Peace Begins in The Heart

A Day Of International Peace

Must Begin In Our Hearts First

Today, I ask that the people of this world wear white and become a great Bridge., join hands just for today with your neighbor. Your community.

Be Peace, Bring it into your Hearts, then your homes. Let Peace ring in your heart.

Bridging the distance with Peace in our hearts between distant shores, bridging the indifference between people. Just for today let Peace ring in your heart, and let it shine  out through your hands. Bridge with joined hands your Heart & your Peace. If we practice one day at a time it could become a habit. It is said that it takes just two weeks to create a new habit.

Join me, hold my hand. Start today. We can Be Peace.

Imagine a World With Such a Wonderful Habit

Imagine Peace

17 thoughts on “Peace Begins in The Heart

  1. You could not have posted this at a better time, BB. Once again my beloved America is under attack; our people abroad brutally taken from their families.

    “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.” This is from a song that touches the heart of all who hear it.

    Peace and Blessings to you, my friend ~ Maxi

    • Our America, she is standing prouder this morning Maxi because of you,

      In my prayers an dreeams I see our wolrd where no longer the words Pray for Peace are just an idea, but instad all arrs are laid down, No longer as needed th future unfolds. War games ended finally.

      Our America and her peiple have had to learn the hard way, Too many times. Are we llistineing now?
      Are we commited to bringing Peace into our own hearts first?
      Can we not do bettter?

      You always touch me so Maxi – I am sending you BIG Oregon hugs from out here on the Pacific. Wrap it around you please and hug gently. You are my dearest Maxi, my big sister ~ BB

    • Holding yours in mine sweetie, Thank you my friend for this, and for you. You are a twinkling star from your part of the world.

      ( you did get my message right? i mean no rumours going?) LOL.. you had me laughing so hard I was crying.. OH My God Noeleen. Shhh…

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    • You are so very welcome. I was delighted to find your post that went so well with mine. Love that when it happens.

      You have blessed me with you taking the time today to stop by and comment. I am grateful ~ BB

  3. Love it…of course already dressed and wearing orange, which is rare, but wearing white socks for peace :). Loved the post

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