The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide

In case you ever wonder if all my days on this THRIVER journey of mine are sunshine and daisies, they’re not.

I was up extra early.

I have been extra active on a day usually dominated by restoration.

My migraine has been rebounding about every 12 or so hours since Thursday’s Basilar migraine–a specific type that originates from the brain stem and leaves its victim feeling and often appearing intoxicated.

Frankly, I have every right, rhyme, and reason to bitch and moan.  However, I started this journey so I am here right now taking stock of my day and finding many reasons to be grateful.

Right now I am simply in love with my gel eye mask.  I have the hook and loop strap fastened around my head so the gel in on my forehead to give my head a nice cold blast.  I also love that when my body…

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  1. I, too, appreciate the information this post contains. I have a sister who gets ordinary yucky migraines, so I can’t imagine what this nearly continuous headache feels! I hope you feel better soon, sis!

    • Headaches (h/a) are interesting things. I live with an underlying slight nagging h/a everyday.(from the implant damage) tolerable.
      it is who I have been for 29 yrs now. But a migraine is a completely different beast. Whether it be a muscular, vascular or cluster h/a’s once one sets in its lights out literally for me.

      I have muscular and have I also get cluster h/a’s. Its literally any light, noise, or even smells that are not tolerable;e/ Then then the spinning starts.

      Muscular can go on for days on end, in the dark & quiet and soon your heartbeat hurts. Then there are the bizarre clusters. They are mercifully shorter but extremely so painful they will make me sick to my stomach.

      Thankfully & gratefully I am down to only a few a year from about once a month. Have no reason why, just am grateful for every less one I have

      • Oh, my bloggy sister, I knew they were bad, but I had no idea they are that bad! I am so sorry to know that you deal with this all the time. I am sending pink healing energy your way, with hopes that it will help.
        Also, yes, this is the first song — 😎 no worries, as we still average out so much more alike than different!

  2. This was a good blog. It’s something I did want to know more of. I just cannot imagine having a migraine, or a headache, rebounding. How torturous. This was very well written, giving me insight.

    • Its all part of thriving with Fibromyaglia I know it well. The awful thing is we learn often what can be triggers but that knowledge helps no one in our cases because it everyday things, It takes the power & light out of thriving.

      This lady is a rock in my life, she teaches me so much and I have been doing, livuing as a pain patient for 29 yrs yet the most valuable thing I could ever have been told come for my friend T here. She touches me and humbles

      Thanks for being by and commenting N.~ BB

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