Daughter, Adele, Ipad, Love, 2012

Posting with my daughters iPad . Wondering if this really that cool? I like the navigation on it which I thought I was going to hate. It is not bad. I have many things in my life that trump buying an iPad but it will be placed at the bottom of my wish list. It’s pretty cool but I have other references and needs first

Funny thing is though when it comes to writing I prefer my keyboard, and when searching for and posting images I prefer my laptop. It is true I have great affection for what my laptop. When my the 8 yr old laptop final;ly crashed for good I cried. Silly? maybe.

These machine hold my life-like I know yours holds yours. I have Carbonite and my data is safe. Its more about the actual little black rectangle that has most recently become a life line for me. I will some day maybe add a iPad to my arsenal but for now when I have much bigger things planned for the horizon this shall wait. But it was fun

Adele, my daughter, talks about love, life & laughter  Thanks J~

22 thoughts on “Daughter, Adele, Ipad, Love, 2012

  1. i love using Siri Dictation and now with iOS 6 Siri as an assistant really is helpful – i use facetime to talk with my sister in San Antonio –

  2. Well I am happy to have brought up such an exciting conversation bit. I personally love my new Ipad! May it be so that my heart was really with my lap top also but it is no longer with us. :(( So as it stands by the majority voters have chosen the lap top or good ol old school desk top!
    Regardless of what we may be using to write with a touch screen, key board or writing with on paper as long as we have the music on in the background playing some Adele, Clapton or Stevie Nicks one thing is for sure we will be spreading good thoughts of good times! God is good beer is great and people are crazy!

    • Hello Sweet Child of Mine~
      What a charming surprise you are. I love that you decided to join the discussion. You seem to have gotten a feel for the commenter’s choices.
      Its never easy to lose what we pour our souls into. I am still astounded how much it pained me when my old Dell crashed. Its why we have hard bound journals too.
      I’m proud that you know how important is to find a way to express yourself in one way or another, You have both. Never stop writing your poetry, never stop your impulse to express through your art. The world seriously needs more creative people like you.

      Your God, Country, & your Tribe are what moves your Country, Boot Scootin, Rowdy heart, and inspires you to feel things with your own sensibilities that sometimes astound me. And sometimes perplex me.

      This is why you are so completely my Mini -Me. Keep ’em guessing.
      You honor me J by coming and commenting. Your constant support and wish for me to; “JUST BE HAPPY MOM” is deeply felt.

      All my love my daughter J*. ~ Your “Happy” Mom.

      Remember: Live Proud Live, Live Loud, and always Live Wowed.

  3. I use my desktop with the 27″ monitor primarily for photo editing, scrapbooking, creating Blurb books, or for working on things like a newsletter where I want to see a multi-page spread. Then I got the netbook, which is great for traveling and which I used often until my kids gifted me with the iPad, which I love. It does have limitations, but for blogging, for reading books and magazines, for the ever-so-convenient apps, I love it. It is rarely not right next to me. It is where I can go to find the NFL standings and schedules (because husband asks questions), to find out who is having a birthday this month, to get the weather instantly, to prepare my Amazon instant video watch list, to Google whatever question pops up, to find that bird I just saw on iBird, and the list goes on. Now I’ll shut up, because you’re probably asking “whose blog is this anyway?”

    • I so love your comment Carol. Please you are always welcome my friend. You are on the blog of the person who is notorious for novel length notes, letters and emails. As well as comments on blogs. Have you not had the “pleasure” yet? Please do not ever not write something on my blog because you are worried about space. I will open another page for you.

      I see your point about the desk top and the ipad as well. I am however grateful to have given my desk top up just last year in June.
      I would sit at the desk and desk top for hours writing, unable to move after despite having a ergonomic chair. And despite knowing as Isat there I was casinga problem But I sat so I could still write. With my laptop I can be where I am most comfortably/ (Cause I am gong to be there a while when I start writing), My bed is surrounded with pillows that I searched for – just the right ones are working best for me now . They support my neck and shoulders which will take a beating from spending hours writing via the computer. I just pull the laptop to me and write for hours with no ill effects.
      IF I could pull that big old desk top with me then maybe….I;d love a larger monitor. I had a 17″ Dell Laptop and have gone down to a 13″ because it was lighter I miss the extra 4 inches. It’s been 5 months and I am still tripping over my fingers on the keyboard.
      I have put an IPAD at the very bottom of my wish list, It is cool but I’ll wait. Other things trump the Ipad.

