These Days

Ever have one of those starts to your day that just knocks your socks off (if you wear socks) or rocks your soul? Shakes your heart to the core?  A beginning to your morning that sets everything in a wonderful golden glow?

Starting these days feeling good about things is a real gift. If everything in life should start as sweet there would be little strife in this world’s heart. I wrote about the gift of thriving in a past post, this my friends is an example of what thriving is. Some of where thriving comes from these days.

When it comes to the thriving while living in this world it’s not about what might hurt physically. (it’s going to ) Its more about what does just the opposite. Focusing in on what feeds the soul. Sometimes that focus is another person, or sometimes its A “something”. Maybe a song.  Maybe a sunrise. Iy is always God.

These days its easy to feel those things that feed my soul. Without question. My focus is more determined than it has ever been in my life. I know now my way home. Hearing the same song over and over.

Healing me.

Thanking God & the Universe for this focus.  And for these days.

So much is about thriving these days.

Thriving for yet another sunrise.


33 thoughts on “These Days

    • aww optie I adore the feelings you bring my hert. Thank you so much for your god wishes. Incredibly I feel better than I have in a long long time~
      Good energy I am told, surroundong myself with good people an dgoodness. There is just that one final empty hole. You know. I am grateful to have this share with you optie Thank you for that too always.

      With my great fondness for you- a hug ~ BB.

  1. Toni, this is lovely to hear you so well. It’s been a long time since something knocked my socks off & rocked my soul, but this positive post comes very close! Just lovely, to wake up & put this OUT THERE 🙂

    • It had been a very long time for me too Noeleen I actually thought since my mid 50”s it would just never happen aagin. I even accepted that to some degree, now seeing denial instead,

      Its amazing feeling, I was so wrong and being proved wrong over has never felt more right. So I ask you knowing what I just said; Do not
      give uo any dreams orr hopes.

      Hugs fromme today my friend ~

  2. Waking up with hope, feeling the touch of love, walking out with unity, sharing peaceful words and simply living a joyful life is a beautiful experience! Be strong and cheerful, everything around you will soon comply with your thoughts! 🙂

    • Its an inspiring time in my life and my world. I am feeding off the amazing energy that speaks to my spirit, speaks to my heart. I am incesibly blessed Cee, by friends like you who came into my life for a reason, not just a season.

      My Oregon pal. my gente hugs from the high desert to the my home county. Hope this finds you well.

  3. If one stays focused on the positives, life will flourish with good feelings. May you have boundless days to thrive, BB.
    Blessings to you, my friend ~ Maxi

    • I so believe this, always have. Its tthe only way to get through this world and what it sometimes throws in your way. I think you know I have a deep faith in all things Hol; Including Hope.

      Thanks Maxi so much, you are an awesome empowering big sister & friend. My heart always includes your own spot in it.

      Blessings & laughter fill you up ~ BB

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