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Flattery or Imitation?

I have noticed a bit of a strange happening across our blogosphere lately, I thought I’d share my observation and maybe incite some dialogue here at Barefoot Baroness. Who knows, you might even blog about the same thing.

And that right there is the rub of which I’d like to focus my thoughts on.

Is this a form of flattery?

When you have worked to create something with that hope that there is original thought some where in your piece, and that it’s also worth sharing. You hope that you will strike a chord in a reader’s heart. Thirdly, you also ask yourself; how much has this been done? How many posts like it are there?  It’s a relative question in my mind.  Once this criteria has been met only then publishing is a real possibility.

But if these three questions needing to be addressed, or any one of them are not met whats does it mean?  You have met the first two; you have your original thought, or the way you present it is different enough. And of course the topic and its contents are worth sharing. Now what about the 3rd point? How often and close to your own blog has the topic been done already?

Or does it matter?

It matters a lot to me, and to some of my fellow bloggers who have been having an ongoing discussion about just this point. I am no doubt going to catch a wrath for writing this, going out on a limb. I am a rebel and I am used to this. That being said, I have to add that I find someone who follows me, and then who creates a post so like my own to not be the least bit flattering. I question why?

I have to wonder why? Is it flattery in their minds? Or is it just imitation?

I honestly feel that after I have developed the idea, creating the post which in my case is always a personal narrative on what my thoughts are, and should not be up for grabs. My work from my outline, research,  the message  &  the take away, all are which I want my post to stand alone on. And to me, maybe most the important aspect is that it is original work. Both in thought & content.

I am not the least bit flattered when another blogger/writer grabs what they like from another’s work and takes off on their own with it.

Imitation is not the best form of a compliment in my mind and heart, and I would think that since most “WordPressers”are writers who are “hip” to the idea of original and innovative work, I tend to believe that this is what they also want. This is not a new concept.  I accept that inspiration comes in many forms, from thousands of places. I  support finding inspiration where you can,  when you can. Your own muse could be right beside you. What or who my muse is can change tomorrow from today. It always does as I go through my  reflective writing about his life.

Now you all may say I am eating sour grapes here and maybe so.. not sure I’m ready to give you this though….. just not sure.

I am at a stand still in terms of what to think or feel when I and others I follow work hard on posting original content and  topics only to find the next day that a reader has used the same topic, if not the same copy.

I do not mean to be unkind here, in fact I would beg to differ. I am not an unkind person, so this is difficult to write because I am certain someone is going to see themselves and have hurt feelings. This was not my intent. It is just not okay to be reading someone’s else’s blog the next day, and have it strangely smacks you between the eyes…. leaving you saying to yourself, “”But that is what I just said!”

Flattery or Imitation?

I’m curious…  what do you think?