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Dear Blogging Family & Friends

Because of a recent issue with my email provider and browser I have changed email addresses. Doing so on my blog was easy enough nut it has required me to have to go back and RE-FOLLOW you all again.

It is a small exchange on my part for peace of mind but I did not realize this was going to involve all of you. I apologize for the added email conformation in your inbox and any confusion caused,

I do believe I am almost back in my saddle again.. but please.. no one best be holding their breath.


Baroness vs Big Corporations ~ part one

If you know me you know it’s no secret that I am not a fan of how technology works, or in my case lately how it does not work. I want it just to work, no questions asked of me. it’s not a  give and take thing here with me in this relationship.

I am also by nature not a cranky person.

Yesterday both those aspects in my life came crashing together and If you know me you might also know that for many reasons I am a positive person,  I try to shine things on that I have no control over and turn those which try to rule me over to the universe. & God.  I believe goodness can breed even more goodness.  I believe in the law of attractions. It really is not such a BIG SECRET

Today my positive belief system was met up head on with the Mighty Corporation of America. I was met by the greedy deeds of a company that must be grasping at straws to keep the bottom profit line floating. This is the not the first time I have taken on the campaign of making my community aware of the shenanigans trying to pulled over their eyes by Big Corporations.

Years ago in the early 1980’s it was the railroads, Union Pacific & Southern Pacific Railroads that own the rails in my hometown to be exact. I fought these two big corporations alone, and soon even my local city council was turning green behind their gills when they saw my name on the agenda Thursday nights . I was then a Parent Teachers Association Representative for our state with the governor office and thought when I started the campaign I had the backing of all my local PTA member’s  Wrong. Volunteers burn out too easily because of the burn out. factor. Just a fact. Success was mine and glory my towns when we received from these two companies what we had been asking for; cross arms up on an unprotected crossing near my two daughter’s school.   Also to lower the speed of both freight and passenger trains as they approached school grounds. The cross arms it might interest you to know were a mandate to have been put up 12 yrs prior. And still it was another 2 yrs battle which I took on after an elderly couple were l killed at this very crossing when their car stalled on the tracks.  I tell this only to imply how tenacious I can be. when I see a wrong.

Yesterday & today it is the industry of Internet Browsers I am going after. In particular it was my Internet Browser company, AOL that I am taking issue with.

I have had a couple interesting  weeks of service from AOL which up until recently I had used since the beginning of my online career without a problem. ( I will give them that ) Granted though I never did use the Internet like I have been in this last year. Then came the technical problems and I can become quite cranky, my tolerance for ineptness become even less. I don’t ask for much, I just want my computer and internet/browser to work like they should.

Yesterday after being locked out of my 15 yr old email account with AOL I contacted them and their tech support.  Now it has  goes beyond just a technology issue

AOL and their agent are bordering, if not right there, on criminal behavior. And I intend on going after them, where ever they are. I sense that who I spoke with yesterday is not in the USA which will be AOL’s loop-hole. If they are not conducting business HERE in the USA they are not governed by my country’s criminal laws regarding fraud. And fraud is what I am claiming that AOL  and their representative acting as their agent were attempting. I realize how strong my words are, but I am not going to be intimidated by an unscrupulous corporation for any reason.

Yesterday (Oct. 29.2012) I was lied to repeatability. Out right lies by  two representative’s of AOL; one a customer representative and the other tech support. I know it started out at AOL because I contacted them through their tech support online. (this is an important issue in part 2) I was soon phoned allegedly by the same tech.  on my cell phone which I have listed for security purposes.

(Little did I know it was this tech’s own  financial security he was looking for.) My point being that I started contact at what I thought was a reputable site, now I am not sure who phoned me, but it had to come from AOL  Only deduction possible. I took names thankfully.

I was told that my email account had been compromised and there was suspicious activity on my account from another country. I was told I had 6 separate activities that were compromising my entire home computer system . To say that it frightened me is an understatement. Although I do NO  banking from the internet I do make purchases using a bank card.

