Resilience ~ (and an Award)

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh”  ~ by A,A, Milne

The above A.A. Milne quote is one that I am very much familiar with. To this day a plaque with this quote hangs in one of my adult daughters bedrooms. My two girls grew up with these words being quoted to them in various ways all through their lives..It had always been my hope that these beautiful children would heed and believe these words and hold them always close to their own hearts. Even though it was mom saying the words to them, and  not Christopher Robin.

How wonderfully serendipitous it is to find this unusual (at least to me ) award from Judith at Diabetic Redemption in my inbox. Having no idea that the timing and sentiment behind this award  she gfted me came to me when encouragement like this means the most. When you need it the most. This time in came in the shape of an award – The Stong Persons Award. I had to giggle at the universes sense of humor.

The Awards Message

Who is strong?  Is it the person who is willing to show her hurt to the world?  To maintain perspective, while not trying to fake her way through tough situations?  To offer her life as an example for others of the same diagnosis, and to share her successes, as well as her failures, to those of us living with health conditions

The message in  A.A. Milne’s quote is what this quote represents to the giver. It’s also a message I too need to personally remember. …”being stronger than you seem…”

Sometimes people see us as we do not. It is with this one thought that I am accepting this poignant award. The fact that I am in need of being reminded of the above quote, the fact this award reminds me of the exact same thing is not an accident. Nor is it a coincidence.

I am blessed with a loving best friend who sees me stronger, I am blessed with a blogging sister who sees me stronger. I am blessed with a faith which empowers me to be stronger. I am also a resilient woman.

I am supposed to name my diagnosis here and I am going to forgo this. I think most that follow this blog are aware now. if not there are plenty posts throughout my two blogs that will provide the information. (Sorry Judith. I hope you don’t mind, and I apologize for taking days to get those posted,)

I’d like to thank  Judith again… and again. This came at a very appropriate  time and the message you are sending is clear.

29 thoughts on “Resilience ~ (and an Award)

    • Thank yoU for coming by my friend. I am glad you could take something away from what I write, albeit A.A.Milne’s beautiful quote. Its nice to be told so too.
      It was nice to have a reason to be reminded if it.

      Take care my dear friend, hope you are well ~

  1. Silly woman of course you’re strong! It’s okay to be or feel less strong than normal or even downright weak but when your confidence wanes it is simply time for you to reach back to you and hold on tight!! HOLD ON TIGHT SWEETHEART ITS ALL PART OF THE ADVENTURE!!!!

    • … you make me smile T. Thank you honey. You make me cry also as I re-read your thoughtful message. That’s what I am doing is holding on tight and I have no fear its the right thing to do. I question nothing. I am waiting paitiently.And holding on for the ride of my life. How blessed am I that I get another one?

      You are so good for me my thriving sister, your positive and good energy is thick in this room I am sitting in. Thank you Thank you!

  2. Congratulations, BB! You ARE Strong! Seems like a lot of our blogging community is made up of strong folks, resilient folks, honest folks. God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Thanks so much Sis! We have an incredibly strong community here and this mini-one includes faith based beliefs too. love that of course. Its all love sis all love.

      I just had a thought writing, Thinking out loud here so could be garbage on my part. Those community’s character reminds me very much of the mid to late 60’s. And it has nothing to do with age or whether you were alive then. It is an energy that can be felt. hmm.. have to think on that some more.

      You are such an inspiration sis Thank you!
      Gods Abundance love ~

  3. Your A.A. Milne quote brings back such nice memories – Pooh was my son’s favorite when he was a child and is a favorite of mine. Amazing how much strength we find we have when adversity strikes, isn’t it? Living requires it, and you have it in spades!

    • Aww…another mom after my heart. Winnie et al were a big part of my kids life. As was Paddyington Bear.

      Yes, it never ceases to amaze me where that strength can come from, where we are reminded its there.

      Thank you Carol for sharing. I enjoy your comments and getting to know you more with each one.

      Hugs my lady friend~

    • I say the same thing about you Cee, we are two resilient women to be sure. WE keep getting up even when we are knocked down
      Daily gains is a true fact. Forgive me my personal silence. I have not been the best kind of friend to you lately but know its not anything but life. I’ll make it up with a whopping novel of an email soon.

      I love you Cee !

  4. This quote strikes a chord, my sister. It awakens in me a renewed strength; no matter the struggle, never give up.

    Congratulations on your award!

    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Somehow this does not surprise me, yet delights me immensely. Thank you my dearest Maxi.It has done the same for me. isn’t it quite incredible?

      God Bless you my Big Sister, you are a blessing in my life and a great comfort to me here over the wire. Knowing you are there…..

      (I have to ask you, what month were you born in? )

  5. still looking for that second Tuesday of the week — but seriously, the stuff you do on this blog really does make you a great Strong Person award recipient–you are kind and generous and try to get the word out about all kinds of worthwhile things

    • Thanks so much Lou! You just keep an eye out for that 2nd Tuesday. You are the only one looking for it still that I am aware of. Makes your odds that much greater.

      I am glad you were by today ~

      • I didn’t realise I hadn’t. Although I tend not to use the reader too much these days (you may have read that on my blog) – I have a favourites page on my bookmarks, I’ve got the blogroll on roughseas which I need to add you to, and I often go via comments cos I figure if someone is commenting they may have posted 🙂

        Yes, we build up such a detailed picture of someone via the internet – and yet – how accurate is it? Perhaps that doesn’t matter 🙂

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