      Loved having your input! Come back.. write me a letter ~ I just did you l;-)

      • I think when it comes time to replace/update my desktop, I will get a laptop that will allow me to plug in an auxillary monitor for photo-editing. I have the same problem at the desktop – ergonomic chair and I still end up with a backache. The big love with the netbook and now the iPad is that ability to sit where I’m comfy and type away – I did get wireless keyboard for use with the iPad, which I love. That, and it’s easy for me to stick the iPad in my purse when we go for doctor visits or someplace I know I’ll have to wait – in that compact, not-so-heavy package I have my games, my books and my magazines. So once you get to the bottom of your wish list, you could then have a bigger laptop for at-home use!

        • I am not mobile too often so taking with is not an issue for me.
          being able to be anywhere in the house or yard to write became important to me about 8 yrs ago and its the ability to move about.
          I find myself sitting Indian style (so sorry if this offends today) backed up into my pillows that I paid $50 each for. They are the best pillows for cervical issues. So my spine is completely supported and I can be like this for hours on end.
          A laptop for me, I;d love a new printer that would print up to 12 inches though. That i can use.

          Thanks for shing more……


  4. I LOVE my desktop; I guess it’s because of the keyboard. My laptop, I don’t use much but it’s good for emergencies or when I’m out. Funny thing is, I use it so little, I can’t type on it to save the whales.

    • I gave my desk top to my daughter and grandson over a year ago. It sat collecting dust once I got my laptiop, I never went back into that office.
      I know that was the problem for me, it was not conducive to creativity in anyway, it would stifle my thoughts. So i just stopped using it.

      My first laptop wa a Dell 17″ I wish I’d not gone to the 13″ I have now, I am always, I mean always. tripping over my fingers. I can still type fast on it, but think none of it counts because there are so many mistakes.

      Thanks Tess for stopping by my friend. I enjoy what you have to share always. Take care my friend ~

  5. Hey, sister girl. I have two desktops and a “17 inch” laptop. My David bought them all.

    The laptop is convenient, but I gotta say nothing does it for me like my 22″ Dell XPS desktop.

    Hope you are feeling a little better, BB.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • My sweet Maxi
      Hi Love! You should have all this to write with, seems so fitting somehow. Your Beloved David knew you my sister I needed not say that. Of course he did. I apaprently needed to the words myself here [shrugging shoulders]

      I had my dell laptop (17″ ) for 8 yrs. That baby was a power horse and I was awfully negelctful of her beautiful insides. When she finally went the hard drive crashed because the fan had stopped working. I had not noticed the poor thing was dying. Almost killed me when she went. How attached we become to these little rectangle shaped boxes.. of us.

      Now I know to listen for those things. Just like the car any noise that is different in my 17 yr old Saturn (she was brand new once too) needs a Look See. Lessons learned. You can see I don’t do chnages well. I find a keeper and keep it.

      I adore seeing your comment Maxi, my. Much love ~ BB

  6. I played with my son’s ipad for a few days and realised that it would never replace a laptop – nice for magazine viewing and such but quite limited in some ways.

  7. Laptops are for me to, I like to feel that what I have is a bit than just a flat screen,, before I got this laptop, i did ermm for a notebook, the small screen and no DVD, but changed my mind…:) thank you My Lady for share..

    • There is a lot to be said I agree with the feel of the keyboard/laptop in your hands. I like the feel of something more substantial for sure.

      This new technology is wonderful to have access to. I am just too much a slow poke to jump on board anything too quickly. I like my old fashionedd ways sometimes..

      Thanks my find for visiting Ilam always happy to see your smiling face. ..

    • You are so awesome auntie caddo! Your niece J* and I were listening to Adele all afternoon. She is a woman in love don’t you know? lol.. it was like she was 14 all over again. One song, over and over. Cracked me up!
      Fun time with her though connceting in ways I thought not possible. like two silly sisters instead. Crazy~

      Hugs and love * blessings from us both ~

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