This is the fear factor that they work on. Instead of paying them the almost $400 they were asking to secure my account for the rest of my life (read $59 x 6 issues) I realized they had side-stepped my password issue in a  pretty slick way. When I tried to go back on this issue the topic always came back to MY ‘Infected” Home Computer system. They even sent me an alleged screen shot of all the error messages and issues on my hard drive.

Discussing this in the mean time with my daughter J* prompted me to put the laptop to in sleep mode with this screen shot minimized and took it straight away over to my techs here in town at DCI Computer Specialists. I am so grateful and thankful I did. I was told in less than one minute after Randy looked at my screen shot that it was a SCAM!  Randy wanted to know immediately if I had paid them anything. NO!  Did I save myself $400?

Yes Indeed I did! (Thanks Randy!)

Because I was worried there could be an issue with AOL anyway on my hard drive and afraid to even email my family & friends  I asked Randy if he’d take a look anyway. I have used these guys always and trust them literally with my life. I left my laptop with him. AOL had also told me I had no security program and I asked Randy how this could be? I have only had this laptop for about 9 months and I put the security program on it, with DCI’s help.  Randy showed me it’s still there, doing its thing.  Yet another lie by AOL.

Today I have been on the phone with AOL and by passing right by any Tech Reps. I went straight to a manager – or who I was told was manager anyway. Its true I am not in a trusting place with these people and I question everything they tell me. As it should be.

It was an eye-opening conversation. One of which was my intent to also put AOL on notice that I  am going public with my experience.  I read in a computer e-zine that only 4% of Internet Browser users rely on AOL for their email and browser.  I also read that the majority of that 4% are elderly. I will never get my AOL account back and feel good about it. This is not my goal.  AOL is not the only rodeo in town.  My goal is to let as many of that 4% know as possible what my journey this last 24 hours has been like. Not to mention the last few weeks.

The positive, because there always is one if you look for it:  Its work to remain in this belief as my friend D says. I am reminded often that it does not come easy, its training. I see the positive from this all being I have I opened my eyes to new things.  Also always learning more about that awful subject technology and trouble shooting despite myself.

And the last thing.. people can always have a positive impact on you even in negative situations, I realized that I am not always as assertive as I think I am. Or really should be.  Sometimes I tend to get a little aggressive with people in business situations. I am grateful to have had my eyes opened to this fact. This is a positive thing to see in myself that now I can work on changing for the better Assertive wins more friends than aggressive and when you are dealing with a big business you hope to make friends first.

More lessons to be learned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Part Two coming tomorrow.  The Shakedown of an AOL Employee.. or two?

p.s. I would like to you to share with me any like experience you have had with AOL… or frankly any positive or negative experience with any other browser company. I am keeping score now.

Cadoo’s Seven Word Sundays 10.28.2012

A wonderful new word challenge with a different but prayerful twist by our incredible stunning Sis-Caddo.

Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays @

If you want to join in the fun see Caddo’s blog. If you are in need of a blessing or a virtual hug go see Caddo’s blog. This is one of the most unconditionally loving woman I know.  I visit her on a regular basis for my dose of commando caddo’s (a personal nick name) mission statements. They help me stay grounded. Thank you Sis -Caddo!

No faux pas when God Speaks 4ME



Notre Histoire en 2 minutes.

From my mailbox this fine Sunday, sent from my two nieces thinking I might enjoy this. They were right. (Thank you Kelly  &  Jodi)
I hope that you also will enjoy this. Please Keep in mind if you will this is a high school students creation. I love & live with hope in my heart, young people like this student help validate that hope.
Thank you to this student with a beautiful creative mind & wise “old soul 
~ BB

Published on May 27, 2012 by

My final project I made for my video productions class “Cutaway Productions” (Search them for their channel) at my high school. I don’t own the rights to the song or the pictures and I am not trying to claim them, I just did this video for fun and I spent many an hour on it.


