Wives Bare Skin for Soldiers

This was not the post I had planned. Yet I saw a trailer for this that a friend sent me and once I saw this I knew it trumped the award post I have waiting in my drafts. You will understand why. 

Military wives bare skin, souls, to

fight PTSD

By HLNtv.com Staff
updated 7:15 AM EDT, Fri October 05, 2012

  • Battling Bare facebook page gives military wives and families a unique way to battle the stigma of post traumatic stress disorder

Broken by battle Wounded by war
My love is forever To you this I swore
I will quiet your silent screams Help heal your shattered soul
Until once again my love You are whole

Ashley Wise become desperate trying to find help on base for her husband who was suffering with PTSD.  “I felt like streaking on the general’s lawn,” she tells Julie Bruck of HLN affiliate WSMV, “because maybe then a naked woman would get attention.”

Instead she started a photo campaign, taking a photo of herself with the pledge you see above written on her naked back and posting it online.  Now over 26,000 people have liked the Battling Bare facebook page, and new images like the one Ashley took are being submitted every day.

Wise said her mission is to ensure, “that the stigma of PTSD goes away, and people talk about it.  In talking there’s healing.”

To learn about submitting a picture of your own to Battling Bare visit: facebook.com/BattlingBare

Music Credit:
Born To Be Wasted provided by the band 009 Sound System

Full Version here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETe6cnv-a50

17 thoughts on “Wives Bare Skin for Soldiers

    • I am pleased that you feel that way Tee. It delights me that we have a connection.
      Days go by.nothing needs to be said. Next time like there was never this time of quiet, picking up where we left off. Priceless!

    • I wish it had been mine. Posting though to show how much I am in support of them. A personal link and this video of what our sisters are doing with their fierce love.

      There are a lot of reasons that love is deep and intense enough to inspire this kind of action. I would and so could do the this. What a way to honor your man!

    • “… sometimes you do what you must…” truer words never spoke Tess. Thank you!
      Its an amazing thing what love can move out of the way. Even mountains move out of the way for that kind of devotion and love.
      I am so moved by this. Last year I had an awesome chance to be view an independent film “The Faithful: on PTSD. My Bestie’s son who is a film producer and actor was involved with this folm ir wa a gift to see such excelence in a movinf film,
      In this film it is a young woman who if effected. It was a compelling statement to what is wrong for our veterans. We have been creating even more trails an tribulations when they come home. What ever happened to “a safe place to Fall?”

      Thanks for visiting and inspiring this;mouthful and me on a soapbox.

    • I would guess to some degree since the dawn of time. It does not say a lot that our soldiers wives are having to bare their shouders and backs and in effect brand themselves with these vowsm just to get noticed. What is wrong with our defense dept?

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