Archive | September 24, 2012

The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide

In case you ever wonder if all my days on this THRIVER journey of mine are sunshine and daisies, they’re not.

I was up extra early.

I have been extra active on a day usually dominated by restoration.

My migraine has been rebounding about every 12 or so hours since Thursday’s Basilar migraine–a specific type that originates from the brain stem and leaves its victim feeling and often appearing intoxicated.

Frankly, I have every right, rhyme, and reason to bitch and moan.  However, I started this journey so I am here right now taking stock of my day and finding many reasons to be grateful.

Right now I am simply in love with my gel eye mask.  I have the hook and loop strap fastened around my head so the gel in on my forehead to give my head a nice cold blast.  I also love that when my body…

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