16 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 yrs of The Beatles

    • Your daughter inherited the love of good music from someone Angie. The Beatles are iconic in my home, both daughters cab mane that tune in two notes and my 19 yr old granddaughter has burned every Beatles I have.

      This song My Sweet Lord was a turning point in rock n rill and faith I think, I know of several hard rock musicians who added gospel to their repertoire Eric Clapton included.

  1. I’m quite young, didn’t live thru the Beatles era but like them. Over here, we’re celebrating 50 years of independence, tomorrow actually 🙂

    • Its stunning to think. I was 10 yrs old when they did a concert in my hometown. I was sable to do the whole trip, part of a wicked crazy crowd at the airport, concert was intense. I don’t remember not singing a note. And girls scrreaming all a round me.
      ‘My parents listened to them a swell my daughters listen to them a my 19 yr old granddaughter things they are just cool.

      Age less music, Magic love;

    • You are so welcome. 😉
      Such a beautiful video this one is. Maybe it happened for a reason.He is even better in this version. He is an endearing Beatle to watch perforn, his shyness shines wonderfully through at times, It made me smile..
      It’s always so good to see your smiling words my kind Sir.

    • Oh you.. my dear Tess are so welcome. It delights me that you enjoyed this.
      50 yrs, About the time my own separate music sensibilities were forming. Growing up with a musically inclined family had so many pay-offs. The Beatles were even played my father who had very eclectic tastes, I was lucky from the very beginning I was a follower of the band, then the guys individually, typically John the poet.

      I so love the associations, with their music too. I’d love to have the gift of sitting and hearing all about yours. Those you’d share of course, 😉

    • What a neautiful image and sound.. Thank you Jennifer for sharing this. This is one of the most lovely shares I have ever had the pleasure to read. How wonderful you had the grace to stop and listen.

        • Right on through Dancing Alive! I read about it, heard about it, just did not experience it. Hope that does not make me ignorant ,or a snob. lol.. it happens I realize that I stick my ears in the sand and only listen to what I know. Which is a shame really.
          So I am enjoying learning new music ,and ironically one way is by way of your great nephew. Kind lad. He left me a very kind comment; Following him now..wishing him to do so well he becomes a household name, Much to be proud of Jules. Thank you for sharing. ~


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