What I Do To Stay Out Of Trouble

September’s Final Efforts

The last of the hand-made cards I created in the month of September. Working with my hands to create a piece that may give another pleasure works to keep me on an even keep most of the time. It’s an emotional release creating art. It is also so meditative with music to sing to, and hands to create with, I am certainly blessed.

September 2012 Creations:

The sentiment on this card says “Hello” I am not sure why it is reversed I have never had this happen an did nothing different in the taking the photo, cropping it, and uploading it here at WP.

Changing Season

Fall cool weather has finally hit the high desert in Central Oregon. I am grateful to smell the cool dry air that we have here. Now the watch for snow begins, creatively I have moved on to Halloween and Thanksgiving/Gratitude cards. I love the color palette I am working with this time of year.The earth tones with tints of bronze and golds speaks to my heart. This time of year is also my favorite – for the textures and colors in nature are like no other time of the year. I even like the raking of the Fall leaves into piles. I will invite the neighbor hood children for a dip.


40 thoughts on “What I Do To Stay Out Of Trouble

  1. Your cards are lovely – soft and gentle. I made all my cards for awhile, but since I do not like to have to clean up and put things away when I’m done, I did it all digitally, which is how I do my scrapbooking. I admire people like you, who do the creating and the cleaning up and love it all.

    • You think I clean up every time? Haha!! Right now I have had a studio of sorts pff the kitchen and I leave the mess until it bothers me from a creative stand point. I actually like being surrounded by all the supplies, paints, inks, pens, die cut machine……and most of all the beauiful stunning pattern paper, Its my addiction.

      Thank you for your really kind words. I ahve not been able to transtion to digital format One day I will take a class for photoshop and then Id be okay. I woud do bybrid scrapbooking then A bit of both worlds. I only use the cmputer for scrapbooking and then just for titles and journaliing although I try to get hand wriitng on each layout How fun to have his in comon.

      Thanks again Carol!

    • Thanks so much, I have always enjoyed anything with color and texture. Hence first scrapbooking . collages, memory quote albums, then cards.They are fun to do Each a little blank canvas to create on.
      So I enjoy making them I hope it will always be true

      Take my litte sis ~ BB

  2. I am remiss–I love your cards too — but it does not surprise me somehow that you are so beautifully creative. I love them all, and like Julie, would be hardpressed to choose one as they are all individually beautiful.

      • I so know about dark nights–my morning has started off pretty dim too — but am determined it will lighten up as the days goes on
        I am so sorry you had a dark night — I know what these are from my own experience and though I do not know what you are going through – know that I am sorry–and hope it will lighten up for you today as well (hugs)

        • Clearly I should not be blogging the. Gosh I am so sorry Lou. It is awesome to know you are not alone in this. Maybe everyone has times like this. We have been told too often to Not Feel or Not Too Feel “That way” always my favorite. It is a blessing to meet like minded (choice word, eh?) people who know from their own experiences.

          always enjoy the points we discuss. I am always so glad to see you Lou

          Take care my friend ~ BB

    • Oh Maxi thank you.. I needed this encouragement tonight.. I cannot tell you how much it means right now. I have to make a point to do this. It becomes like a craving to make something, that is the best way I can explain it.
      Thanks so much. I will share in an email later.

      Love you my sister ~ BB

        • That is so not necessary Really. The first time my gift. You choose first two. . Then if you want to buy more after we will work some thing out.

          Youactually have helped light a fire under me. i have been thinking of being more proactive about selling my cards. You are just an amazing affirmation Jules. Thank you! Validating.

          • I am not artistic at all so am in awe of your work but I will not choose – you have to choose (just one, BB – I would feel guilty to have two because that is too generous – ONE!) It will be a surprise for me!!
            Love you

  3. I especially like the first two, BB–stay busy, be creative, thank God for everything. This is the secret to happy, healthy living (well, I can probably think up some more, when I get time…!). God bless you–love, sis Caddo

    • Thanks si! I just realized that the butterfly with the sentiment Believe is missing a flower. Great eye huh? I took the photo, created this post and never noticing until ow that one is missing. Love it.
      This is really a time for me when I can be quiet with my thoughts, enjoy the music, in touch with my spirit, God in touch with me. I love this tt becomes sacred when you cannot get to like you need, I crave being creative if I have not been recently.

      #2 is a favorite of mine too. I died that flower to match It was white! Using blue alcohol ink. I also tea stained the tatting lace because it was also too white.

      You are awesome to know this too Love & blessings ~ BB

    • Thank you Cee! I think that is why I am so smitten with this art. Like small canvases to just to create on. A clean slate every time. They are time consuming. I will never get what I put into them hour wise but that’s not the point. This is one of the things that I do on a regular basis that feeds my soul. Its a passion so time is gone when I am working, The longest I have taken to create a card is 6 hours. I make most of the embellishments too so time does add up. And I don’t mind at all. Those are hours I know I was happy and productive while releasing this negative energy from my body. See> I am getting it. 🙂 hugs my friend~ .

    • I have never thought of that. Its really a way to preserve the cards in cloud for me. I had started doing a gallery at a scrapbooking sight a long time ago, but it started feeling like a competition. so I backed off. Also everyone was trying out for design teams.
      Thank you for you votes ! I think I agree with you I try to create some cards that are not as dimensional, some people I have found don’t like the 3D cards. Mailing suppose. But I mail them in a padded envelope and have no issue I have a friend back east who gets me commissioned jobs says the 3d are like getting a small piece of art with the card.

      And I blushed and said; Oh.. ..how very kind.

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