Crosby STILLS & Nash ~ Rare Versions

I am curious and want to ask all you and Crosby Stills & Nash fans (CSN ) fans a question

There is something magical about these two songs, in particular Guinevere.  I am asking you to share something personal. Assuming that this song touches you in some way I’d like to know if you know why. You either can tell what it is that affecting you, or not.

What I am very curious about though is the why of it? Why do these songs, or one speak to you? What happens when you hear the first note and know “IT’s” happened?

10 thoughts on “Crosby STILLS & Nash ~ Rare Versions

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    • Well now Ruth thank you very much. What kind things you say, I am most grateful for your kindness. I only hope I can live up to them.
      I’ll be arond to your corner of the world with the link for my post thanking you.

      Thanks again my friend ~ BB

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