Thriving Anyway

Responding to my friend, T’s blog today I realized something pretty powerful. As I read all the challenges she s facing going back to school; I also realized that this woman who I met initially and bonded with completely because of a disease is my constant mirror. In her reflections I see myself.

Thriving T* and I met, became friends and made a bond with each other that we would not rest beside negativity in our environments, and NOT looking at our lives as we are the victims of anything. We so are not. Instead she & I have a made a promise that we have kept. The promise that despite what is going on with our bodies we are still in as much charge over our own lives as before. We have the power to thrive.

Thriving means moving forward with life. Not letting the road bumps in the journey throw you out of the race.  My friend Thriving T* sets a perfect example. Checking my own self inventory against the back drop of this promise has kept me focused. I am not defined by one thing in my life. why would  I allow an illness railroad me? Thankfully I am ahead of this illness and know its antics. I am in more control now than I ever have been.

You will find at T* blog  full of postings of graciousness and kindness. Thriving T* is a power house to be reckoned with and as someone who has Fibromyalgia as well.  I am most impressed with what this woman does in spite it.  She is a friend of  my own heart.

Thriving T* has kept me on my less than narrow path when I started to falter. She is a constant gentle reminder that I can do this. I can make what I need changing – different. What I want & need it to be.  I have much assurance that when I leap I am going to be caught, There is no fear, that has been replaced by Faith.

So when this Baroness uses the term ” I am thriving”  in spite of Fibromyalgia (+  two autoimmune diseases) it is to say that I am not just “getting by” I am thriving. I am thriving right on through this life of mine. As is my good friend and sister Thriving T*  We are warriors over our disease, we are the masters of how we process and assimilate what life throws at us.

In our own world [of health] sometimes there is little control over what is happening to the body. That unwinding sense of loss of control over your life can be something that takes a person out. Sadly  it happens. In order to thrive learning there is much you can do about some things concerning your health, there are thousands of choices to be made to that end. Choosing options that allow myself to thrive is my choice, and it has continued to serve me well.

Thriving beautifully on the wings of living well




9 thoughts on “Thriving Anyway

  1. My sweet friend, I am honored and humbled to be your mirror.

    I am in love with the phrasing “checking my own self-inventory”!!!! It really is the key. It is one of the first things I started with. I will never forget the day I woke up assuming I was in pain and the day was going to be awful because all the voices I was listening to at the time said that’s how fibro is “supposed” to be. It was several hours before I realized my pain levels were actually on the low side of the spectrum. Something clicked that day. I began to wonder how many other days I’d wasted in the routine of pain and vowed to begin anew. At that time the hardest thing for me was finding positive, uplifting and fibro-friendly voices. When I could not find what I was looking for I decided if I couldn’t find it maybe others couldn’t find it should they go looking for it. That is when and how building the concept of THRIVING began. Now, as I focus more on living each day honestly and with my pain instead of fighting against it–I AM THRIVING!!!! I’m not normal and it no longer matters. I do have fibromyalgia. And it is okay. I can have it and still have a life. I have the very best friends a woman could ask for and an amazing husband. I have talents. I have faith. I have fibromyalgia but there is so much more to me than just pain. I can THRIVE!!!!!!!

    Thank you sweetheart!!!

    • aww..Jude, you touch me with your words. The difference is what has kept me alive I am certain of that. I had spent to many years letting my health & toxic situations rule me. I am doing the best I can now to livve up to my own expetcations.
      It will take work but important treasures take a lot of work.

      You know this I am sure of it. We sometimes just need a mirror ~

  2. My respect for you and your approach and the adoption of the power of your mind, couple with another friend to bounce feelings and encouragement to each other..My Lady..:)

    • You are such a constant soursce of support to me. I am well blessed by you & others.
      Having a close friend who knows what the other is often feeling is the most powerful of human interplay.
      It is a magical thing that happens then and we’re lucky when it happens to any of us.
      Thank you My Kind Sir. Always a good feeling when you visit.

  3. Keep hope alive my good friend. You are indeed very strong. Thriving through tough times take a lot of grace and you have it. You have inspired me in many ways and I never even sensed a pain. That is strength within you. Dream as if there are no limits to what you can do, because really there are none. Life will turn out more beautiful than you can even imagine. Be strong and keep sharing hope with your friend. Your expectations are possible, keep them beautiful.
    Cheer up, you are worth much!

    • Thank you Tee, it humbles me greatly your kind words. I have been doing this for a very long time almost 29 yrs so I have had to become a master, or die trying. The alternative is to let go of toxic things, and keep pyutting one foot inf ront of the other, I am trying to do both. I do not talk about my health stuff a lot because frankly it is boring. I save it mostly for advocating. i write on blogs and and newsletter about chronic illness, pain & fatigue,That is for the most part where it remains although I do ahve another blog dedicated to this subject called FullCircledMe.

      Your messaege is heartfelt, that “I” would inspire anyone would have been hoot to me before WP, but there are people all over this lovely blogosphere that are so talented – yet unseen by the maasses, you are one.

      Lest you think I have dropped the ball on poetry I have not I am student in learning. I have not done anything again that I would care to share, and I am trying not trash everyuthing so I can go back and learn. I don’t know what happened that day, it was spontanious and have no clue how or why it happened. I have not had the same power come over me. YET. I am not turning my back on what could be a great outlet.

      Thank you for that Tee. ~ BB

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