers who are “hip” to the idea of original and innovative work, I tend to believe that this is what they also want. This is not a new concept.  I accept that inspiration comes in many forms, from thousands of places. I  support finding inspiration where you can,  when you can. Your own muse could be right beside you. What or who my muse is can change tomorrow from today. It always does as I go through my  reflective writing about his life.

Now you all may say I am eating sour grapes here and maybe so.. not sure I’m ready to give you this though….. just not sure.

I am at a stand still in terms of what to think or feel when I and others I follow work hard on posting original content and  topics only to find the next day that a reader has used the same topic, if not the same copy.

I do not mean to be unkind here, in fact I would beg to differ. I am not an unkind person, so this is difficult to write because I am certain someone is going to see themselves and have hurt feelings. This was not my intent. It is just not okay to be reading someone’s else’s blog the next day, and have it strangely smacks you between the eyes…. leaving you saying to yourself, “”But that is what I just said!”

Flattery or Imitation?

I’m curious…  what do you think?


32 thoughts on “Flattery or Imitation?

  1. Very interesting discussion BB, as far as I know noone has ever copied any of my posts but I would be rather annoyed if someone did and pretended it was their own original writing. Personally I don’t understand what would motivate someone to do that but I’m no blogging expert so perhaps I am missing something?

  2. I have seen instances where several bloggers are talking about basically the same topic on any given day or week – but I’ve not run into a verbatim copying of one blog to another. I think often a topic seems to be the topic of the week because of what’s going on in the world, or a blog might trigger differing thoughts for another blogger and that’s just fine. I do think credit needs to be given whenever someone else’s words are shared – if more than just a simple quote from another blog, permission should be granted first. How about reblogging? Is permission attained before that’s done?

    • I kniw there is not probably an original thought left in the universe. I can accept that.

      I think it all boils down to asking, acrediting, and just kind thoughfulness.
      It is like some people believe there is only a short supply of blogging property and they rush to be like someone else, and grab theirs
      . Although for the life of me I have no clue what is wrong with who they are,

      Thanks so much Carol I always enjoy your input!

  3. Give credit when it was someone else’s idea — that shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. Permission should be sought first of all, and without it, intellectual property should be sacrosanct.

  4. I hardly know what to say–kind of wish you’d gone farther out on the limb to name names, so the innocent wouldn’t sit up late, wondering if they’d made an honest mistake somewhere along the line. I certainly don’t think copyright infringement is the least bit flattering–but I’m pretty sure we only “own” our particular creative style of presenting thoughts and feelings. Isn’t it in Ecclesiastes, where it says “there’s nothing new under the sun” (paraphrase)? A number of the poets I know in our community often discover we’re all writing on a similar theme–and we accept that it’s synchronicity, nothing more. Some of us even credit each other with being our “muse sisters”. At any rate, I’ve made diligent effort to recognize other bloggers when they give me an inspiring idea. If I’ve been neglectful in that regard, I’d be open to hearing about it.

    • Aww.. sis, not to fret my dear one. It would never be like you to do what I am talking about. I mean out right let me take your work, and change a word or two, and call it mine. This is what I am referring to.

      I am so not talking about being an intellectual wall to bounce ideas off with a trusted community, So different than what I mean.

      So no worries my sis caddo ! You are fine..

      Bless you real BIG this night

      • Thank you for reassuring me, dear BB–you know what a “fretter” I am! I feel terrible that, apparently, you’ve experienced some plagiarism–what is Wrong with people?!! much love to you–God bless you BIG, too!

        • Maybe for ths post, this discussion is the whty, I am not sure but people feel strongly about this for the most part, I am most grateful to see that we are of the same code.

          My love and my hugs sis~

  5. It’s an interesting topic and one I’ve seen before too. I’ve often had an idea for a post and then seen the subject discussed elsewhere too before I’ve posted mine. There are too options I think 1) Leave my post for considerably later – as a previous commenter said above, however that doesn’t mean I ‘stole’ their idea, and 2) Write it at the time and link back, as was also said above. Again, just because they said it, doesn’t mean I can’t say it either. I did write about copyright (primarily photographs) which I had been planning to write for ages, because I’d noticed a couple of people writing about it so it seemed a pertinent time to write it up and link back.

    I have no issue with someone writing and referring back to my post if it is on the same topic, I think that is courteous. I doubt they would write in the same style. There is technically no copyright on ideas. I often write about current news issues as they affect people where I live – again that’s not a copyright issue. There is a fine line between reading an interesting post on someone’s blog and being – inspired? – to write about a similar topic, and – following the challenges, or the Daily Post prompts.

