Folk Music ~ A Trilogy

Re-posted from Lady Barefoot Baroness  [ Original post date 6 October 2012]\

” It’s like finding home in an old folk song that you’ve never heard, still you know every word. And for sure you can sing a long.”    ~  unknown

It is so true that I am 60’s music fan. I am also a Folk Artist first. Folk art in all ways, the music, the visual arts & the stories. The music is what I know like I know my right hand. I know nothing like it any better. It is what I was raised on.  Soy fed Folk-girl.

Ancient Thoughts Told Many Ways Today

A folk music fan, from birth I think. The stories told generation after generation are stories I know also like my right hand. And my left too. It was my passion for so many years and  I am experiencing a resurgence of that passion today. Although with Folk you are never that far away.

Today there are new bands, new artists, new songs, and Folk music is alive and well. The message still the same. How wonderfully comforting and at the same time disturbing this is.  Today these new artists are keeping the entire movement alive and well in 2013. I think that is worth celebrating.

So just in case you have missed either of these three bands I want to feature their music here. You may like what you hear, and you may not. But I promise you that the messages are ones that you will have no problem feeling an allegiance with.


Listening to these bands perform their music outside, acoustically without the bells and whistles of a studio session is brilliant, raw, and pure forms of their sounds…their music..their voices… and most assuredly their harmonies.

I am not always a fan of new/current music. But I believe we should always be growing & learning.

I have been taught this music & I know what I like. I also know what sounds move this soul of mine,

This is some of that.  The healing begins.


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15 thoughts on “Folk Music ~ A Trilogy

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  2. As you know, my musical mind is stuck back in the 60s. As Rock was first being put together in the mid-50s, some Folk was integrated. Pete Seger, etc. Peter, Paul & Mary were not classic ‘Folk’ but, a catalyst for a future Folk, known as, Folk-Rock which was mistakenly called Folk by, some.
    Interesting how ‘Folk’ took on a different sound for its’ Folk-Rock sound of the 60s. Bob Dylan, in some of his presentations was possibly a catalyst for the return, and
    now, we’ve finally come full circle with this presentation of music as once again this, is the sound of ‘Original Folk.’
    Thank you for this pleasant reminder. This is the
    Folk music reminiscent of the early Folk I remember.

    • YOU humble me Dave, thank you. It has pleased me to learn about these young people (I did not just say that!) and what they are doing. They are singing their words that speak to this old soul. It’s the sound I know. Its the stories I am familiar with.
      There is a resurgence I see in the genre which is my back ground in music. I heard my parents and their friends doing the classic folk of the P.Seeger, W.Guthrie et al …and their own tunes from their homes ,and song that had been part of their family (Folk) for generations. I think of songs like Tom Dooley an my heart sings this is home. It is the first genre I began soinging and what II am comfortable with.

      Thanks so much Dave for your awesome comment. As I said I am humbled by your share. Keep coming back my friend ~

    • You could not have made me happier my Sister~ How wonderful that this song spoke to you as well, I think they are the cutest kids, I know I will take wrath for that, “Kids” indeed I can hear my granddaughter say,
      I just love what they are doing.

      Its a joy to this sisters heart that you liked this. Thank you for saying so ~

    • I knew there was a reason I liked you right awat mlissabeth. And its Folk music? Who knew? What a lovely small world. It is what i have grown up with as well.
      It reminds me of my childhood, its the genre my parents sang,
      it reminds me of my years singing the same genre, now it reminds me of myself.

      Thanks so much my friend for stopping by, I am so grateful

    • LOVE that bands name. One of my most favorite bands from back in the day Buffalo Soringfield. great names.
      I think personally Folk is the basis for most music and certainly is the case for Rock n Roll. Its a ballad, a love song, a story of our planet.. Folk covers it all it all.

      THANKS Angie for the awesome visits~ BB

  3. I’ve always LIKED folk music but have never perferred any certain other kind. Mumford and Sons is new to me but I thoroughly enjoyed them. The Head and the Heart came third and The Wilderness of Manitoba came second. Goes to show, no-one is too old to learn about new music. All of these are new to me. Mumford and Sons I liked BEST. Go figure (I’m talking outloud to myself. . .)!.

    • So awesome Tess of you.I love you for this input! I think you re getting my point exactly too. Never too old to learn new. I tend to stay close to what I am comfortable. with, I listen to music all day and night so realizing I should open my window up more is an awesome learning curve.
      Love Tess that you liked Mumford & Sons. They are the hottest thing in the UK I am told. They work here just fine too. Harmony to die for.
      Thanks for your share friend!

    • My music teacher turned me onto Head & Heart, recently, they were new to me. I can see why they are your type of music. Certain sound they have, kind of different, very good. They are at the top of my list.

      Thank you my dear friend, you made me smile today. 😉

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