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    • I can so relate Tess. It draws my heart right up to my throat. I have hard time with it, but when I am not doing anything its harder for me. It is why I feel like I am doing something. A grain of sand kind of thing.

      So welcome one grain of sand.~

      Thank you so much for coming by and taking your time to comment

  1. Stories like these are difficult to read, BB. A precious child taken by some brute. Cobbies says a man has been arrested, but the little girl has not been found. Let’s pray he reveals where she is.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • it robs us of our peace. I am not able to fathom why this keeps happening and we don’t have a better handle yet. But doing somehing, anything about it has helped me be aware without absorbing too much.
      This has long been a passion, stopping these predators.

      The local police have said it is a fast moving investigtion and last I heard there was going to be a press conference later in the day (Wednesday) I’ve not heard anything more definite but we will post updates as Cobbie finds credible information – since he closer to local news.
      Prayers are what we have right now.

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