    Sometimes it can genuinely be coincidence. For example, you and I share a love of music from a similar era. If we both post a similar band or record within a few days of each other, is that really stealing someone’s idea? I don’t think so.

    And sometimes I will write an actual post following something I have read because my reply would be too long (a bit like this is ending up).

    If all that sounds atypically laid-back and tolerant (for me), then here is my copyright link post, which is fairly clear.


    • Interestng post roughseas. Thank you for linking it.
      I think we do not really differ too much per your words:

      “It’s reminding people that while everything on the internet may be freely accessible, it isn’t up for grabs. You don’t take anyone else’s work without a) asking and b) preferably paying for it.” ~ roughseas

      I think I just said it different. hmmm…..

      • Thanks BB. Don’t forget this was largely about copyrighting photographs, rather than textual posts.

        I think the area where we do differ is in the concept of ‘ideas’. If we both have the same idea for a post, for example, and you publish first – there is no reason why I shouldn’t write about it either.

        If I post pix of say Gibraltar National Day, no reason why someone else shouldn’t do the same. But not using my pix. That is an easy example.

        In my post, I was talking about direct theft of photos or text – (or at least that’s what it is to me). I never did write about reblogging – but that is a totally different issue. I suppose I should publish that one at some point too…

        I think most of us (certainly me anyway) fail to understand the legal aspects surrounding intellectual property – and an idea for a blog post would no way fall under that heading, even with my limited knowledge of the subject.

        • I still feel should someone take your post and use it almost verbatim, maybe changing an adjective. I tend to feel you’d not be a happy camper.
          I find it insulting that someone would feel this was acceptable blogging behavior at all. So not the case in my own code of conduct.
          Rearranging some one’s content in their own post is not writing their own original work.

          I appreciate the discussion roughseas. You made it fun.

  6. Hmm is it bad that no one seems to be copying my ideas? 🙂 I am sorry it has happened to you baroness. Personally I don’t understand why people want to steal the ideas of other people for their blogs it sort of makes it NOT their blogs. Half the fun of blogging is saying what’s on your heart not regurgitating the hard won thoughts of others. It’s not like there is a ton of money in it for most of us so to my mind being original is sort of the pay off.

    • Hello Pj ~ I love you for your comment.
      “Half the fun of blogging is saying what’s on your heart not regurgitating the hard won thoughts of others.” ~jelillie

      Such a perfect comment reflecting my own feelings exactly. What is the point of re-doing someone else’s work? Just as I never understood cheating, really who is the one being cheated?
      Thank you so much for taking the time… you are the best. Blessing and smiles my friend!

  7. Information is created and intended to be shared but not without the consent or due reference to the author. A reblog is good when it redirects to the source of original content. A pingback is also good when ideas emanated from a certain place. But posting another copy of somebody else’s work should be a more heinous crime than imitation and flattery combined.

    • I see once again we agree Tee! Why am I not surprised?

      These words of your very own are what I have been feeling,
      ” But posting another copy of somebody else’s work should be a more heinous crime than imitation and flattery combined ” ~ Teecee

      Maybe more tolerance is needed on my part, this has made me skeptical of some fellow bloggers and their integrity. Possibly taking things too serious?

      I think not so in this case.
      Thanks Tee. I love seeing your words of love and acceptance.

  8. I generally try to hoard my ideas. If I am following someone and they do a post about depression, I will actually put off writing my piece and if d so etching different so as to not look like I am copying someone else. I also tend to not quote other bloggers or even reblogged a lot bc I want to write MY story in my way. If I do write about something that another blogger inspired me to write, I say thatso and so just talked about this and I loved it and here is my take on it. I’m happy when people quote and link my work it makes me feel good but if they just rewrite my post with a few changes I don’t think that is flattering

    • You are a woman after my own heart in this Tracy~ I like your:
      “If I do write about something that another blogger inspired me to write, I say that so and so just talked about this and I loved it and here is my take on it.”

      This is not the same thing that I am witnessing happening, sadly. And that’s my beef. If everyone would have the scruples you have, this post of mine would be a moot point.

      You stated it so well Thank you so much for your input.

  9. Indeed, this is NOT flattery and doesn’t go down well. Hopefully, the message will be read and understood . . .

    I used to sew. I also used to have a friend who sewed. She copied all my clothes. Need I say I was NOT flattered? Grrr.

    • So when the rotten fruit starts flying I can find you where? 🙂
      Thank you Gerry.. it seems to be happening more often lately I have observed.

      It is aways so good to have you visit. Hope you come back.

  10. If I ever write about what another has written, I would preface it by saying where I got the idea from, and especially if I quoted the blogger’s words. I would never take credit for what someone else had written.

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