Work in Progress- 6 Word Saturday

My Granddaughter Is Mini-Mini Me.

She was eccentric at age 4 yrs old. And old soul by age 10, child of the earth by age 13,

My granddaughter – a work in progress. Having a problem committing (nothing is adhered yet) to anything on this page.  Both, my granddaughter (19) and this page layout……..still very much a works in progress.


19 thoughts on “Work in Progress- 6 Word Saturday

    • I don’t know that MY daighter is too pleased. she says she grew up with a hippie -now hs a daighter who is a new generation hiippe (whatever that is?) Tea Party maybe? Not sure.
      But I am proud of her, yes~

      Thanks so much for stopping by I know you must be crazy busy now with harviest under way. Wish I could come cook for the farm for a few days and gve you a break. 😉 ~ BB

    • Thanks roughseas for your visit!
      She is my pride. She is doing well. Sophomore on college, working part time, involved in her community in social dynamics. I am pretty proud of her I tell her all the time she would have made a fine hippie.
      She is quite enamored with the 60’s.Has all my old jewelry, peace signs etc..and has been wearing them since she was 7 yrs old. Yeah I think she is a pretty terrific mini -mini me.

    • Hey there Cee! I am not sure why your emil is being blocked. I am receiving them it looks like from Washington state,back east, other places in Oregon, England, & South Africa.
      Did you receive the one from me today? A new one?

      Thanks fo your “always touch my heart “comments, 😉

    • It actually is a self relection sometimes, she will say or have the mannerisms tahta re i know sound an dlook just like me. She is an artists, a sophmore at the U of O and doing very well I am so proud of her. One day we will see her name in lights. Rememeber KCM Photography.

      Thanks caddo for your visit. I am sorry I have been remiss of your blog of late. Just so you know I am not ignoring your blog on purpose,
      BIG Hugs my sister and love you to from the fam~

      • BB, I will try to remember KCM Photog, and I’m not worried about whether you’re here at CV or not, seriously! Hugs and love to my OR fam!!

        • I love you sis! You are one of the “realest” people i know.
          Thank you sweetie. It means so much what you say. But so you know I care I miss reading your love shares about you and our Lord.
          God Bless youreal BIG our Auntie Caddio~ 😉

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