Stars in the Universe

When You think it is JUST a reaction to a wrong,

When it JUST fills a need,  or JUST when you think you are only a small

twinkling star in the universe.

Think Again

   ” Singing… A .Amen…I’m…I’m Alive “

10 thoughts on “Stars in the Universe

  1. Boy, BB, here is one where we part company — I don’t like Nickelback’s sound at all. But I can see why someone who does would find inspiration in this song. I guess it takes all types! 😎

    • I like them, and love this tune. Love the message in this.” If Everyone Cared… seems like such a big request, but it just has to start in one persons heart.
      We as people are so infectious if only we open our hearts.

      Well we can’t win ’em all my friend. ~ That’s the first song though, right?

    • Hey there~ I am surprised. I would think at least Geldof for Live Aid would get a nod. Or World Wide Movement which was a another spark of one person’s thoughts from the UK..

      I love that the song implies one thought or idea can become so much. Kind of like BTH.

      Thanks always Gerry for visting. I love your imput. ~

  2. I too Jules. My daughter pointed out to me THIS is the video I should have used on Internatuonal Day of Peace. I’d never seen it before so had no ideai
    I agreed with her, but asked her where she was when I needed a senior editor.

    We both learned something from my kid~

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