Song: Mind Heist (yes it is from Inception)
by: Zack Hemsey
Visit his website here:

Pictures: from all over the internet

some of the space pictures, specifically the ones at 0:02, and 1:592:01 are made by the digital artist “antifanfan” and can be found on his youtube video:

also check out his website at





Fall Changes 2012 (6WS)

Sail Away ~ original by Enya

This music is very different from the norm that I have done here before. Although it is true that I am very much Irish; that the Celtic Woman sing the sounds I knew of as my maternal great grandparents Folk music  and is very meaningful to me,  this is not one of those songs. Its much more pop like I’d say, but I love it just the same. The tempo moves my spirit and even more so the lyrics move my heart.

Note to All Music Fans,  I am making Fall changes or another kind.  All the music play list choices I have been posting here (unless specific to a particular narrative  post ) will now be posted at; Cyckopps, Rides Again.
You can find us at:
My  hope  s that you will follow on over there, click follow, and continue being moved in some way by the music & the stories. If you have something to share and or suggest please feel welcome to do so.  ~ Thank you.

FALL CHANGES 2012 & My 6 Word Saturday

Sail Away~ Changes In The Wind

Seems I have been noticing a lot of things I have  tended to take for granted lately, and with great joy in my heart these are some of some of the things that have had most of my attention recently. It’s where I have been. Some things taken for granted are now appreciated again… some thing my eyes had  never seen before or my heart-felt… are intense feelings today.

While the leaves of the trees are changing colors and falling off the branches of their trees this Fall of 2012 – so it is that I am living some changes in the branches of my own life.. Some brand new;  and some long in coming.

This most recent change has kept me a whole lot self consumed this last week, feeling like finally a goal of some sort is being reached.  Other things I am passionate and love ..some have taken a back seat and appropriately so., while others I am living loudly and proudly. Without meaning to be cryptic suffice it to say that for the purpose of this post the actual changes are not so important. (they are of course of a very personal nature) It’s the premise behind what I am speaking of that is important for this post. It’s in finding the Autumn changes of life that I am referring to. The authentic truths of yourself.

Life changes like the seasons our life, reaching points where its time for self-reflection and time to consider yourself for maybe the first time ever. To be true to yourself is a lot easier said than done, this is a process I have also discovered.

I am not referring to feeling selfish because you buy something frivolous and it feels selfish. I am not talking about confessing what you think you have done to wrong someone. I don’t mean pampering yourself, although you certainly should.  What I specifically mean and I am talking about is being true to thine self in all ways.

I wonder how many of us live as  authentically as we could.

I  know I was not ~ to be certain..

This is my point ,or my theory if you will. I am not certain if it takes reaching a chronological age to have the courage to finally live the truth for yourself and to find your most authentic path in life, or if it’s an emotional intelligence thing.  I frankly don’t care which it is, I am grateful that I just get it now.

My life changes all revolve around being honest, truthful and authentic with myself. Old dreams that were stuffed away for all the wrong reasons are being let loose again, and allowed to live. Aspects of myself I stifled for one reason or another which let me give myself permission to pretend they no longer mattered – once again  are being nurtured and encouraged.

On clouds of hopes and dreams that are my own and belong to my hear & spirit which has not given in, or given up…..Those days are gone,  much like the brightly Fall leaves that gently or wildly fall off the branches of the trees. 

Instead I watch as my authentic spirit with all my truths sails away on the tails of all my hopes and dream.

I really do love this time of my life….


Jam To Bob Dylan ~ Folk Style

Good Sunday or Monday where ever you fine people are  ~

Searching for a piece an unrelated  trivia I ran across this great version of Bob Dylan’s tuneDon’t Think Twice.. I wanted to share.

The beautiful Late Mary Travers from Peter Paul & Mary, with Peter Yarrow, Noble Paul Stuckey & the Stunning late Andy Williams

This is for my Big Sister Maxi ~I keep you in my prayers my sister