Lovely Friends (& awards)

Receiving a blog Award is a kin to receiving a basket of fresh-baked cookies from a neighbor. The whole point of the gift is the feeling in the giving, not the calories, Right? So it is with awards.  Each one is as important as the next because of the sweet nuggets of goodness that they represent. And the blogging friend that sent them.

This One Lovely Blogger Award comes to me from Ruth at retiredruth @ Ruth is a farmer.  People like Ruth who dedicate themselves to our Mother Earth by growing soy, wheat and other Godgiven nutrients so that we may live should be honored more. Mother Earth gives back and Ruth gives of herself. We reap the benefits. It is a lovely arrangement, I am a Farmers Market Girl and was one before it was cool & chic to be one. Although Ruth would not be at a Farmers Market hawking her harvest she is still my local farmer. And yours. Go pay her a visit, she’ll make you feel right at home. Or as is her case you will be all right on the farm~

I am sticking with Ruth’s format here with 7 random things about myself. However since I am now in a position to choose 7 awards to pass on I am veering off left here. I am not choosing one or seven because I cannot. Those in my own Barefoot Baroness world are so many that I treasure and adore. How can I pick just 7 of you?  I can not choose… know this please:

If you are reading this and are a follower of these barefoot prints in the sand then by all means grab that award badge and dance yourself right back on over to your own blog. Accept, Post. & Celebrate/  Then link it back here. I want to know you are accepting this award. Not that I am just saying..

Seven  Random Things About The Baroness You May Not Know ~ They will be random to be sure:

  • I don’t attend fairs or go on fair rides. Even the Ferris Wheel terrifies me
  • I have  a personal aversion to guns that goes deeper than just that I am a pacifist. which I am. Does this count as two now? …
  • I am not a gambler. I see no entertainment value it for myself.
  • I have severe insomnia. Often up in the middle of the night with my blogging friends from around the world. Always music. It’s what keeps me from going postal some nights while the rest of the world feels asleep. I am grateful for those who are not.  (I see you smiling )
  • I love the feeling of early dawn, cold & wet dew in the grass, on my bare feet. Sending Mothers Nature life force up and into me. Its Amazing!
  • I do not chew gum.  Have never which for me turned out to be a good thing.
  • I love many things about Eastern philosophies concerning man, spirit & the universe. Often communication with the universe make me smile.

Now grab that badge, post your award…. link back here.. & Celebrate you! I can name names if I have to.

Dane away my lovely blogging friend..


18 thoughts on “Lovely Friends (& awards)

    • Tess, I have missed you lady!
      It’s not something I am willing to do, choose and pick. All my blogging buddies deserve awards/ Like you. I hope this was not viewed by some as me being cheeky, I cannot say that picking some out all is the best way to honor my friends but its the choice I made.

      Its so good to see you Tess. It is aways a delight seeing you here. Thank you. Hope all is well in your neck of the of the woods.

    • Just cannot make the choices like that anymore. When I knew just handful easy. Impossible to do in my mind. Your’s too I suspect.

      How are you my friend? I mean really You know how to fund me if you want. I am qasking for sincere reasons. not for niceness sake. I really want to know. 😉 I am playing catch up with reading blogs so if I missed anything forgive me. ~ BB

    • So what is stopping you from putting the skirt & blouse on? Some days are better for dancing just as some places are better

      I have a pheasant blouse and broom skirt now These are my staples. Isn’t that sad? Some things change Somethings remain the same.

      Thanks again for the award Rith so kind of you friend!

  1. Well done BB!! It’s a wonderful honour to be recognised by your fellow blogger and you blog well and it is thoroughly deserved.

    I’m with you on the connecting to nature thing – there’s nothing quite like that early morning dew on the grass connection with mother nature to ground you and make you aware of your pure insignificance in the whole scheme of things. That feeling of insignificance makes life easier to bear doesn’t it?

    Great post 🙂

    • Hi Pam, so wonderful seeing your smiling face and hearing your smile in the words you write.
      It tickles me that you too know the exhilaration from that morning dew on the feet. But does not surprise me.
      I love it. There is that wonderful fragrance too of the early morn, before it has had a chance to be disturbed.

      I am grateful for your comments today Pam, more than ever.
      You my girl keep those feet dancing to your own rhythm. You have your own sheet music.
      I know you are.. so keep on dancing my friend. ~

    • O-My sweet Noeleen! You have words from the heart always What you say about my blog touches deeply. Considering how I feel about you & your D I know this comes with great sincereity. You bring tears to the eyes and tugs at the heart.
      You are my sister, you are my daughter.. you are me. And you are Noeleen. I treasure you & your words.

  2. I actually received this from two other people so I guess I am technically accepting, I just did the “work” already and put the award up on my page the other day lol. Thanks!

    • Treacy you just rang my bell. Twice. I knew in my fibro fogged brain I had another award too, but from who? I tried to go back in my comments to search. I apologize deeply my friend. I do hope you know and will trust that I have had so much going on personally that I have a few moments that are just that fogged.
      Thanks again my friend for thinking of me.

      And yes grab this badge and dance!!

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