17 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday September 22, 2012

    • Lou, so good to see you my friend. i was just thinking about you yesterday/ I was wondering if you were okay, it has been days since I have seen you. So thank you for popping by.

      If you were to go back and see my 6WS in the beginingyou would see posts that are just words. That is what it all about, those words. So i say Brava you for joining in.
      I believe that a friend whose name is Cee created 6WS. She also has created. and every week posts the questions for Share Your World. It used be on Sunday but recently she changed to Monday. Both are such a wonderful way to get to know our blogging friends I think,

      Aagin Lou I am so happy to see you and your cmment here. You are awesome my friend ~ BB

      • I did not mean to disappear – sometime I have to get back to the real world and take care of business (lol) and when my husband starts commenting that I am addicted (which I am) –I know I have to take a break.
        so there is a rhyme or reason for the six words–I did not follow a prompt–just saw someone else doing it
        I will always be here–just a little less frequently sometimes

        • I am grateful for this Lou. I will not be concerned again. Thank you. I was praying that you were not flaring… so awesome, Yeah non-bloggers just don’t get that this is our crack.. gotta blog!

          There is no protocol for 6WS that I know of, you do just like you did. Jump in! Share Your world once your following Cee’s post you will be alerted each week when she posts the 4 questions. Again just jump in I think this will be week #40 and I started like at weej #15, or something. So its not a big deal. Cee welcomes all anytime.

          I will send you her link if you are ever interested. Or even from one of my SYW posts. Let me know.

          I like to you just going for girlfriend. Its how you build and create a tribe. One that supports you as you do me. You are an awesome support. I just thought I should tell you today ~ gentle hug, my friend

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