14 thoughts on “On Stage with PP&M’s Peter Yarrow & Son

    • Me too Tess. I keep listening to it over and over Such great lyrics to it that I am enamored with them. I will be singing this one for days..

      I am so glad you liked it Tess, you alone would make this t worth this fun adventure in music. Hugs my dear friend ~

  1. Hi, BB. This is a song that means a lot to my mother, as well as the rest of the family. When we were leaving Turkey, most of the Americans on the base came to see us off. At one point, somebody shushed the crowd, and the local radio broadcast dedicated this song to us. Tears from everyone there, and certainly from us. Our two years in Turkey were the first of Mom’s life where people appreciated her for herself, and her gifts, not just as Captain Atwood’s wife.

    Now that I’ve told my sentimental story, I need to say that I don’t like this version of this song at all. On this one, I’m a purist! Thanks for reminding me of important childhood times! 😎

    • I know they did it different for this live concert, they usually did.The version you are talking about is no doubt a studio session recording, all bells & whistles attatched, each track laid seperately.
      That is the issue with listening to a recording from a stiduo session only in my mind, type casting in sense. It will never be played like that live. My sense is ilive will different each time, just a little bit. You have to know the music well to catch it but I saw little things with Bounty Hunters. Emotions of the band play a big part
      Thats why I like live.
      Great mmory share thank you! What a bearutiful tribute this paragraph you wrote about your mom. You should share it with her.

      • I have been thinking about this today, and I am unabashedly for the studio version of this song. Maybe because hearing that version so many times, and weeping every single time, I have chosen to imprint that one production. I know I miss out of the excitement and surprises of a live version, but I think I need to admit that in some ways, I am a stick-in-the-mud! As to my story about Mom, I may just do that — get a copy and send it to her. Thanks for the suggestion! Love youm big bloggy sis!

        • You know what you like an dtaht hardly makes you a stick in the mud. What does? hmmm..

          I have a few favorite tines taht only the session version will do because of different factors, but not many. I prefer usually live so I can see the band playing -I think of EPIC Clapton -nothing is any sweeter than watching that man play. Well nothing involving a Rock Star of his statue anyway. My little brother is a drummer, i like to watch percussion.

          Its a preference eor sure, neither being right or wrong. Its music, there is no such thing!

          • Smart Lady — live music can offer all kinds of takes on songs — my mom and sisters and I saw Lyle Lovette up here a few years ago. His love songs are lovely in person, and his comic songs better for seeing him singing!

            • I’d like to see Lyle Lovette, you are about the 5th person who has said, “See him!” I understand he is quite the showman.

              I am a live music fan, another aspect I adore is the interaction between band and audiance Love that!
              I will certainly be happy listening to recordings which is all the time. Live, in person live music, not as much.

              • Lyle is amazing — I was 8 rows back, center stage, and I swear he was singing to me the whole time! A show worth going out of one’s way to see!

                • I will watch for him. Problem is we are such a small town by promoters standards we don’t always get big names. We don’t have the population they need.

                  Peter & Chris Yarrow did this as a favor to our historical theater’s Foundation as a benefit.
                  One thing I left out of this post is that Peter also auctioned off a Les Paul Folk guitar right from the stage. he raised almost $7000 in less than 2 minutes. It was awe inspiring.

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